2020 SUPRA Council elections – candidate and ticket statements

Ticket statements


U-supporter is comprised of passionate and experienced student supporters who hope to provide help and assistance to international students, no matter academic, legal or well-being. As we are international students, we understand the issues that an individual can be facing every day. As U-supporters, we are striving to help you build better student life on campus and the broader community.

We aim to:
1. Raise international students’ awareness of their rights while they are studying and living in Australia and provide the available essential services to them. For example, how to seek medical help in Australia;

  1. Organise social networking events, as well as peer-learning workshops to help all postgraduate students to integrate with the university community and build a sense of belonging;
  2. Provide international students with an improved volume of visa and immigration assistance, as well as for tenancy and other well-being issues. Vote for U-supporter! Let us be your supporters!


Most of our team members are HDR students, and our team hopes to fight for the interests of all the other fellow HDRs of the University of Sydney. Most importantly, we believe that we have gained extensive experience and ability through tutoring that to communicate, to work with and to get along with other students. We believe it is a key quality of SUPRA councillor, and we wound like to continue to do so in a higher capacity.

Bang Bang Bang

Hello postgraduate fellows, we are glad to have this opportunity to run for 2020 council election. We are the group of concerned postgraduate students who care much about the well-being of our postgraduate community. During the past a year of studying and getting involved in the university, we deeply know what the students’ need and how can we help them. It is because that we know the importance of the role of councilor in this community, we would like to take the responsibility and make the difference. Our plans are as following:

1. Organize networking events on a regular basis with different themes to offer an opportunity for postgraduate students to mingle with others;

  1. Meet postgraduate students’ representatives once or few times a month to keep in tough and get updated of student’s thoughts;
  2. Do online survey to gather postgraduate students thought or concerns;
  3. Connect students with the university;
  4. Cooperate with SUPRA Legal Service team to offer students free legal services;
  5. Encourage postgraduate students to speak out; If elected, we will make every effort to improve postgraduate student study and life well-being at the University of Sydney. Thank you all. 


Momentum, one research and two coursework students, stands for a progressive SUPRA that will champion the issues that are important to University of Sydney postgraduate students rather than focusing on external issues. We will pursue quality teaching with academics held accountable to the students they teach for their organisation and effort, including online, and for making changes based on student feedback rather than dismissing it, adequate grants for conferences and external studies and a network of research supervisors that have the time and resources to properly support their supervisees. Momentum will hold the University administration accountable and not stand by while more services are cut under the guise of restructure.


Our team aims to provide help for as more students during the shutdown of our Uni due to the coronal virus.

This include:
First, online law consultations, giving legal advice for those in need; if you have rental problems with your landlord, come to us. If you feel depressed or under the pressure, we will find you the appropriate psychologist.

Second, online academy-related problems resolving; no matter it is about grade appealing or your tutor’s puzzling scoring criteria, we can handle them for you.

Third, online after-class activities to enrich your stay-at-home life. For example, on Facebook, Instagram and WeChat, we have organized relieving games for students to take part in.

As soon as our uni turns back to normal, we’re readily prepared to organize activities like Wine and Cheese, Welcome Party to help current students, particular fresh student integrate into the fabric of our uni society.


There are six members in our team, all our team members are international students. Basically, we would like to stand for international students and fight for more rights for them. If our team members can be the councilor in the following year, we will try our best to enlarge our influence among the postgraduate students in The University of Sydney and collect more suggestions and advices. Meanwhile, some of our team members are studying at the CBD campus, and they are so willing to introduce SUPRA to other campus and hold some events there. In addition to that, some of us have been working in SUPRA for almost one year or more, we are familiar with the SUPRA’s services and events, which is very helpful for the future work.

Better Uni for International Students

Our team believe it is worth fighting for a better university for all postgraduates students no matter their nationality and language backgrounds. We will represent the interests of international students, includes coursework students and HDR students.

