SUPRA social events

Learn about our regular free events for Usyd postgrads below, and find upcoming events on our calendar.

Free Lunch

SUPRA recognises that all postgrads need access to nutritious meals, so we host regular Free Lunches during semester. We pride ourselves on offering a selection of food styles and flavours and visiting different faculties, to ensure each Free Lunch is as unique and accessible as possible. Free Lunch is also an opportunity to connect – we encourage all postgrads to come along and unite through the universal language of food!

Fitness Program

Regular physical activity is really important for the health and happiness of our postgrad community. Since 2019, SUPRA has teamed up with SUSF to offer free fitness classes for SUPRA members. This not only helps keep you physically fit but is a great way to make friends and try something new! So come and join an expert-led fitness session designed to boost your energy, focus, and overall health. Sessions are held on weekends during semesters, so it’s a great time to prioritise your health – start your journey today!


Step away from the urban hustle with SUPRA. Join us for our monthly (possibly more frequently, depending on the weather!) outdoor adventures, where nature’s beauty fosters meaningful connections. Beyond exercise, it’s a chance to expand your social circle, traverse scenic trails, and create lasting memories. Take a break from the stresses of Uni life, and make new friends along the way.

Wine & Cheese

Join us for SUPRA’s beloved tradition – Wine & Cheese! This event is about bringing postgrads together for a good time. Enjoy live music, snap fun photos, and chat over drinks in a cosy setting. We like to recognise different cultural themes, celebrating occasions like Easter, Halloween, and the Lunar New Year. Come and join in the fun – your presence will make it even more special!

Movie Night

Get ready for the latest addition to SUPRA’s line-up of community events for our awesome members – SUPRA Movie Night! This is the perfect chance to take a break from your studies and hang out with other students who love movies as much as you do. Whether you’re a cinephile or just want a fun time out, SUPRA Movie Night is for all postgrads – so join us for some movie magic! We can’t wait to see you there, and share the excitement of the big screen together.

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