2021 SUPRA Council elections – candidate and ticket statements

Ticket statements

Note: the word limit for ticket statements was 200 words. Statements that were longer than the word length were truncated.



Alpha is our team name. Chang Wang, Shiyu Ma, Crystal Zhang, Yun Zhou, Zhuopin Shun, and Jingxin Zhang make up our team of six. One of the members of our team is a PhD student in Engineering and Information Technology. The other five of us are Master of Commerce majors from Business School. Many of our team members have extensive experience working with graduate students, having participated in various graduate student events. We want to advocate for a better life for students on campus. We’ll advocate to get free textbooks and other required course materials to help with the ever-increasing upfront costs each semester.

We’ll fight for more funding for school events for postgraduates students and PhD students both on campus and online. If elected, our team will prioritise increasing student participation in our university’s activities.

  • We will also work to develop services for disabled students, including left-handed and students who use wheelchairs. Finally, your support for our team Alpha to serve on the Student Council will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Vision of Us

Our team, Vision of Us, is consisted of two HDR students and four coursework students who are always enthusiastic and willing to contribute to our postgraduate community. As we are all international students, our team has a vision of making every effort to represent the interests of our international community, inclusive of both coursework and HDR students. We will always listen to our fellow postgraduate students’ voices, advocate for your rights and needs, and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time at the university and with SUPRA. To be more specific, our team aims to:

  • Make appropriate representations on our peers’ behalf and have your voices being heard within the university and the wider community
  • Widely promote the services and activities of SUPRA to international students, helping you to be aware of and learn about your rights and responsibilities, enriching social life and connecting you with your peers, and speaking out for anti-racism and other equality issues
  • Construct a two-way dialogue between HDR students and the University Leadership about your education environment and academic experience, including policy and planning issues, academic advocacy and so on. Vote for us, your visions are also ours!


Almost all the team members are HDRs (except Shengyang), and our team will fight for all the HDR as well as coursework students of the University as we’ve always been doing. All of our team members have extensive experience in student representations, advocacy and speaking on behalf of our fellow students on a regular basis and we would like to continue to do so.


Our team consists of 6 passionate and experienced students with different academic backgrounds. We all share the same target, providing more benefits international student community. As we are international students too, we understand the problems that students facing every day. Bearing this in mind, we have the confidence to solve those issues with various strategies. One of our team members was a previous SUPRA Equity Officer, she has gained extensive experience in initiating and developing the policies and activities that have driven positive changes to the student community through actively coordinating with the SUPRA staff and key educational departments in the University of Sydney. We will spare no effort to make the campus to be a better place.

Our team aims to:

  1. Defend the freedom of speech, support the right of our international students to express their views in a legal, safe, and respectful way.
  2. Provide more career or internship opportunities for international postgraduates. We will invite recent graduates and senior students, and host regular career talks in both hybrid ways.
  3. Organize online and offline social networking events, as well as peer-learning workshops, to help all postgraduate students to integrate with the university community and build a sense of belonging.

Smile Quokkas

As a team of supra members from different campuses,different degrees as well as different residential colleges and student accommodations, we deeply understand the possible concerns post-graduate students may raise. We have group members previously work in major student associations like SUPRA, SRC and USU who are experienced on dealing students’ issues and care for students. We would be happy to involve in helping with policy structure and implantation, meaningful social events and actively address inquires arisen from postgraduate cohorts. Being SUPRA councilors will help us to make the best of our energy to do something consequential and to think as a whole on behalf of postgraduate students. Both course work students and HDR students concern us and we will be happy to build connection between course work students and HDR students. We would really be appreciated if we can be part of SUPRA council, help SUPRA to build a stronger community and bring post-graduated students voice to a broader level.


Hello postgraduate fellows, our ticket name is Pineapple. There are five members in our team, and most of our team members are international students. We come from commerce, economics, design, international relations, and management. The composition of the team is diverse and we join together with the same idea and passion in devoting more to SUPRA and our USYD postgraduate student community.

