2022 SUPRA Council elections – candidate and ticket statements

Ticket statements

Note: the word limit for ticket statements was 200 words. Statements that were longer than the word length were truncated.

Sleep On It

In our engagement, we aim to ensure every voice from our postgraduate community is represented. Collectively we are a group of students from 4 different nationalities, within the Engineering and Business Faculties of Sydney University. Our ballot includes a coursework student, two PhD researchers, and an MPhil student, giving us a diverse and educated understanding of the issues impacting the different student cohorts. Having two current SUPRA officers from the Equity Networks on our ballot guarantees that a vote for us is also a vote that ensures disability and LGBTQ+ interests are well represented and understood within SUPRAs general council. Our experience in student advocacy at Sydney university means we know how USYD operates and hold several useful contacts within the different university departments. We believe our team would be a valuable asset within the SUPRAs council, ensuring SUPRAs work remains impactful in the upcoming term! If elected, we aim to improve the communication channels across USYD and SUPRA, making resources and services offered to students more accessible. We also want to continue throwing exciting events bringing us all together, whilst maintaining a diverse and inclusive SUPRA community. A vote for us is a vote for diverse and experienced representation.

Youth Vibe

Our team is comprised of international students majoring in diverse subjects, including Master of Economics, Master of Commerce, Master of Professional Accounting, and Doctor of Philosophy. We built up this team because of our core aim to dedicate ourselves to providing support to the postgraduate cohorts at USYD. We are currently based in Brisbane, Sydney, and Mainland China, and have been leveraging our skills and abundant student work experiences to support peers in different locations. It was noticed that the connection between students from different cultural backgrounds was impeded due to certain factors during the pandemic. We aim to enhance connections between students by organising various social activities, provide academic and non-academic support to students by providing peer-to-peer workshops with topics on career development, academic path, mental health support, etc. We also aim to become a bridge between students and the university and voice on behalf of both coursework students and HDR students by collecting students’ needs. We believe that we are a team with each of us providing support to each other, and we are here, among a larger postgraduate community, by utilizing the support that we gained from each other, to build a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious postgraduate community.


Our team is made up of students from different campuses with diverse backgrounds. We can speak for international students as well as local students. As students from the satellite campus, we will represent SUPRA to connect the satellite campus with the main campus, and build a good communication bridge by utilizing our diverse backgrounds. We recognized that satellite campuses are often neglected because of their remote location. Therefore, we will strengthen our links with them to reduce the distance of students from campus activities. As the students from the main campus, we hope to revitalize the campus activities which has been lost for two years due to the epidemic, and to invite more postgraduates to join in SUPRA through on-campus activities. We are very lucky to get together because of the SUPRA councilor election, and sincerely hope to maximize the advantages of multiple backgrounds, rich personal social skills and harmonious group cooperation ability. Also, we strongly believe that SUPRA will successfully achieve more popularity under our publicity and leadership.


Our team will fight for the HDR and coursework students of the University, as we have always been doing since last year. All of our team members have extensive experience in student representations, advocacy and speaking on behalf of our fellow students regularly, and we would like to continue to do so.

We are concerned about the revival of campus culture post-pandemic. Through SUPRA, we hope to help students improve their educational experience, reduce the cost of living, and get more peer- support. We will focus on three actions:

  1. Let SUPRA provide multilingual legal and advisory services, convenience all students.
  2. Strengthen the connection between SUPRA and the Faculty student leaders, being together.
  3. Host more free social and sports events, a colourful campus life.

In addition, With the opposing racial discrimination, we want to fight for equality, to build a diverse and inclusive graduate student community.


Hey everyone! Team Xpressive is made up of Alson, Elle, Keeya, Janice, Rosaline and Shuangshuang, and we are motivated to reach, listen and express. We are postgraduate students from various faculties and backgrounds with similar minds and visions that strive to make an impact in our community. Relating to our experience so far, we found ourselves extremely passionate and enthusiastic about helping fellow students and advocating for their rights and benefits. This led us to aspire to be a part of the SUPRA council, where we believe the current efforts SUPRA have made are highly relevant and inspiring.

We have the following visions in mind:

  • Constantly provide and promote various resources and network to develop and support physical and mental wellbeing within the Postgrad community.
  • Endorse student life enrichment through events, workshops and activities with the aim to improve a sense of belonging to USYD community.
  • Strengthen voice from a variety of equity groups and advocate for diversity by encouraging youth leadership and representation.

