SUPRA Council – governance

After SUPRA’s annual General Election, the newly-elected council (‘council-elect’) holds internal elections to fill the positions of President, Vice-President, Education Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Student Publications. Together, these office-bearers are known as ‘the Executive’, and hold their positions for a council term (1 July – 30 June).

Any councillor-elect can run in the Executive elections, but can’t hold more than one Executive position at a time. The Executive is responsible for SUPRA’s day-to-day management.

Each member of the Executive gives a monthly report to the SUPRA Council. This is for transparency and accountability, and to help all councillors keep up-to-date with what’s happening across the organisation.

The current SUPRA Executive is:


Weihong Liang

The President is the General Manager of SUPRA, the council spokesperson and chairperson, and is responsible for leading representation of postgraduate students, and advocating on their behalf.

SUPRA President Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)


Vice President

Xinxin (Frona) Wan

The Vice-President supports the President, with a focus on governance, and can fulfil many of the duties of the President in the President’s absence.

SUPRA Vice President Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)


Education Officer

Yinfeng (Benny) Shen

The Education Officer is responsible for representing and advocating for postgraduate students on issues that affect them.

SUPRA Education Officer Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)



Sabrina Chen and Vivian Bai

The Secretary oversees the official council correspondence and is responsible for council record-keeping.

SUPRA Secretary Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)



Chaoyang Li and Zihao (Justin) Wu

The Treasurer oversees SUPRA’s budget and is responsible for the management of expenditure.

SUPRA Treasurer Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)


Other offices

The SUPRA Constitution allows for the appointment of other office-bearing positions by the SUPRA Council as it may determine appropriate. These are distinct from the Executive positions.

Co-Directors of Student Publications

Siran (Shirley) Li and Jinyi Liu

The Director of Student Publications oversees the production of SUPRA’s publications.

SUPRA DSP Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)


Co-Community Engagement Officers:

Ke (Louis) Liu and Hailey Sin

The Community Engagement Officer is responsible for, jointly with the Executive, oversight of any community engagement activities of the Association and manager for events to build a diverse, inclusive and equal postgraduate community.

SUPRA Community Engagement Officer Duty Statement (approved 30 May 2023)


Carers Officer:

Eva Midtgaard

The Carers Officer is a one-year pilot position responsible for investigating the needs of postgraduate students with carer’s responsibilities and reporting on how SUPRA can better support them.

SUPRA Carers Officer Duty Statement (approved 29 June 2023)


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