We know the importance of the role of councillor in this community, we would like to take responsibility and make a difference. Postgrads need their representative to make their voice heard, so it is meaningful to try our best to strive for the role of councillor.

If we can be elected to the councillor, we will have a deeper understanding of the needs of the students and build a bridge of communication between the school and the post-graduate students.

We plan to make a series of effort:

First of all, we will make efforts to resolve online academy-related problems. No matter it is about grade appealing or your tutor’s puzzling scoring criteria, we can handle them for you. If you encounter academic injustice, let us know and we are always here to fight for your rights.

Secondly, increase


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Candidate statements


Note: candidates who ran as part of a ticket could have a personal statement of not more than 100 words. Candidates who were not part of a ticket could have a personal statement of not more than 200 words. Statements longer than the word limit were truncated.

Weihong Liang

Ticket: Ubridge 

As one of the many students who can’t return to campus, I deeply understand the difficulties we are facing. There is no doubt that the epidemic has had a lasting and far-reaching impact on us. This requires us to work together to urge the University to adopt more measures to improve the quality of online education, and to enhance students’ cross regional and cultural exchanges. Through supra, we will unite all the students and all the organizations that are committed to helping, to jointly promote the university adopting more aggressive measures to help students reture to the campus. 

Yue (Isabella) Chen

Ticket: Vision of Us  

I am nominating myself for the SUPRA Council because I have accumulated skills and experience in leadership, organization, teamwork and communication during my work with Supra over the past year. I want to provide students with the support they need by using my voice in the SUPRA. I want to promote the services and activities of SUPRA to international students, helping them to learn their rights and responsibilities. I want to be raising students’ concerns with universities and pushing them to improve student services. 

Yige Peng

Ticket: Vision of Us 

I am Yige Peng, a PhD student from the Faculty of Engineering. I am running as a candidate of the SUPRA Council as I want to contribute more to the community that I am a part of. More than one year of experience working in SUPRA has offered me an opportunity to hear all the postgraduate students’ voices and get to know their needs. If SUPRA needs a dedicated, responsible, and yet easy-going councillor, I would love to be the one and stay continuously enthusiastic in promoting the interests of our fellow postgraduate students.

Pinyi Chen

Ticket: Pineapple 

Hello! My name is Pinyi Chen. I am running for the position of councillor of the SUPRA Council. SUPRA represents the interests of all postgrads. Achieving a quality campus environment is our common goal. I am very happy to be a part of the SUPRA family. I believe that I am very suitable for the position as a councillor because I have communication, listening, and advocacy skills. I will play an active role in the improvement of our university day-to-day experience. I will strive to achieve an equal campus environment and resolutely resist discrimination. I will speak up for all.

Di Wang

Ticket: Smile Quokkas 

As a supra member, I deeply understand how students can work for students. I’ve been in SUPRA family for already two years, I involve in the process of revising Supervision policy, help with meaningful social events and answer questions for a huge amount of postgraduate students. Being a SUPRA council help me to understand how an organization operate, how to make the best of our energy to do something consequential and to think as a whole on behalf of postgraduate students. I would like to continue be a part of SUPRA council, help SUPRA build a stronger community and let 

Sky Xie

Ticket: Pineapple  

SUPRA is the independent representative association for postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. I have been working in SUPRA for over 6 months and have gained valuable experience as well as student networking connection during the time, I’m currently working under the publication department and in charge of SUPRA’s social media activities. I would like voice within the university and the wider community to bring more opportunity and student benefits to all postgraduate students, i also aim to create anti-racism, equality and a respectful environment to the university. As a publication member, i would also like to arrange more 

Jingyi Li

Ticket: Smile Quokkas  

SUPRA is an interesting society at the University of Sydney that holds many activities to enrich after school life. If I succeed in being a council member, I would like to help work on social activity and student life enrichment to help those postgraduate students have better school lives.  