A vote for Xpressive is equivalent to a vote for your Voice. Thank you.

Vision of Us

Our team, Vision of Us, is consisted of one HDR student and five coursework students who are always enthusiastic and willing to contribute to our postgraduate community. As we are all international students, our team has a vision of making every effort to represent the interests of our international community, inclusive of both coursework and HDR students. We will always listen to our fellow postgraduate students’ voices, advocate for your rights and needs, and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time at the university and with SUPRA.

To be more specific, our team aims to

  • Make appropriate representations on our peers’ behalf and have your voices being heard within the university and the wider community
  • Widely promote the services and activities of SUPRA to international students, helping you to be aware of and learn about your rights and responsibilities, enriching social life and connecting you with your peers, and speaking out for anti-racism and other equality issues
  • Construct a two-way dialogue between HDR students and the University Leadership about your education environment and academic experience, including policy and planning issues, academic advocacy and so on.

Vote for us, your visions are also ours!

Near Ones

We are Team Near Ones, which means we are there for each other and other postgraduates in need. We are representatives from different schools and backgrounds (such as literature, media, commerce, finance, and IT). There are both HDR and coursework students.

We plan to provide services for postgraduates from three aspects. First, we will pay attention to whether postgraduates’ demands are well met. Most of our team members went through a tough time learning offshore during pandemic. We know what our peers are thinking and help them with our actions, like organizing webinars about how to see a doctor in Sydney. Second, we will hold employment to help postgraduate students getting jobs. This is something that postgraduate student, including each of us, are concerned about. We will turn our own internship experience and knowledge of Australia job market into text to share with others via social media such as Instagram and WeChat. Third, we aim to enrich postgraduate students’ college life through social activities. In addition to study, a student’s life should also have some fun. Based on continuing planning classic SUPRA social activities, we will organize new ones like online group games for students to enjoy.

Please support us!


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Candidate statements

Note: candidates who ran as part of a ticket could have a personal statement of not more than 100 words. Candidates who were not part of a ticket could have a personal statement of not more than 200 words. Statements longer than the word limit were truncated.

Ruipeng Duan

Ticket: Near Ones

I am Duan Ruipeng. I am studying in Business School and majoring in Master of Commerce. I have a wide range of interests, like off-roading, camping, self-driving… I know something about music.

I hope I can have the opportunity to plan more extracurricular activities for you so that students can better understand and experience Australian culture. For example, at the beginning of the semester, a lecture on various Australian cultures (such as aboriginal culture, adventure culture, social and cultural etiquette in public places, etc.) can be held. During the semester, such as visiting national parks, fishing, and other activities.

Anitya Umare

Hi, I’m Anitya, a Master’s student in Economics. I enjoy reading, doing outdoor activities, and travelling on excursions.

Originating from a humble household, I perceive things in creative ways. I use model-building frameworks to affect lives and come up with diverse perspectives. By running for election, I hope to provide numerous opportunities for students who are struggling with their schoolwork, mental health, or those who just want to have a nice weekend after a long week of studying. I would alleviate the stress of studying and working by assisting in providing incentives, scholarships, or employment so that students don’t have to rely on others but on the wonderful community here at USYD. I hope this information helps you in making an informed decision on casting your vote.

Yao Yao

Ticket: Near Ones

Hi, my name is Yao Yao, I am from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. I have successfully obtained a Master of Education from the University of Sydney and I am currently studying for a Master of Strategic Public Relations. I am an enthusiastic person who is willing to show kindness to others, and my affinity is my characteristic. In addition, taking everything seriously is my self-standard.

After I succeed in the election, I will organize more creative and novel activities, carefully implement every project given by the organization, and not miss every detail.

Jiahui (Esther) Zeng

Ticket: Near Ones

I am Esther, a postgraduate student from the Business School. I have been a mentor for two semesters, helping new students to build a sense of belongingness to our campus.As a student who has a one-year remote learning experience and just arrived in Sydney last year, I deeply understand the difficulties international students facing no matter onshore or offshore. That is the reason why I stand here, to promote postgraduate students’ well-being, to enrich student life beyond the classroom, and to bridge the communication between USYD with fellow students even the border community through SUPRA.

Sihan (Christine) Liu

Ticket: Unicorn

If I can be successfully selected, I will fulfill my personal talents and bring my best to SUPRA. For example, I’m good at writing and photographing, so I’ll do some media edition things for SUPRA’s social media committee or take the initiative of photo shoot. I am an outgoing person and love to make friends with people so I will show my sincere and patient in work. I hope to strength my capabilities through having so many social events in SUPRA and to contribute as much as I can.

