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Proofreaders and editors list

Please note that we do not endorse any of the service-providers on this list, who are listed randomly to avoid bias. We take no responsibility for the quality of services provided.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the service you choose complies with University of Sydney policy.

HDR students
Please refer to:

Coursework students
Please refer to:

These can be found on the University Policy Register. It is important that both you and your editor/proofreader have read and fully understand these policies.

If you have any feedback about the services on this list, good or bad, please let us know.

More professional proofreading and editing services can be found at the Institute of Professional Editors.

Christine Cranney
0449 779 577
NegotiableI am a journalist with a law degree and Master of
Journalism. I have proofread and edited a diverse
range of copy for organisations and individuals, as
well as theses and essays for university researchers
and students from different faculties.
Dr Rhonda Daniels
Right with Rhonda
0491 629 760
02 9521 8381
Fixed price quote based
on editing work required
and word count.
Get your thesis, article or application right with
Dr Rhonda Daniels and impress the people you
need to impress. As a full-time Accredited Editor
(Institute of Professional Editors), Rhonda provides
high quality professional editing services to students
and academics. With a PhD in management
from the University of Sydney (1997), Rhonda uses
her academic and research experience as a
published researcher to edit in a wide range of
disciplines. Rhonda can also provide advice on
research, writing and publication.
Elora Wilson
Dot Point Proofreading and
$50/hour for proofreading
services, $60/hour for
copy editing. Rates can
be negotiated for larger
A professional high-quality proofreader and editor
with over five years of experience working in
writing and communications. With a Bachelor of
Journalism/Bachelor of Arts, I know what it’s like to
be the writer and the editor. At work, I’m known
for my attention to detail and excellent grasp of
written tone. Getting your point across in a concise
and effective manner doesn’t always come easy
and I’m passionate about helping people create
their best work.
Amy Smith
Will provide quote on
Proofreading, structural editing, copyediting, thesis
Lake Macquarie
0448 679 523
Special rate for students
quoted per 1000 words
and dependent on
word count and level of
input required (assessed
from preview of sample
I am a professional full-time freelance proofreader
and copy editor with ten years’ experience of
proofing theses for Australian and international
students. These have covered a wide range of
subjects - Arts, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence,
Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science,
Climate Change, Economics, Finance, Social
Media, Tourism etc.
Dr Lisa Lines, AE
1800 224 468
My fees for editing are
based on the word
length of the thesis and
the turnaround time you
select. All my prices and
turnaround times are listed
on my website.
As one of Australia’s most experienced specialist
academic editors, I have edited thousands of
academic documents, including more than 400
postgraduate theses and 1,500 journal articles
throughout my prestigious editing career spanning
over 18 years thus far. I am an Accredited Editor
with the Institute of Professional Editors and a
professional member of the Canberra Society
of Editors. Capstone Editing offers interest-free
repayment plans, allowing students to pay for their
thesis editing in instalments.
Sharon Johnatty, PhD
Brisbane, Qld
0431 167 357
Rates vary depending
on the level of editing
required. Please contact
me for a quote.
I have over 30 years’ experience in academic
research in human and molecular genetics,
epidemiology and biostatistics, and have
published extensively in peer reviewed journals. I
comply with IPEd guidelines for academic thesis
editing, and provide suggestions for improving
readability and flow of ideas. Please email me
with some details of what you need help with, your
degree program and any relevant deadlines, and
I’ll get in touch. Your documents will be kept strictly
Grace MacKenzie Sydney
0435 192 553
$35 per thousand wordsWith post-graduate education in editing and
publishing and a strong eye for detail, I offer
proofreading and copyediting services to ensure
your delivered work effectively communicates your
intent. I have worked with many ESL students and
have significant experience in the arts and health.
Prompt response to emails and flexible work hours. I
would love to hear from you.
Tigger Wise
0429 984 766
$35 per hourSpecialising in preparing academic articles for
publication in top-ranking journals across all
disciplines. Many years of editing experience.
Many satisfied published authors.
Karin Hosking, Accredited Editor