I would also like to help the postgraduate students protect their rights no matter their study or living. I met some issues last year, so I know it is essential to let them know that someone is standing behind them. This is a good chance that I can be one of  


Jingxin Zhang

Ticket: Alpha  

It’s a pleasure to be one of the members in SUPRA and I would be more than happy to take initiative to contribute more to our USYD community. If I am elected, I would dedicate in building a bridge between fellow students and the wider community. To me, committing to this role means facilitate effective communication with fellow students, and voice opinion to the University regarding academic development, teaching quality or basically any concerns. I believe my enthusiasm and professionalism would help create a better environment for you. Thank you. 


Xuetong Tao

Ticket: Ubridge 

SUPRA once provided tremendous mental and physical supports for me via warmhearted volunteers, and now it is time for me to return back. If I was selected as a SUPRA councillor, I will spare no efforts to improve teaching quality, solve academic-related questions as a mediator between the University and postgraduates, and help build connections for as more postgraduates by providing diverse networking activities such as Wine&Cheese, Hiking, and fitness classes. I will do whatever I can to represent the postgraduates family, making sure that more of their voices can be heard by the university. 


Zhouyi (Shawn) Huan

Ticket: Vision of Us 

I am Zhouyi Huan, a first-year master student with a degree in Commerce. I am nominating myself as a candidate for the SUPRA Council because I would like to bring my enthusiasm and passion to improve the education experience of international students at the University of Sydney. I will actively and patiently listen to their concerns and raise the voices that truly represent the community. With my leadership skills and organisational capability, I am aiming to create a campus with positive changes and equality for all international students, as well as, to assure a sustainable and supportive academic environment for 

Shengyang Li

Ticket: Ubridge 

As a second-year coursework student, I received a lot of assistance legally and socially from SUPRA last year. This was very important, especially during this period where many works have to been done remotely. If I can be elected as a SUPRA council member, I will help monitor and improve teaching quality. Also, I would try my best with other members to build an environment that is no-racism and fair. I believe we would also be able to host more social activities this year. 


Elma Song

Ticket: Pineapple 

I am Weihui (Elma) Song, and I am a master of economics 

In the past year, I did lots of related work. Firstly, I attended the “”Student Consultative Committee”” meeting as the nominee for the Co-president SUPRA, discussing the topics about Academic calendar, Framework for co-curricular activities, etc; Secondly, I completed two 2,000-word articles about the unit selection and online exams for SUPRA’s WeChat public platform; Thirdly, I planned and led a hiking activity, introducing SUPRA during the hiking, then 4 participants joined in as volunteers.  

In the future, I will continue to work hard, learn more about the needs 


Ziqing (Evelyn) Xu

Ticket: Vision of Us 

As an international student at the University of Sydney, I have been a member of SUPRA since I started with USYD and have benefited a lot from engaging with the association. This year, I would like to give back the help I have received to the wider international student community by nominating myself as a candidate for the SUPRA Council. By utilising my strong communication and teamwork skills, I am aiming to help build tighter connections within our international student community, to enrich the social life of our postgraduate members, and speak out for anti-racism and other equality issues. 


Christine Liu

Ticket: Pineapple 

Hi, this is Sihan. I am studying master of management (CEMS) and I was lucky to be nominated as satellite campus officer last year.  

I really enjoyed the harmonious working surrounding that SUPRA provided, being so energetic and friendly to service satellite campus students. Within one year, my organizational skill has been extendedly broadened by holding offline activities and hosting SUPRA orientation. Because of those, I would like to join in SUPRA again and further fulfill my leadership skill.  

Looking forward to work in SUPRA again and hope to have better 2021. 


