SUPRA Postgraduate Student Social Impact Grant Scheme

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Applications are open for Semester 2, 2023 grants. Application deadline is Saturday 30 September 2023.

The SUPRA Postgraduate Student Social Impact Grant Scheme provides funding and support for postgraduate students to develop innovative co-curricular projects that foster a sense of community within the University.

Student groups can apply to access funding of up to $1000 and receive developmental assistance for projects that cater to students, including: social activities, mentoring, professional development, community engagement, campaigns, and academic research.

Participating in this scheme offers you the chance to:

  • Make a significant impact on fellow students within our community.
  • Develop skills in leadership, communication, project management, budgeting, and reporting, through training, mentoring, and guidance from the SUPRA Council and staff.
  • Enhance your resume and gain recognition as a student leader within the postgraduate community.

Grant categories

The semester 2, 2023 grants are open in the following 4 categories:

  1. Food issues

This category aims to address challenges related to food scarcity, waste, affordability, and the promotion of healthy eating within the community.

  1. Diverse communities

This category aims to create an inclusive environment that celebrates cultural diversity, reduces discrimination, and promotes understanding and acceptance.

  1. Student wellness and physical health initiatives

This category aims to improve students’ overall wellbeing by fostering mentoring relationships and encouraging physical health practices, bridging the gap between academic success and personal wellness.

  1. Sustainability

The sustainability category focuses on promoting environmental stewardship, waste reduction, resource conservation, and responsible consumption.

Potential project ideas

Potential project ideas could include the following (these are for reference, use your creativity!):

  • Develop community gardens to increase access to fresh produce.
  • Create educational campaigns to reduce food waste.
  • Organise workshops for budget-friendly and nutritious meal planning.
  • Host cultural awareness events or workshops.
  • Establish mentorship programs connecting students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Create multimedia campaigns to share stories and experiences from various cultures.
  • Implement mentorship programs connecting experienced students with newcomers to help navigate academic and personal challenges.
  • Organise physical fitness classes, wellness workshops, or health fairs promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Establish support networks focusing on mental health, stress management, and work-life balance.
  • Implement campus-wide recycling or composting initiatives.
  • Host educational events on sustainable living practices.
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses to promote sustainable products and practices.

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