Please email me your
word count, time frame
and a sample chapter to
receive a no-obligation
I’m a specialist academic editor. Since 2012 I’ve
copyedited over 100 theses from a wide range of
disciplines and universities, plus over 150 journal
papers, various grant applications and a handful
of books. I’ve passed national and international
editing exams and have a varied academic
background, including a master’s degree
by research. I particularly enjoy working with
academics and students from diverse language
Dr Gillian Begg
0421 437 685
Hourly rate or a fixed
quote based on samples
of work (from $25/1000
(assessed from preview of sample chapter).
I am an experienced scientific writer, having
spent 16 years in protein biochemistry research
in Australia and the US prior to 14 years as an
academic editor. I specialise in research papers,
grant proposals and theses from any scientific
discipline, including engineering, social sciences,
medicine and finance. Many of my clients are ESL;
as well as proofreading, I edit to improve clarity,
expression and the flow of argument to publication
standard. Second round editing is included if
Sarah Ambrose
White Elephant Editorial
NegotiableI have a Master of Publishing and over six years
of editing experience working on everything from
fiction, academic papers (dissertation, thesis),
through to marketing material and business
documents. I have an Arts and Psychology
background and offer structural or copy editing as
well as proofreading.
Angela Damis
0400 302 723
Students will find my prices
very reasonable.
I’m an academic editor with 20 years’ experience,
in the humanities, law and business. I’ve been an
Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional
Editors since 2011. My client Cambridge University
Press has called me one of its ‘best editors’.
I greatly enjoy working on theses, and am
particularly keen on improving communication
clarity. I have worked in referencing styles such
as AGLC, APA 6/7, Australian Government Style
Manual, Chicago Manual of Style and Harvard.
Dr. Yi Wen Qian
0403 019 980
$30/hr formatting, 35/hr
proofreading/editing. Free
I have a PhD in medicine and specialise in medical
and biomedical thesis formatting, proof reading,
and editing. I can also assist in journal publications
and figures formatting. I have extensive experience
in editing theses for submission and journal articles
for publishing. International students are welcome.
Also fluent in spoken Mandarin.
Merran Laver
Bywong NSW
0401 492 580
$65/hrMerran has been a freelance editor for more than
12 years, since working in the Australian Institute
of Health and Welfare’s publishing unit. She now
enjoys copy editing postgraduate theses as well
as a variety of reports and other editing / writing
jobs in a range of disciplines; and also works with
university students in Canberra as a Learning
Support Advisor. Merran is a member of the
national Institute of Professional Editors.
John Mahony Editing
0437 032 178
NegotiableExperience with overseas students and in all
subjects. Student discounts and quotes given
before starting work. With 20 years of experience,
I’ve proofread hundreds of theses, books and
journal articles. I also edit for Sydney University
Press, ANU Press, Monash University Publishing and
many other clients. I have studied at PhD level
in English at UNSW and Cambridge University.
Contact me anytime for a CV and a quote.
Rosemary Mulray
0407 945 310
Approx. $50/hour, up to
$2000 for theses
I am a knowledge and words enthusiast who has
a background in science and philosophy. After
an M.A. in Publishing, I now combine a passion for
learning and prose as a freelance academic and
technical editor to help students and professionals
alike make the most of their research. I believe
that academic and technical language should
be as pleasant to read as it is informative, without
compromising its content.
Margie Tubbs Editing Services
Blue Mountains, NSW
0414 695 893
Fixed price quote, based
on word count, sample of
work and urgency
A professional, high-quality editing service,
providing copy editing (grammar, punctuation,
spelling, readability) and final proofreading.
Very experienced in education, social sciences,
arts and the humanities. Member of Institute of
Professional Editors (IPEd). For more information,
please email, phone or visit my website.
Word Stylist
0400 652 400
$40-80 per 1000 wordsAcademic editor since 2014. Qualifications: PhD
in cell biology; currently a researcher in the notfor-
profit patient support sector; published author;
casual copyeditor for research institutes at the
University of Queensland; member of IPEd and
Australasian Medical Writers Association. I have
edited theses, thesis proposals, journal articles
and a variety of other documents across various
disciplines. I enjoy helping ESL writers. My goal is
to perfect your document’s language, style and
layout to achieve consistency, accuracy and
Wendy Monaghan Editing