Shailene Wei

Ticket: Smile Quokkas 

If I am elected as a councilor, I will strengthen the connection between international students and local students by holding various culture exchange programs such as language exchange, social hangouts and panel discussions. This can not only facilitate the relationship between Australian and Chinese but also strengthen the cultural awareness. 


Balu Nair

Martin Luther King once said, ‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?’. I strongly resonate with this and I feel that SUPRA is a platform that can make a big impact in moulding a postgrad student. If elected as the SUPRA education officer, I would organise more events like workshops, industry leader talks and other events so that a post grad student is up to date in the current market practices and research areas. I will also be bringing in more diversity to the association as equal representation is the need of the hour. 

Yun Zhou

Ticket: Alpha 

Hello, guys! My name is Yun, I am also a postgraduate just like you! I was lucky, I knew SUPRA at the very early stage of my postgraduate journey and I benefited a lot from SUPRA. However, I find that international students tend to be a quite vulnerable group compared with local students. In a lot of cases, international students may be treated unfairly intentionally, or unintentionally. My goal in this position is to help international students to get a more fair environment both on-campus and off-campus. 

Yinfeng (Benny) Shen

Ticket: Smile Quokkas 

Hi, I am Benny, Master of International Management (CEMS), CBD campus.  

Having served on SRC, USU, Faculty Advisory Committee and University Student Experience Team, I have an extensive experience when it comes to student welfares and advocating for student cohorts. I am very willing to extend my passion and contribute to SUPRA family.  

Having lived in both student accommodation and residential colleges, also as an international student myself, I will represent the communities in decision-making process and address the concerns arisen. Together with the team, I am also aimed to engage more Postgraduate students in campus life. 

Tsun Hin (Jason) Tung

Hi Everyone! My name is Jason Tung and I am running for the SUPRA General Election 2021/2022. I am studying Master of Commerce specialising in Finance and Data Analytics for Business. My international experience studying in different countries like the UK and Hong Kong has helped me develop various skills such as communications, leadership, and teamwork. I enjoy working in a group with diverse backgrounds and hope to contribute to distributing equity-specific projects with the university and society.  

I knew SUPRA from the orientation week and virtual events, which provided interesting insights that helped to start my first semester. I would love to share my experience with others and serve postgraduate students on campus and remotely, by understanding their problems and suggestions. I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you all and continue to build a better community for postgraduate students. 


Siying Li

Ticket: Teamup 

Hi, I am Celine from School of Architecture, Design and Planning. Working in SUPRA publication team last semester and actively engaging in community activities, the experience raised my consciousness towards serving student community. Upholding the rights and needs of our postgraduate student is always the best interest at heart.  

“Strength lies in differences.” I believe creating an inclusive campus with extensive cross-cultural activities help embrace new ideas and changes. If I were selected, I would listen to different opinions, bridging the gap between school and students. It is always my pleasure to seek out new opportunities and serve our students. 


Chang Wang

Ticket: Alpha 

Hi there, My name is Chang Wang, going by Chris. I’m running as a candidate for the SUPRA Council because I want to keep being a representative of the postgraduate students in the uni. Two years of experience working in the SUPRA has offered me an opportunity to hear postgraduate students voice and get to know their needs. If elected I would like to keep doing so to bridge the gap between students and uni, assist fellow students and improve our physical health and mental well-being. I would appreciate your voting. Thank you all. 


Moxuan Chang

Ticket: Pineapple 

SUPRA is a platform to give voice to postgraduate students, where I can not only make friends from different colleges and different cultural backgrounds but also realize that I am making contributions to the fair rights and interests of postgraduate students. In this process, I can live with the sense of achievement of helping others. The video editing and photography skills that I am good at can help SUPRA to better publicize itself and let more people know how SUPRA contributes to the postgraduate community. If I can be elected as a councillor, I will make contributions to enrich the 