Ziqing (Evelyn) Xu

Ticket: Vision of Us

Hi, I am Evelyn, currently doing my second master’s degree at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science in USyd.

During my three-year journey as an international postgraduate student here, I worked with SUPRA for 13 months as a committee member, engaging with student cohorts through social media, organising campus events and welcoming new students as a peer mentor. With a great passion for building a more connected postgraduate community on campus, I hope to strengthen student connections via various networking activities, and create a more equitable and friendly environment in the year ahead.

Du Elle

Ticket: Xpressive

I am Elle Du, a postgraduate student of Public Relations and also a member of SUPRA. I am good at photography, video production, and have a lot of experience in organizing activities. As a student, I am familiar with the problems we would suffer in life and study and we will all go through this process from strange to familiar. Therefore, my working principle is to consider the rights and respect the voices of students. Moreover, I would like to together with each student to achieve the best version of yourself at the University of Sydney with a positive, inclusive,

Kevin Lenahan

My mission is to help struggling students—from overlooked areas— receive the best education outcomes in hopes of living their lives to their full potential and experiencing a new level of excellence, self-worth, and love.

Kevin (is a):

  • Strategy and Innovation student
  • Donated South Sudan’s first public library
  • Commercialised a personal carry heart attack first aid kit, SMHeartCard
  • Mexican pharmacy owner, Farmatuya
  • Director, Kendita Initiative
  • Military veteran
  • Vanilla, Coffee, Xiaolongbao, and Ping Pong hobbyist

Though Kevin is prospering, that wasn’t always so. At his lowest, Kevin had $35, which he withdrew to have enough money for food. And for 2 years, he lived on less than $1500 per month. Yet, he took classes, did online surveys, earned 10cents/word ghostwriting, and lived in a Mexico City AirBnB for $450/month. It didn’t matter because while struggling, his mission of helping others was important enough to keep trying.

He believes in doing the right thing and that people are inherently good. Kevin relishes learning about careers, tech, markets, and industries. He has valuable experience and would like to gift that to others.

Maybe you’ll give him a shot to help you too‽

Haoyang Xie

Ticket: Ubridge

I am Haoyang Xie, studying Master of Digital Communication and Culture at the University of Sydney. I was impressed by SUPRA’s services and interested in working as a student councillor to get involved deeper.

I have a long-standing interest in volunteer work and philanthropy. I volunteered at international student job fairs, the Japanese film Festival, and helped the Chinese Consulate General in Brisbane to distribute health kits during the pandemic. In addition, I have long been committed to philanthropy, and made numerous donations to UNICEF, the Red Cross, Hope Primary School, and other organisations.

Le Wei

Ticket: Vision of Us

Greetings! I am Le Wei, a PhD candidate in Health Science. As a first-year PhD student, I benefit from different kinds of information or knowledge from SUPRA events and services, including housing information, legal service, career development advice, and so on. Especially as a postgraduate student, I deeply understand how such information is crucial to our studies and lives at the University of Sydney. Thus, I want to be part of the SUPRA council and devote myself to building a better and stronger community for my fellow postgraduate students and helping make their campus life better.

Yuanyuan Wang

Ticket: Near Ones

I’m Yuanyuan Wang, studying for Master of IT and IT Management. I’ve been living in Australia for almost seven years.

Due to the pandemic, I deeply understand what international students are going through and how we feel. I want to be nominated SUPRA Councilors as I believe it is vital to empower the student body with a voice that will stand up for our rights. By leveraging skills of communicating, multi-tasking, and a warm heart, I hope to improve student life through structuring more events to help international students understand Australian culture and providing career advice service for postgraduate students.

Junchi (Jovan) Liu

Ticket: Vision of Us

Hello! I am Junchi Liu. It is my great pleasure to run for this campaign to nominate myself as a Council member of SUPRA. because I would like to bring my enthusiasm to represent and support my fellow postgraduate students. If I am elected, I will actively and patiently listen to their concerns and get to know their needs, so as to contribute to our postgraduate community with practical and useful advice. I will also make every effort to promote the interests of my peers as a part of the SUPRA council.

Eva Midtgaard

Ticket: Sleep On It

I am Eva, a PhD candidate in the Engineering Faculty. As a current Disability Officer at SUPRA I have a sound understanding of how we operate, as well as the experience and knowledge required to continue being an asset to SUPRA’s council. I also represent my student cohort from the Engineering Faculty at the Academic board, and through this I am kept up to date on many of the issues impacting our community. If elected, I hope to continue working to maintain SUPRA’s advocacy work across university, ensuring your needs and best interests are not forgotten when decisions are made.