Our team aims to:
1. Support all postgraduatesto get through COVID-19. We will stay together with our fellow students and have precaution materials (e.g., hand sanitizer, masks) for them in need.

  1. Demand the university to improve the academic quality (both online and oncampus) for coursework programs. We will request the university amend the academic arrangement based on students’ feedbacks to their units.
  2. Provide more career opportunities and advice for international postgraduates. We will corporate with companies to host recruitment fairs and career talks online or on campus;
  3. Demand the university to better the student services. These services include Student Center, Higher Degree by Research Administration Center (HDRAC), Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and University Health Service (UHS); We will speak for international students on campus, and to the University Executive Committee. We will make the university know what students’ TRUE concerns are, and then better the university’s decision-making process regarding both academic and non-academic issues.Vote for us. Vote for our


Our group, ORANGE, has 6 people totally, including Eolande, Yumiko, Katerina, Karoline, Shaun and Weihui. We join together with same idea and passion in devoting more into SUPRA and our community. We all believe that SUPRA is always a pro-professional place for us in order to develop our skills, achieve a more professional mindset. Here we could meet more people who share same spirit and goal. As a team who have two people are current councilors of SUPRA and four peers are willing to support more of SUPRA, we stand together and run the election as a united group. Most of us from FASS and one from Business School and one from Engineering Faculty. The background and the shared interests and goals lead us to care more about the uni life, not only the campus but also academic life as well. We are all aware that SUPRA, as the independent student association, we could do more for the community. Speak for the students and serve the students, and we are willing to be the communicating and representing people of SUPRA and fight for their rights and needs. That is all based on the pure and the very initial desire, that

Connect 3

We are Connect 3 for SUPRA. We are three JD students running to increase the connectivity of Postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. Postgraduate students constitute a significant portion of the student population at USYD, but in most cases there is limited interaction between students from different faculties of study. If we are elected as council members, our aim is to increase networking and employment opportunities for postgraduate students, increase available exchange opportunities, create exciting introductory events for new postgraduate students, highlight postgraduate student resources that USYD could improve on, and increase postgraduate inter-faculty student interaction.

Candidate Statements

Kai Yao – Xiaolandui

Firstly, I have same set of values and expectations with SUPRA. At the begaining of 2020, due to the influence of COVID-19, SUPRA made efforts to assist international students during this difficult time, like making questionnaires, negotiation with Vice-Chancellor and so on. I was impressed by this. I think SUPRA is a very active organization and full of positive enegy.

Besides, SUPRA is well aligned with my personal development goals. It is a good platform for me to gain skills, make connections and broaden my knowledge. All of these will help me become a more well-rounded individual.

I have extensive

Keyuan Chen – Bishengdui

I am a Master of Management (CEMS) student from CBD campus. I joined SUPRA with the vision to represent the cohort of postgraduate students, to improve their experience in University of Sydney, and to speak up for their rights. If I am are elected as councillor this year, I will do my best to assist SUPRA’s work and make sure that important voices from CBD campus students will be delivered to the Committees. Furthermore, I will take responsibilities of dedicating to SUPRA’s events and seek efficient feedbacks from the students. I have been studying in the University of Sydney for

Xiner Yuan – U-Supporter

Hello, I am Xiner Yuan. I am nominating myself for SUPRA council because I hope to make students voice heard and provide students the support they need. I believe I am a suitable candidate because I have developed skills and experiences of leadership, organising, teamwork and communication during my work with SUPRA for the past year. I had assisted numerous international students with academic appeal and complaint, and spoke for them on university committee meetings for  appropriate academic support. If elected, I will continue to listen to students enquires and fight for their rights as a postgraduate student representative.

Shengyang Li – Cheese

In the following two years, I will be put my effort to build the student community in University of Sydney. I have been in USYD for the undergraduate degrees and I believe I am quite familiar with the university right now. If I get the chance, I will be organising activities for postgraduate students which lead them to understand more of the university and understand more of SUPRA. In addition, I will also introduce SUPRA to give students necessary help like legal service and other areas which solve their problems.