Shiyu Ma

Ticket: Alpha 

My name is Shiyu Ma. I am in my third semester of Master of Commerce with a specialization in Finance and Business Analytics. I joined SUPRA one year ago since I came to the University of Sydney. As a member of the SUPRA Education and Community committee member, I participated in and organized various on-campus events. I believe I am competent to become a Student Representative Council member because I have plenty of leadership, organizing, and communication experience before. I think that becoming a councilor is a good opportunity for me to better serve postgraduate students at USYD. Thank you 


Xiaoyun Bai

Ticket: Teamup 

My name is Vivian, currently studying a master’s degree at Camperdown. I joined SUPRA with the vision to represent the cohort of postgraduate students. I have skills on teamwork as well as on leadership, because I have work experiences in various social clubs when I was an undergraduate student.  

If I am elected, I will seek voices from peer students and speak up for our rights, making USYD an even better place than it already is. I will also contribute to SUPRA’s upcoming events. With the pandemic under control, I believe we can promote more social activities throughout the year. 


Zhuopin Sun

Ticket: Alpha 

I discovered SUPRA during the lockdown period when social connections became a rarity and I struggled to find my community. As an HDR student who benefited through SUPRA’s legal service and fitness events, now I hope to become a member of SUPRA Council to contribute to a wide range of excellent services, activities, and events to revitalise our postgraduate student community. My personal values align with SUPRA’s vision to enhance equality, promote postgraduate students’ welfare, and counter unfair treatments. I truly believe that through our effort, we can enjoy our life and study in a safer and energetic environment. 


Ada Choi

Ticket: Vision of Us 

As a second-year postgraduate student, I have always been actively engaging in and hoping to give back to the university community. To highlight, I volunteered with SUPRA for the last 12 months and participated in many other volunteering and leadership roles. Nominating myself to become a part of the SUPRA Council, I would like to leverage my past experience and skills to contribute to the postgraduate community – to sincerely listen to my peers, to understand their challenges and difficulties, to share joy and achievements, and most importantly, to represent the interests of postgraduate students and have their voices heard within 


Yuxin Jiang

Ticket: Smile Quokkas 

My name is Yuxin Jiang, and I am a postgraduate student in the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty. I am also a member of the publication committee from supra.  

Because of this work, I have become more aware of the demands of the students. If I am selected, I will optimize our advice system, strengthen our links with schools, provide up-to-date information, set up an advice line for international students, collect feedback, and make suggestions for school teaching. Secondly, increase network activities and interactions so that students in the network class can also understand each other through activities. Finally, provide 


Maruge Zhao

Ticket: Ubridge 

I have been working with SUPRA for 2 years, and have participated in organizing various events for postgraduate students, including teach & supervisor of the year, wine and cheese, HDR bbq, etc. I deeply appreciate the effort SUPRA has made in defending students’ interest, prompting sense of community and assisting students with both academic and non-academic issues. I thus hope to continue to be a part of such an important association and campaign for councilor. I will dedicate in supporting and helping our fellow students and actively participating in school affairs to make the students’ voice heard. 


Xinyang Pei

Ticket: Smile Quokkas 

Hi everyone!  

My name is Xinyang, I’m a postgraduate in Telecommunication Engineer. I want to be your representative on the SUPRA General Council.  

I want you to vote for me because I will examine every decision made by the Council to ensure it is in the students’ interest. I will always argue for our concerns whether it’s student life enrichment, fees, academic advocacy, activities on-campus, or post-study employment opportunities.  

If you vote for me, I will make sure that our views are known, our arguments are well articulated, and that decisions are made that benefit us all. 


Arash Araghi

I have been the leading member of the postgraduate Research Student Committee from the school of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in 2017-18. As the president of student committee I have always worked with our cohort to achieve student rights and engagement, especially where we have large members of international students. I am familiar with University HDR committee protocols and I have the necessary connections, where I can use if I am elected to serve on SUPRA council, to enhance the impact of student rights, welfare and professional engagement. I am currently serving as the HDR representative on USYD Academic Board. I believe with any student matter affecting our cohort, we can have a pro-active role to work along-side the university senate and academic board for improvements. 


