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SUPRA 2020 General Election 

Results for the 2020 SUPRA Council election

The results for SUPRA’s 2020 General Election are as follows:

1  Minran Liu

2  Thrishank Chintamaneni

3  Chang Wang

Xiner Yuan

5  Shiyu (Eolande) Bao

6  Shuyun Zhu

7  Di Wang

Yuhang Xia

9  Xinheng Wu

10  Jindou Zhong

11  Qian Zhi Lai

12  Olivia Evans

13  Zhuoyuan Xie

14  Jiayun Li

15  Xuning Feng

16  Yao (Katerina) Ma

17  Lu Chen

18  Qinghan Zhang

19  Keyuan Chen

20  Ashley Ubrihien

21  Maruge Zhao

22  Siting Qiu

23  Kai Yao

24  Sihan Liu

25  Aoife Hogan



NOTE: Two positions have been declared vacant in accordance with SUPRA Constitution section 06.03: 2).  Insufficient candidates of a reserved equity group – non cis-male students – nominated for the election.

These two seats will be filled at a supplementary election. 

Rafael Mazzoldi
Returning Officer SUPRA General Election 2020

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