2023 Supervisor of the Year Awards

2023 Supervisor of the Year winners

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2023 SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Awards. Congratulations to all of the outstanding supervisors who won!

Faculty of Science

  • Professor Jean Yang
  • Associate Professor David Easdown
  • Professor Hans Pols
  • Professor Dominic Murphy
  • Professor Willem Vervoort
  • Professor Fiona White.

University of Sydney Business School

  • Doctor Daniel Schlagwein
  • Professor Carol Hsu
  • Associate Professor Krithika Randhawa.      

Faculty of Engineering

  • Doctor Ali Hadigheh
  • Associate Professor Mahendra Piraveenan
  • Associate Professor Niels Quack.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Professor Mark Byron
  • Doctor Paul Dwyer
  • Doctor Betty Luu
  • Associate Professor Ruth Phillips
  • Doctor Nicola Parsons
  • Doctor Amy Way.

Faculty of Medicine and Health

  • Associate Professor Susanna Park
  • Doctor Karice Hyun
  • Associate Professor Carl Schneider
  • Doctor Jack Collins
  • Associate Professor Andrew Campbell
  • Professor Kirrie Ballard.

Sydney Law School

  • Professor David Kinley.           

School of Architecture, Design and Planning

  • Professor Richard de Dear.

Conservatorium of Music

  • Doctor Amanda Harris.


If you have any questions regarding the awards, contact rillark.bolton@supra.usyd.edu.au.

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