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Actions around Covid-19 crisis

Enquiry about SSAF fees

On 15 May 2020, our President wrote to the University to enquire about SSAF fees: ‘I am writing to you to represent complaints by postgraduate students who have been impacted by the shutdown of our campuses and reduction or cancellation of student recreational services. Students reasonably want to ask for a partial refund of their SSAF fee since they have not been able to access USU and SUSF services and activities for this current semester. I am also keen to understand the university’s intention for setting semester two SSAF fees if we are planning for another semester of online classes and limited activity on campus. I look forward to your response.’

We received a response on 27 May 2020: read the response from the University.

Assistance for international students

‘Many thousands of students are managing to pay rent by skipping meals. This is not acceptable’

On 22 May 2020, SUPRA and SRC wrote to the NSW Premier seeking an urgent meeting to address hardships faced by international students during the current crisis. Read our joint letter to the Premier.

SUPRA supports casual workers at Sydney University

We at SUPRA fully support the campaign from the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) to support all tertiary education staff, particularly with a focus on those with the most precarious employment in our sector.

For information about the campaign, union membership and your rights please visit the NTEU’s information page. And sign the NTEU petition to protect University workers during this crisis.

No worker left behind

Unions and other groups are calling on the government to make sure everyone is supported during this crisis. Key demands are:

  1. An income guarantee for every worker currently in Australia
  2.  Don’t bailout essential services, nationalise them
  3. Visa amnesty for all migrant workers, and Medicare extended to cover everyone currently in Australia.

You can sign a petition here

Housing Defence Coalition – Sydney

A coalition of Sydney organisers committed to defending vulnerable people in increasingly precarious housing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their commitment is for safe and secure housing for all.

February 2020: SUPRA’s submission to the Vice Chancellor regarding students impacted by the travel ban and COVID-19

In late February of 2020, and again in April, SUPRA wrote to the Vice Chancellor to encourage the University to offer financial support for students affected by the travel ban and COVID-19, as other universities were doing.


24 February – Letter to VC as a Word document
24 February – Letter to VC as a PDF
28 February – Letter to VC as a Word document
28 February – Letter 2 VC as a PDF
15 April – Letter to VC as Word document
15 April – Letter to VC as PDF

23 April – Response to SUPRA from Pip Patterson as a PDF

The SUPRA office is closed – but you can still get help!

To help protect the health of our community during COVID-19 SUPRA's Student Advice and Advocacy Service, Legal Service and council are working from home. We are working to full capacity and are providing timely and accurate information, advice and support.