Weihui (Elma) Song – ORANGE

SUPRA is doing meaningful things for all postgraduate students, and I would like to have a better understanding of this organization. So I want to be a core member, a council, who can collect the information about needs and appeal of postgraduate group, and strive for more rights and interests.

The training attracts me a lot, especially legal knowledge, CASEWORKER consulting skills and new media skills. I will take the training seriously, and provide help more comprehensively and accurately.

As for the competency, I can take up the responsibilities of a council, never complain but find ways to solve problems,

Israk Hasan

For supra candidate I have interpersonal and communication My Commitment to delivering supra , like Applies and builds professional expertise, Encourages others to draw upon own specialist and technical expertise, Creates opportunities for others to develop new skills. My Conscientiousness through takes responsibility for managing work projects to achieve results, Takes responsibility for managing work in a team, including assigning work, setting priorities, and monitoring workflow and standards. Provides excellent customer service, Monitors and manages a high level of student delivery and promotes a culture of quality customer service that is accurate, timely, consistent and appropriate. Monitors student satisfaction and takes action to address shortcomings.

My Resilience describes as Commits to action and shows commitment to achieving the objectives and outcomes for the student. Demonstrates personal drive and enthusiasm in progressing work and encourages this in others. Promotes and adopts a positive and balanced approach to work. Demonstrates self awareness and a commitment to personal development includes assesses own performance to identify areas of development need; actively seeks out opportunities to target these needs.

My skills such as communicate clearly and concisely, present information in a clear, timely and effective manner both orally and in writing. Produces written work that

Chang Wang Bang Bang Bang

HEY GUYS! My name is Chris Wang and I’m in my second year of university currently studying the Master of commerce degree. I’m a very enthusastic and dedicated student that wants to make a difference not only in the Supra but also in the USYD campus by having a voice and being there for all you guys university life by proposing various motions including having better study support, more social and networking events and a place that’s enjoyable for everyone. In doing so, I really need your guys help which will definitely be returned back to you! Feel free to

Sijia Xu – Cheese

My name is Sijia Xu. I am doing Master of Law at the University of Sydney this year. From the first day I arrived at the University of Sydney, I knew I wanted to become more involved. From serving on the Campus Committee for Syndey University Law Society to serving as International Student Amabassador at the City of Sydney Council, I consistently spend time in leadership roles and try to make this university an even better place than it already is. The Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association works side-byside with the postgraduate student body and the administration to ensure student

Chiyuen Fong – Bang Bang Bang

I want to voice the opinions of all students at USYD through the Supra Council. I’ve been a student here for one years now, studying Master of Commerce (Quantitative Finance), and I have loved the experience and lifestyle here. I want to take place in the exciting events that are carried out here because they always gather so many people together and it’s great to see so many students getting involved and enjoying themselves. I believe I am self-motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking. I want to help create a better environment at University by changing the things that matter most! But

Ashley Ubrihien – Momentum

Please refer to ticket for statement.

Jindou Zhong – Better Uni for International Students

I am Jindou Zhong, a postgraduate from Business School. I am running for the SUPRA general election to represent a voice for international students. I am good at communicating after various volunteer activities where I enjoyed the moment when I helped people address their issues. If I was elected, I will promote SUPRA’s services and activities to international students, helping them to learn their rights and responsibilities through SUPRA. I will communicate with my fellow students to know their concerns on student service. I will raise these concerns to the university, promoting the university to improve the students services.

Mujie Ren – U-Supporter

I ’m Mujie Ren, from the Business school. At the beginning of the semester we experienced coronavirus, travel ban, etc., which forced us to conduct remote online education at home. As postgraduate student, our rights and interests are seriously threatened, we need to send our voice to the university to defend our rights and interests. I believe I am the one who can defend the rights of students in front of the university, because I have the ability, skills and determination. This is an uneasy year, it’s turbulent year, stand with me, I believe we can create some change for

Yanru (Karoline) Li – ORANGE

This year, under the influence of the COVID-19 and the travel ban, students from USYD faced various difficult choices. As one of them, when I was still suffering in China, I was deeply moved when I saw SUPRA’s efforts to protect the interests of all international students. Because of this, I am looking forward to joining the SUPRA Council in this semester with unprecedented determination and enthusiasm. I believe that if I can join the SUPRA Council at this time, it will be the best experience and the most precious memory at USYD.