Blue Mountains
0413 574 417
Please enquire for quote IPEd Accredited Editor and professional member
of the Institute of Professional Editors with 15 years
of experience providing high-quality editing and
proofreading services for students and academics.
My editing conforms to the “Australian standards
for editing practice”. I will ensure your thesis is
professionally edited according to the “Guidelines
for editing research theses” and formatted
according to university guidelines. I will also provide
feedback on your writing. Please see my website
for more information:
Dr Cherry Russell
0410 247 290
$45 per 1,000 words of
original text
A am a retired professor with extensive professional
editing experience. My particular expertise is in
social sciences, humanities, health sciences and
qualitative research, but I have edited theses in
a wide range of disciplines, including education,
architecture, engineering, medical science,
linguistics, economics and law. I have a strong
reputation for editing the work of students whose
first language is not English.
Jenny Ward
0416 141 146
Variable depending
on size of document
and amount of work
involvedamount of work
involved. email for free
I am a highly experienced journalist and editor. I
have extensive written and oral communication
expertise, including commercial radio news,
television current affairs and newspapers. I have
experience editing PhDs and enjoy the process of
translating technical information into palatable
plain English and pulling a document together
grammatically. I have also edited many short
stories and research documents. I have taught
journalism, been sent on overseas assignments for
magazines and newspapers.
Marie-Louise Taylor
0415 744 243
Approx. $30 per 1000
words, each job quoted
according to word count
and level of editing
needed. I do not charge
I have extensive experience editing PhD and
Masters theses for academics and students
at various universities. Subject areas include
sociology, education, history, the arts and law. I
also regularly edit tertiary education textbooks on
a range of topics.
Dr Floriana Badalotti
0432 511286
from $25/1000 wordsExpert, flexible and friendly academic editor with
extensive experience in the university sector. I have
qualifications in Psychology, Translation Studies and
Areas of expertise/interest: Education, Psychology,
Nursing, Linguistics; language, translation/
interpreting, media, fandoms, public spheres, pop
culture, Queer Studies, qualitative research, and
discourse analysis.
RMS: Endnote 20; LaTeX editor: Overleaf. OS: Mac
Big Sur.
The Proofreading Shop
$30 per 1000 wordsWe are specialist proofreaders and editors
in the academic genres of Arts, Humanities,
Social Sciences, Healthcare, Education and
Complementary Medicine. No project is too big or
too small.
Megan Cross
Canberra, ACT
My fees for editing are
based on the word
length of the thesis and
the turnaround time you
select. All my prices and
turnaround times are listed
on my website.
Senior Scientific and Medical Editor
Camilla Cripps Editing Services
Greater Sydney
0400 477 991
Fixed-rate per 1000 wordsTertiary qualified, experienced and trusted
academic and fiction editor and proofreader
with over 15+ years in the industry. Professional
member of the Institute of Professional Editors,
Australia and member of CIEP UK. Friendly, flexible,
and available for tight deadlines. ESL specialist. All
topics considered.
Edit Bureau
0410 150 696
$65/hourI offer extensive editing services, depending on
your requirements, budget and level of English.
At the most basic level, I provide proofreading
(incorporating spelling, punctuation, grammar and
sentence structure). At a more advanced level, I
provide advice on writing style, tone, paragraph
structure, referencing, formatting and statistics
(within the guidelines set by your institution). For
a free quote, contact me with a work sample, a
word count and a deadline.
Christopher Marcatili
Ellipsis Editing
0410 802 391
We offer two different
services: copy editing and
proofreading. We also
offer student discounts.
Rates vary depending
on word count. For an
indicative price, go to:
We have been editing academic works for over
seven years, including PhD theses, peer-reviewed
articles, and books published internationally by
Bloomsbury, Palgrave Macmillan, Oxford University
Press and others. We offer flexible, affordable
services and we also specialise in working writers
with English as a second language.
The Proof Leader
0439 679 370
Costing depends on the
length of your document
and the degree of work
required. Base charge is
$30 per 1,000 words.
I am a freelance proofreader and editor, and hold
a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing from
