SUPRA 2021 General Election

Results for the 2021 SUPRA Council election

The SUPRA 2021 General Council Election has completed its voting phase.  

Polls closed on 30 April 2021. I have now reviewed and confirmed the result. Below is the official notice of the new councillors-elect. 

I officially declare the following twenty-seven (27) candidates elected to the position of ‘General Councillor’ for the Sydney University Postgraduate Association (SUPRA) 2021/22 term. 

1. Mark Webster

2. Chang Wang 

3. Shengyang Li 

4. Shiyu Ma 

5. Yige Peng 

6. Weihong Liang 

7. Minran Liu 

8. Yuxin Jiang 

9. Siying Li 

10. Arash Araghi 

11. Crystal Zhang 

12. Maruge Zhao 

13. Yun Zhou 

14. Yue (Isabella) Chen 

15. Balu Nair 

16. Jingxin Zhang 

17. Xuetong Tao 

18. Zhuopin Sun 

19. Ada Choi 

20. Di Wang 

21. Yinfeng (Benny) Shen 

22. Di Liu 

23. Elma Song 

24. Sky Xie 

25. Xinxin (Frona) Wan 

26. Christine Liu 

27. Lu Xu 

A meeting of the councilors-elect will take place in June 2021 to elect the SUPRA officer-bearers from among their number. 

Rafael Mazzoldi 
Returning Officer
2021 SUPRA General Election 

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