I am confident to be a qualified

Siting Qiu – Bishengdui

If I were to be selected as the councilor of SUPRA, I would like to contribute to the organization in the following ways. First, engaging the postgraduate students in CBD campus. As one of the students studying in CBD campus, I am aware that most of them have limited knowledge of and engagement with SUPRA. Promoting our events in the CBD campus would expand the influence os SUPRA and add diversity to the organisation. Secondly, being the president of dance society, I have rich experience in organizing events and communicating with students. There will be future opportunities for the two

Xinheng Wu – Better Uni for International Students

I am Xinheng Wu, a MPhil student from Faculty of Engineering. I will contribute to HDR community as a liason between students, SUPRA, and the University. I will fight for the rights of international HDR students, make our academic and student’s life better. I will endeavour to organise HDR social events and increase HDR students’ participation in SUPRA activities; I will fight to improve the scholarship review process, HDR financial supports, and speak for HDR students at the University Executive Committees. My undergraduate experience as the president of the student council enabled me to represent interests for my fellow community.

Ziyao Ding – U-Supporter

There is always great interests and motivations from me in community works. I have been actively involved in volunteer works like serving the elderly, helping funds raising for the Hospice Charity and environment campaigns. Every smile and thanks from people who I helped make me find my value as an individual in the community. I feel so grateful to join SUPRA team last year. It is a wonderful experience to serve students on campus and grow with them together. I would love to continuously adopt my passion for helping peer students on different aspects of our university life and building

Yuhang Xia – Cheese

In the coming year, I will put more effort into building the student community of the University of Sydney. I hope to organize more activities to increase students’ entertainment life. By organizing activities, more students will learn about SUPRA and enhance SUPRA’s influence among students to better serve all graduate students. At the same time, I will also promote more SUPRA legal aid services and psychological counseling services. When legal disputes or psychological obstacles occur in students’ lives, I will provide them with legal aid as soon as possible and help them solve various problems according to law.

Wenrui Guo – Bishengdui

I’ve been working for SUPRA since S2 2019 and it’s been nearly a year now. I work for the Publication Committee and am mainly responsible for running the official Instagram/Facebook account for SUPRA. I also assist in some minor translation works between English and Chinese. For the future I have with SUPRA I hope to be able to expand more possibilities with the Committee and explore more into what I can do to make SUPRA’s voice better heard by more students.

Thrishank Chintamaneni – Connect 3

Please refer to ticket for statement.

Shuyun Zhu – U-Supporter

Throughout my university life, I never found an organization like SUPRA, which gives me a strong sense of belonging and takes justice as the central concept consistently. Last year, I was fortunate to be a member of SUPRA. During that period, I was in charge of numerous community building works and attended the meeting of the University Executive Student Consultative Committee to advocate for the rights of postgraduates. These valuable experiences allow me to put theory into practice, and I am willing to defend free speech, inclusion and equality at all times. Let’s fight it together. We deserve a better

Aoife Hogan – Connect 3

Please refer to ticket for statement.

Jiang Li – Cheese

As a member of Education Committee, I deeply know what SUPRA has done to protect and support students’ rights. Accordingly, I will pay more attention to serve all graduates like giving some recommendations and solutions as an assistant. Through participating in the daily work of Education Committee, I will make efforts to develop the operation system of SUPRA and expand the influence to serve graduates better and more widely. Moreover, I promise to listen all graduates’ suggestions to actively improve the quality of our work and sevice and show students our efforts and progress in time such as posting SUPRA’s

Jun Lin – Xiaolandui

I fully agree with SUPRA’s vision that working as a third-party non-profit organization, it focuses on students interests, builds a communication brige between students and the school, and provides help and support for a wide range of students. For example, the actions taken by SUPRA reacting to the COVID-19 impressed me a lot, which lets me feel SUPRA is a responsive organization.

