SUPRA food pantry

We know that the cost of living is impacting students. SUPRA has a small food pantry to try to help students with food costs. All students are welcome to visit our office during office hours and browse the food pantry.

Pantry stock is subject to availability, and items will be re-stocked daily. Please:

  • take up to 5 items each time you visit (if you are in greater need, our casework service can help – contact us)
  • stamp the pink attendance sheet each time you visit
  • bring your own bag to carry your items
  • give us feedback using the form below.

Fill in this form to tell us what items you would like us to have in our food pantry, and to tell us about your food situation. All questions are optional. All answers are anonymous.

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student?

Tell us about your food situation

The next 3 questions are about your food situation. We know that going without food happens to lots of students now and again. These questions will help us understand the food situation for students and help us understand what support students might need.

What should we have in our food pantry?

The next 4 questions are about our food pantry, and what you would like us to have available. Please focus on shelf-stable, packaged foods (we do not have refrigeration available and cannot store fresh or perishable foods). Be specific about brands and types of food. Please also let us know if there are important things to know about how this food should be stored (for example, in keeping with halal or kosher requirements).
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Contact us on if you have any further questions or ideas for our food pantry.

If you are looking for more help or support for your food situation:

Need help?

Our  casework and legal services are here for you.

Postgraduate Advocacy Service

Our caseworkers can help with any problems you face while you study at Usyd, from academic appeals to renting.

SUPRA Legal Service

Our solicitors can assist with a wide range of legal issues, including visas, migration law and intellectual property.