SUPRA Council

SUPRA is governed by a council of democratically elected postgrad students. The council is responsible for governing the organisation, and for representing postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.

The council term is 1 July to 30 June every year.

SUPRA Council is made up of 34 councillors. Of these, 27 are elected through the General Election (general councillors) and 7 are autonomously elected through the Equity Elections (equity officers).

To ensure representation, council reserves:

  • 12 positions for women students
  • 6 positions for international students
  • 6 positions for coursework students
  • 6 positions for research students
  • 3 positions for students who are not cis-gendered
  • 3 positions for students located at campuses other than Camperdown/Darlington.

Council meets at least once a month and considers all the matters of governance relevant to the organisation. Members who are not councillors are invited to observe and participate in council meetings, though they do not have voting rights. Council is run according to formal meeting procedures as outlined in our Rules of Order. These are designed to facilitate discussion.

Council meeting dates are published on our wall calendar, in our weekly newsletter, Grad Post, and in our website events calendar. If you would like to attend a council meeting, email for an invite.

Current SUPRA Council

Updated after February 2024 council meeting

SUPRA Executive

President: Weihong Liang
Vice President: Xinxin (Frona) Wan
Co-Secretaries: Sabrina Chen and Vivian Bai
Treasurer: Zihao (Justin) Wu
Education Officer: Yinfeng (Benny) Shen.

Find out more about executive roles, and duty statements.

Other officers

Director of Student Publications: Siran (Shirley) Li
Co-Community Engagement Officers:
Ke (Louis) Liu and Jinyi (Dorothy) Liu
Carers Officer: Eva Midtgaard.

Equity officers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer: Lindsay McCabe
Disabilities Officer: Gemma Smart
Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Student Officer: Arash Araghi
International Student Officer: Xingyan Zhou
Queer Officer:
Satellite Campus Officer: 
JinJing Mao
Women’s Officer: Qiuming Zhang.

Find out more about the equity networks.

 General councillors

  1. Yuning Zhang
  2. Yitong Bao (previously Ke Wang)
  3. Yuwen Si
  4. Qian (Eileen) Yang
  5. Hillary Davis
  6. Eva Midtgaard
  7. Xunhang Yin (previously Qiaoyu Guan)
  8. Zheqi Ding
  9. Yao Yao
  10. Xiaoqiao Zhao
  11. Wei Lyu
  12. Shangru Li
  13. Dishpreet Singh
  14. Laurent Lim (previously Ziyang Liu)
  15. Ray Zhou
  16. Dihao Zhu (nominated by former Co-Treasurer, Chaoyang Li)
  17. Zehua Han (nominated by former Co-Community Engagement Officer, Hailey Sin).

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