Apart from that, I have extensive experience of working in student organization. I used to be the Minister of Arts and Culture of the Student Union and organized a series of student activities. I believe I have the

Sihan Liu – Bishengdui

All of my team members have international cultural background which can add dynamic to SUPRA. Additionally, I will fulfil our talents by voting for peace and fairness, hearing from the international students and helping them to meet a better life in USYD. Our team was constituted by students from both main campus and CBD campus. I am able to enlarge SUPRA influence if our teams members can be selected as a councillor in the following year. It is my great pleasure to do both Bachelor and Master degree in USYD, having an access to build social network by joining the

Xuning Feng – Bishengdui

My name is Xuning Feng, a international student from China. I have been already working in SUPRA for one and a half year. Last year, I was in charge of the 3v3 basketball tournament, 5v5 basketball tournament and some other SUPRA’s events for many times. Also, I engaged in the campaign for the international concession fare of public transportation and the pre-arrival session for new students in China. I would like to continue to serve all of the postgraduate student in The University of Sydney and fight for more rights for them. If I can be the one of the

Di (Astrid) Liu – Better Uni for International Students

I am Di (Astrid) Liu and I am running for SUPRA general election. It would be a great opportunity for me to experience work in a well-knit and international team and make a contribution to collect and represent postgraduates thinking. I used to work as a student representative and a mentor, I found it is excited for me to be able to see the impact of my work on people and organization. I would commit to distributing to equity-specific projects within the university and society at large by applying my various skills such as leadership skills and communication skills.

Shiyu (Eolande) Bao – ORANGE

As an active member of SUPRA right now, I have been in this association since I came to Sydney and USyd. I have been working here for more than a year so far. Also as an International students, I am willing to do more in working for this association and our community, which is also my passion and dream. Here in SUPRA, I have learnt to work as a team and mind of ownership and obligation are things that SUPRA taught me in the past year. These motive me to run for the election of 2020, I am longing to 

Crystal Zhang – Bang Bang Bang

Hi everyone, I am crystal. As a postgraduate student in the university of Sydney, I engaged broadly in student life and school activities. I see not only how students are enlighted by those creative activities, but also how they are confused about problems arised in school. And honestly, it also including myself. Gradually, as I get to know more about the SUPRA, I feel a strong desire to join SUPRA council and devote myself to help build a unity and enterprising campus culture. I want to accomplish the needs of our fellow students and provide them with a better environment.

Shurui Miao – Xiaolandui

SUPRA is well aligned with my personal development goals. I have extensive experience working within student organisations, as well as partaking various volunteering programs and roles. As examples, I am a student representative on university governance committees, and the president of Sydney University Chemical Society (a postgraduate society established in 1929). All of these are driven by my strong will to contribute to the community that I am part of, and I have developed project management, leadership and interperson skills. If SUPRA has the need for a dedicated, responsible, and yet easygoing councilor, I would be thrilled to assist.

William Pyke – Connect 3

Please refer to ticket for statement.

Di Wang – Xiaolandui

As a supra member, I deeply understand how students can work for students. I’ve been in SUPRA family for already two semesters, I involve in the process of revising Supervision policy, help with meaningful social events and answer questions for a huge amount of postgraduate students. Being a SUPRA council help me to understand how an organization operate, how to make the best of our energy to do something consequential and to think as a whole on behalf of postgraduate students. I would like to continue be a part of SUPRA council, help SUPRA build a stronger community and let

Maruge Zhao – Xiaolandui

Volunteering in SUPRA for more than half a year, I deeply appreciate the effort SUPRA has made in defending students’ interest, prompting sense of community and assisting students with both academic and non-academic issues. I thus hope to further take part of in such an important association and campaign for councillor. I will take this opportunity to improve my ability in organsing events, communicating and cooporating with different people. I will dedicate in supporting and helping our fellow students and actively participating in school affairs to make the students’ voice heard.

