On-campus student support services

There are many services provided by the University to support students’ well-being, health and learning. View a complete list of the University’s student support services

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student support  

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can access a wide range of services and resources to assist with your study and student experience through The Gadigal Centre. The Gadigal Centre also has a dedicated postgraduate support officer. 

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Accommodation Services 

Accommodation Services provide information, resources and applications for University owned or managed accommodation. They also provide an off-campus housing database as well as tips to help you find housing on your own. 

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Careers Centre 

The Careers Centre can assist you to find work while you’re studying, help you write a job application and help you prepare for an interview. Their online job database lists casual, part-time, and full-time jobs, as well as internships, graduate positions and vacation jobs.  

The Careers Centre runs regular workshops and events you can attend to help prepare you for entering the workforce.  

If you are studying in the Business School the Careers and Employability Office can help prepare you for your career in business. 

Child Care Information Office 

The Child Care Information Office provides information about childcare centres, occasional care, school holiday programs and on-campus facilities. The Child Care Information Office also manages the Usyd Student Parent and Carers Network to help you find other parents and connect. 

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Health services  

The University Health Service offers comprehensive medical care to all students. Domestic students with Medicare cards and international students who have Allianz Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) do not have to pay for consultations. International students who do not use Allianz OSHC will need to pay at the time of consultation and then claim a refund from their insurer. Some additional costs do apply for vaccines, equipment, or cancellation fees.  

Other health services on campus include chiropractic, physiotherapy, dentistry and optometry.  

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Inclusion and Disability Services 

Students with a disability can register with Inclusion and Disability Services. They will work with you to develop a personalised academic plan and help you gain access to the adjustments and services you need. 

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Learning Hub (Academic Language and Learning) 

The Learning Hub can help you develop your academic communication, research and study skills at any stage of your degree, including postgraduate research.  

The Learning Hub offers a range of workshops and individual consultations to provide targeted assistance for your learning and research needs. 

Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre  

The Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre provides spiritual guidance and leadership to all students from a wide range of faiths, as well as providing prayer facilities. Contact a chaplain from your faith

Peer mentoring programs 

Peer mentoring programs are available in many faculties for both undergrad and postgrad students. A senior student from the faculty is matched with a small group of students at the beginning of semester. They’re a great way to connect with your peers, develop networks and adjust to university. 

Student Counselling Service 

The Student Counselling Service provides free counselling sessions to University of Sydney students, up to 6 sessions per year. Counsellors can assist students with problems such as exam stress, anxiety, and family issues. The University also has an after hours mental wellbeing support line and other support services such as apps and self-help resources

Safer Communities Office 

The Safer Communities Office has specialist staff called Student Liaison Officers to support any student who has experienced any type of sexual misconduct or domestic violence. They can provide one-on-one support and liaise with the University and appropriate support services to ensure you are getting all the help you need. Find out how to get help, report an incident or support someone

Scholarships Office  

The Scholarships Office manages a range of scholarships for both domestic and international students based on academic achievements, background, area of study and more. They also manage prizes and awards

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Written by SUPRA Postgraduate Advocacy Service March 2023

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