SUPRA Student Carers’ Network

We’re excited to introduce SUPRA’s first Student Carers’ Network. Our goal is to create a community that connects students who have caregiving responsibilities – providing mutual support and learning opportunities. If you care for an adult, have the responsibility of taking care of children, or are expecting a baby/babies, this network is designed to connect you with fellow students in similar situations.

This network serves a dual purpose:

  • to gain insights into the needs of students with caregiving responsibilities, so SUPRA can work to enhance their successes in their academic journeys
  • to offer a platform where students in similar situations can find each other.

Our dedicated social platform is hosted on Slack. We invite all postgrad students who identify as parents or carers to join this channel. It’s a space for sharing experiences, finding support, and building a stronger community among student carers. You can also join our WhatsApp chat to keep up-to-date with our activities (0044 7580223136).

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