Qian Zhi Lai – Cheese

Hi all, I am Qian Zhi or Karen Lai and I’m running to be your councillor in year 2020-2021. Over the past few semesters, I have had the honor of serving as SUPRA volunteers and I have learnt a lot throughout my journey. I have started from being one of the Education Committee, responsible to attend the meeting as well as handling the social media of SUPRA for student advocacy. At later stage, I also joined the Community Committee to help organizing the social events. Eventually, these experiences have made me a good candidate to ensure the quality of SUPRA’s

Catherine Fraser – Momentum

Please refer to ticket for statement.

Minran Liu – Xiaolandui

I am the current Co-President of SUPRA, and I’ve been a councillor of SUPRA for the past two years and was the CoEducation Officer last year before July. I’ve been involved in (almost) all the events, policymaking and daily works of SUPRA in the past two years. I have extensive experience working within this organization. If SUPRA needs a highly experienced, responsible and dedicated councillor, I can continue to fullfil this role and continue to strive for the interests of our fellow postgraduate students.

Yihe Li – Xiaolandui

When I was an ungraduated student in usyd, I had heard about Supra and it did a lot for the students. Now, I have the chance to join Supra and try to become a member of it which is an honor for me.

I am a Chinese international student in Master of international relations. I hope I can spend the next two years helping the student who has a concern about their study and life. I had many experiences in student society and I was a member of SRC so I know the basic procedure about how does an organization

Zhuoyuan Xie – Bang Bang Bang

Hi there, My name is Zhuoyuan Xie, going by Sally. I’m running as a candidate for the SUPRA Council because I want to keep being a representative of the postgraduate students in the uni. A year of experience of working in the SUPRA has offered me an opportunity to hear postgraduate students voice and get to know their needs. If elected I would like to keep doing so to bridge the gap between students and uni, assist fellow students and improve our physical health and mental well-being. I would appreciate your voting. Thank you all.

Yan Liu – U-Supporter

University of Sydney is a diverse constitution which composed of students from different culture background. As individuals, their voices are hard to be heard. Students are the future of the societies, for the prosperity and social progress, students need to know that their needs and aspiration are valuable. I believe in those values, so I want to commit myself to organise activities for postgraduate students with SUPRA, to represent our own here, fight for our rights in the University in the wider community in Australia, and push towards the best practices for our students.

Olivia Evans – Momentum

Please refer to ticket for statement.

Zongyu Chen – Cheese

I am so proud of being a member of Supra for the past year. To contribute more, I am now running for Supra Council because I’ve shown I can get the job done! During the past year, I have voluntarily responsible for various of activities of Supra, such as Wine & Cheese, Welcome Pary as well as Free Lunch, which had provided extrodinary opportunities for me to level up my leadership and teamwork skills. The most important thing is I have witnessed how Supra had done for student, to sustain their legal rights, to help them out with difficulties, to

Yumiko Zhu – ORANGE

I am longing for advancing my graduate career both in terms of doing fairly good on study and most importantly, contributing myself to embrace the community. And I am pretty impressed to find this opportunity to run for SUPRA Council 2020 as it creates possibility to implement my desire to make contribution to the community while enhancing critical skills.

