Volunteer with SUPRA!

SUPRA is run by postgrad students for postgrad students. We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our community.

Why volunteer with SUPRA

Volunteering with SUPRA is a great way to make friends and be an active part of your postgrad community.

Volunteering can help you:

  • develop your communication skills
  • increase your employability
  • feel valued and part of a team
  • gain a sense of achievement
  • build confidence in yourself
  • gain networking skills
  • connect with your community
  • expand your horizons.

SUPRA volunteers receive:

  • SUPRA volunteer certificate
  • volunteer kit (merchandise and t-shirt)
  • end of semester volunteering night
  • social networking events
  • further training opportunities (Mental Health First Aid, First Aid, RSA, Accidental Counsellor training and more).

Testimonial – Jianyu He

I think joining SUPRA as a volunteer is the best part of my life. I have formed friendships with SUPRA members, and become one of them in the volunteer group. I have explored my interest in hiking and travelling, enjoying the beautiful nature in Australia. I have become more outgoing, positive and patient.

Steps to volunteering with SUPRA

Step 1: make sure you’re a SUPRA member. Membership is free and your details are confidential. Join SUPRA now.

Step 2: fill out our volunteer application form.

Step 3: upon successful selection, you will receive an invitation to particiapte in a training session.

Step 4: attend the in-person training and join the SUPRA volunteer pool. You will receive information about upcoming activities.

Step 5: before the event, the organiser will contact you with more information about the day and confirm your availability.

Step 6: attend the event, ready to serve your community and have fun!

Volunteer duties and responsibilities

  • Volunteers will carry out duties assigned to them at the discretion of SUPRA.
  • In assigning duties, SUPRA will, as far as practicable:
    – consider a volunteer’s skills, experience, and interests; and
    – provide meaningful work and well-defined tasks and timeframes for completion.
  • Volunteers must not disclose, disseminate or make use of any confidential information they have access to while volunteering at SUPRA.

About the volunteer logo

Volunteers are an essential part of SUPRA, and in order to enhance the quality of volunteer services, we have designed a logo.

The compatibility of different colours symbolises students united from all around the world for the greater good.

We believe in the value of ‘students working for students’, and look forward to gathering all those dedicated to this cause.

By Cheuk yin Fung and Qiuming Zhang

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