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The SUPRA office is closed – but you can still get help!

Due to COVID-19 SUPRA staff and council are working from home, to help protect the health of our community. We are working to full capacity and are providing timely and accurate information, advice and support.

How to get help

1. Join SUPRA. If you’re not already a member, sign up.

2. Email us your question. Please attach any documents about your enquiry when you email. For example, if you have a tenancy question, please attach your tenancy agreement; if you have a question about your studies, please attach any notices the University has sent you about the matter. You can also use this form on our website to contact us.

SUPRA administration will contact you if we need any further details.

3. Your email will be forwarded to a Postgraduate Advocacy Officer or to a Solicitor/Registered Migration Agent who will respond to you within 24 hours.

Covid-19 pandemic: find information and advice

We’ve compiled trusted resources to answer common questions and keep you up-to-date. Browse topics from our homepage, here.