I believe it would be a fabulous experience to nominate for SUPRA councillor, with my full enthusiasm to represent graduate students who is in need of communicating with the university or searching for better ways to express ideas. I would love

Qinghan Zhang – Bishengdui

I have been working at SUPRA for two semesters. As a member of the Publication Committee, I have always been a photographer of SUPRA events and operator of SUPRA WeChat Official Account. I enjoyed to show my pictures and our social media posts to my friends and told them how excellent SUPRA’s events are. Meanwhile, I also gained a lot of experiences and made many friends in SUPRA. Those are the reason why I want to stay. If I can get a position of SUPRA councillor, I will continue to work for students. And as a bridge between our university

Shiyu Ma – Better Uni for International Students

I am Shiyu Ma, a first year Master of Commerce student. I volunteered to promote SUPRA during Oweek and helped with the rock climbing program. I enjoyed this experience so much that I would like to contribute more as a SUPRA councilor to better postgraduates’ university life. From my point of view, as the postgraduate association for all postgrads in USYD, SUPRA needs to work harder to create a more inclusive campus for all postgraduates, no matter their nationalities and language backgrounds. If I was elected, I will endeavor to help to coordinate multi-cultural activities to better students’ life.

Yue Chen – Better Uni for International Students

My name is Yue CHEN, I’m studying MOC and having my first semester. I knew SUPRA from the orientation week and attended some activities hold by SUPRA in the Febrary. I’m eager to participate in SUPRA to build the postgraduate community and promote the interests of all postgraduates. To do this, I will keep close contact with our fellow students, listening to their opinions and suggestions, and accepting all postgraduate’ supervision. I will speak for fellow students to the university, and help the university to address the academic and non-academic issues happened on campus.

Yao (Katerina) Ma – ORANGE

SUPRA is unanimously committed to providing advice, advocacy and life support to the postgraduate students at the University of Sydney, I believe joining in this nomination would be a great experience for me. It is such a wonderful opportunity to work with peers and provide assistance to others, not only to better integrate into the communities, but improve myself. Besides, I can be well-rounded just by using and sharing the skills. Interacting with new groups of people and offering my helps to others has always been a win-win situation.

As a member of SUPRA, I am willing to take on

Shaun Yang – ORANGE

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to participate in this election. First of all, as a graduate student of Sydney University, I think I have the responsibility and obligation to help more students solve various problems in life and study. Secondly, I hope I can get more exercise in life or study and experience of teamwork by becoming a member of the council. Finally, if you need help, please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you.. I hope I can do my best to work with SUPRA in the future.

Jiayun Li – Bang Bang Bang

Hello everyone! My name is Jiayun Li, I am doing my Master of Commerce in the University of Sydney and this is my second year in USYD. I would love to have the honour of being elected as a SUPRA councilor.

SUPRA is an organisation dedicated to speaking for postgraduate students. If I could be successfully elected, I will do my best to help SUPRA in solving the problems those postgraduate students meet. At the same time, as a female student, I hope I can respresent the voice of women as well.

I will serve postgraduate students always to the

Yuxuan Yang – Better Uni for International Students

As an international student, I personally know international students need more help. Meanwhile, It is important to strengthen the academic and life communications between international students and local students. At the same time, I think it is necessary to establish a better postgraduate community through SUPRA, so that all students can enjoy their postgraduate life, and also promote their future development. Finally, I think it is necessary to establish a benign communication mechanism where the university can have a more comprehensive understanding of students and then formulate a better management system which is in line with the interests of students.

Zhen Chen – Bang Bang Bang

Hello, My name is Zhen Chen, I am doing my master of education at the University of Sydney and I am running as a candidate for the SUPRA Council. I look forward to the opportunity to represent postgraduate students and solve problems for them on the USYD campus. I hope that the students will not be discriminated against by religion, nationality or gender on this campus. Living and studying in a beautiful and peaceful campus is what I expect. I will take responsibility for the council and I believe I have enough enthusiasm and capability to complete the tasks. Let

Lu Chen – U-Supporter

I have devoted myself to student work for four years during my undergraduate where I developed passion and skills for helping and communicating with other students. I hope to continue serving students at the University of Sydney. If elected, I will work with others to unite the entire SUPRA as a mature and unique organisation that is trusted by postgraduate students, and make a team plan to build a bridge between the university and the postgraduate students. If I fail, I will continue to follow SUPRA and try my best to serve the students.


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