Tips for when things go wrong

1. Get professional advice first

Get advice before responding to any important notifications from the University. We can provide accurate information and guidance so you can submit the best response. Responding quickly will not affect the University’s decision.

2. Be respectful

When communicating with staff in your faculty or the University, always treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Keep your communication professional. In most cases staff are trying to be helpful.

3. Deal with problems early

Your problem may get worse if you ignore it.  

4. Don’t disclose information unless required

You’re required to be truthful in your dealings with the University and the government. However, you are not required to give information that is personal and not relevant. If you aren’t sure what to disclose, get advice from us first.

5. Keep all relevant documentation

Don’t delete your emails or other University-related files. Create backups in case you lose access to the originals. In any dispute or University procedure, being able to provide written evidence is very important.

6. Know your rights

You are entitled to procedural fairness in all your dealings with the University, the government, and other external bodies. Students have rights that are written in University policies and procedures, as well as under federal and state laws. The Student Charter 2010 outlines the reciprocal relationship between the University and students.

Contact us for more information about your rights.

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Written by SUPRA Postgraduate Advocacy Service March 2023

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