Penny Li

Ticket: Teamup 

Being a student advocate for the student community is what I always passionate about. My key motivation for electing is to stand a chance to promote a diversified and inclusive campus environment for our international postgraduates. Every voice counts and all opinions matter. As an international student, I can resonate with the difficulties and understand how challenging for students to be engaged during the pandemic. Currently, I am an active volunteer at SUPRA, and I hope I can continue to devote myself to future events and support more students for gaining a rewarding experience at USYD. Thanks in advance for 


Minran Liu

Ticket: Ubridge 

I have been working in SUPRA for several years, first as the co-education officer then as the co-president. I love SUPRA. 


Lu Xu

Ticket: Teamup 

Hello, I am Lu Xu. The reason why I decided to participate in this election is because, in the past year, I learnt the difficulties and views from both domestic and international students. I hope to speak on behalf of them. To make sure the school and the public to hear our voices and to provide effective help and support to post-students, to build a better living and learning environment.  

During the year as a volunteer in SUPRA, I helped organize many online and offline activities to help students better adapt to student life and enrich learning life, allowing me 


Di Liu

Ticket: Teamup 

I am Di (Astrid) Liu and I am running for SUPRA general election. It would be a great experience for me to work in a well-knit and international team and to contribute to collecting and representing postgraduates’ voices. I used to work as a student representative and a mentor at the university projects, I found it is exciting to see the impact of my work on the student community and the university. I would commit to distributing to equity-specific projects within the university and the society at large by applying my various skills such as leadership skills and communication skills. 


Mark Webster

If you want someone on SUPRA who takes on issues which matter to YOU, vote for me!  


Coming back to Sydney Uni after a long absence, it seems like the University is more focused on internal priorities – making money and ticking boxes – rather than issues which are important to students.  

My situation is a bit different and I’ve already had a lot of admin hassles – including applying for scholarships, getting access to courses and course material, IT systems not working. Really hard to get through to anyone who can help! I’m sure lots of other students have similar experiences – the University can do better.  


  1. I’ve been on liaison committees before and have been able to push through changes which make a real difference 
  2. I’m a bit older so might have a different perspective to other students 
  3. I’ve worked with international students for years, and appreciate the extra difficulties they face 
  4. I’m not associated with any interest group or political party – my only focus would be making positive changes for all students 



Shuyun Zhu

Ticket: Teamup 

Throughout my university life, I never found an organization like SUPRA, which gives me a strong sense of belonging and takes justice as the central concept consistently. Last year, I was fortunate to be the International Officer of SUPRA. During that period, I was in charge of numerous community-building works and attended the meeting of the University Executive Student Consultative Committee to advocate for the rights of postgraduates. These valuable experiences allow me to put theory into practice, and I am willing to defend free speech, inclusion and equality at all times. 


Xinxin (Frona) Wan

Ticket: Vision of Us 

I am Xinxin Wan, an MPhil student majoring in Education. It is my great pleasure to run for this campaign to nominate myself as a Council member of SUPRA. The one-year experience working as an Education Committee member in SUPRA has provided me with many valuable insights into how to leverage my skills to offer better experiences to the whole postgraduate community. If I am elected, I would make every effort to listen to my peers’ voices and help them according to their individual cases. Education matters and it is my priority, and my experience will make me a qualified 


Crystal Zhang

Ticket: Alpha 

Hi everyone, I am crystal. As a postgraduate student in the university of Sydney, I engaged broadly in student life and school activities. I see not only how students are enlighted by those creative activities, but also how they are confused about problems arised in school. And honestly, it also including myself. Gradually, as I get to know more about the SUPRA, I feel a strong desire to join SUPRA council and devote myself to help build a unity and enterprising campus culture. I want to accomplish the needs of our fellow students and provide them with a better environment. 


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