Curtin University. I have edited many assessment
pieces and postgraduate theses and dissertations
covering a wide range of subjects and fields; my
clients are mainly ESL students. I will copyedit or
proofread your assessment piece or thesis using
Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Email me for
a free no-obligation quote and a discussion of
your requirements, or go to my website to use the
contact form.
Rob Ashton
0411 827 323
$50 per hourI am an experienced editor of theses and books.
I have a Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing
from Macleay College, a BA (Psychology), and a
Master of International Studies from the University of
Sydney. My main area of expertise is politics.
0414 580 825
Thesis editing $35 + GST
per 1000 words. Capped
charges for documents
<5000 and 5-15,000 words.
research charged
An IPEd Accredited, BELS certified editor &
former academic, researcher & book reviewer
for scholarly journals. Experience working with
70+ universities & publishers/journals as well as
government departments, research centres &
NGOs worldwide on books, chapters, theses,
conference papers, articles, proposals, research
reports, policy papers & more. All fields with
particular focus on medicine, law, education,
humanities and applied science.
Steven Basford, MRes
eValue8 Group
0412 727 892
Vary from $20 per 1,000
words editing
Rates based on scope of the work, and timeline,
and whether it’s ESL. 10-years’ experience as a
Registered Editor with The University of Adelaide.
Experience in the USA, UK, and Australia on Theses,
Dissertations, Journals, and Monographs. Subjects
include Accounting, Art History, Economics,
Finance, Governance, Health Administration,
History, International Relations, International
Development, Law, Leadership, Management,
Politics, Philosophy, Project Management,
and Social Work. Expertise in AGLC, Chicago,
Cambridge, MPA, APA, Harvard, et al.
Monique Hohnberg
Sydney and Brisbane
0402 308 752
$45 ph.       I’ve taught Academic English at UTS and UNSW
since 2008, and have proofread Ph.D. theses and
published papers on such subjects as robotics,
electronics, fine arts, sociology, marketing, physics,
psychology, law, chemistry, medicine, and much
more. I’m highly experienced with students whose
English is not their first language. It’s important
to have a stress-free proofreading and editing
Dr. Nina Seja
Online assistance
I am happy to work with
your budget.
Precise, expert, and experienced proofreader.
proofreading/editing, lecturing, and research
experience across the arts, humanities and
social sciences. Editing/proofreading capabilities
also in nursing, electrical engineering, and
more. I have over two decades of experience
as an active researcher/academic (Senior
Lecturer, Communication Studies). I have strong
background working with international students.
I look forward to helping you succeed in your
academic journey.
Elite Editing
1800 246 558
Refer: https://www.
Elite Editing employs highly skilled PhD-qualified
editors with experience across a range of thesis
subject matter. We’re a business so have editors
available when you need them and manage
urgent jobs as required. Our editor selection and
training processes ensure that you receive the best
possible service, delivered at a competitive price.
Our service includes comprehensive text editing,
formatting, reference editing and crosschecking.
Our editors have extensive thesis experience
including students from non-English speaking
Estelle Hoen
0413 500 035
$28 per 1000 wordsI am an experienced and qualified translator, proofreader and editor. I offer fast and quality service in copywriting, editing and proofreading theses and academic papers. My expertise includes science, literature, arts and humanities. I provide print-­ready documents and annotated feedback, and I can also give you tips on how to improve your awriting. Contact me for a free 200 word sample. I am happy to discuss your needs in more detail, and I am available to meet in person if you are based in Sydney.
EduPreneur Services International
0413 004 138
From AU2c per wordDirector: Dr John Cokley, PhD (Jour), MBA, BBus (Comm), GCertEd, DipRelStud. I have been a PhD-qualified academic examiner, supervisor and journal reviewer since 2005. Specialist areas include journalism, media studies, communication, business, management, marketing, education, digital communication, arts, theology, science and engineering. I am a full member of the Institute of Professional Editors. Rates range from 2 cents per word for standard proofreading to 10 cents per word for urgent reading and interactive editing.

Last updated July 2021

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