Sabrina Chen

Ticket: Unicorn

Heya, Sabrina is here. Someone who always have passion to return to the community. I grew up in China but moved to Australia at the age of 12. I’ve always been so grateful for the support that I received, so I have done many volunteers to return the generosity and kindness. Thus, throughout my bachelor’s degree, I have participated in many societies and became a FASS mentor leader in my last year. It’s so incredibly rewarding to be able to go from being new to Australia, to being able to teach and help others get confidence on their journey!

Xuemeng Bai

Ticket: Ubridge

I am Xuemeng Bai from Master of Commerce, and you can call me Nona.When I was an undergraduate, I served my classmate as a Committee Member of the Mental Health Center. Support my friends from mental and study is one of the most precious parts of my university life. Furthermore, this memory will continue in Sydney. With the effort of SUPRA, I will try to leave memorable memories to all the students from USYD.

Weiyi Wang

Ticket: Sleep On It

I am Weiyi (Michelle), a MPhill student within the Faculty of Engineering. My ambition to join SUPRA’s council comes from wanting to be a voice that helps bridge the communication lines across university. I think being a postgraduate student gives us a unique opportunity to build connections and learn, both within and outside of the classroom. If elected, I want to work to ensure SUPRA continues to throw great events bringing us all together so that we might build long lasting friendships celebrating the diversity in our community! We are stronger together.

Tianxin (Tina) Lu

Ticket: Unicorn

I am determined to provide support to students and help them feel connected again after two years of remote learning. I hope to get more people involved in SUPRA and build a stronger community with a diverse and inclusive culture. In addition, I aim to provide more networking opportunities to students and offer them a chance to have fun with like-minded people. I believe my interpersonal skills and multiculturally experience make me the perfect candidate. If elected, I will be serving SUPRA with a proactive approach and I will play an active role in the ongoing improvement of SUPRA.

Mingshu (Wendy) Wang

Ticket: Youth Vibe

My name is Mingshu Wang, and I am studying Master of Commerce with specialisations in Finance and Marketing. During the past five years, I did two voluntary works (airport pick-up and coat check volunteer). I also organized a lecture for new students at the start of this semester. I have spent two semesters on SUCSA’s mentor program to help students. If I were elected, I would support more social activities and help student with their study and job seeking. I would also help students make their voice heard.

Yi (Estelle) Guo

Ticket: Youth Vibe

I’m Guo Yi. I was a counselor assistant for 3 years during my undergraduate years, and I got great grades. I not only hold regular activities for students but also actively help them solve their problems in life and study. At the same time, I used to be a volunteer at a children’s rehabilitation center. Some of them needed to walk half-kneeling because of their congenital brain disease, so I helped them to prevent them from falling. I assisted teachers in classes and guided kids through the lessons. This has been recognized by many parents.

Arash Araghi

I have been the leading member of the postgraduate Research Student Committee from the school of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in 2017-18. As the president of student committee I have always worked with our cohort to achieve student rights and engagement, especially where we have large members of international students. I am familiar with University HDR committee protocols and I have the necessary connections, where I can use if I am elected to serve on SUPRA council, to enhance the impact of student rights, welfare and professional engagement. I am currently serving as the HDR representative on USYD Academic Board. I believe with any student matter affecting our cohort, we can have a pro-active role to work along-side the university senate and academic board for improvements.

Cheuk Hang Clara Ma

Ticket: Unicorn

I am Clara Ma and I would like to run for the position of a councillor at SUPRA for 2022-23. I am greatly passionate about contributing to the university community and improving student life for all students. As a student representative, I aim to create a diverse, inclusive and safe environment for students from all backgrounds and cultures to thrive in. Having served as the Satellite Campus Officer in 2021-22, I have extensive experience in student advocacy and I would like to use this opportunity to continue assisting SUPRA in supporting students and contributing to a safe and vibrant student

Ke Liu

Ticket: Ubridge

I am Ke Liu, Master of Information Technology, from China. Currently, I serve as a volunteer for the SUPRA hiking program. Many students said they would like to see our community have more Sports activities soon, such as basketball league. If elected as a councilor, I would like to organize these events with a strong sense of duty and interest. Hoping it can help us meet more friends and fill life with energy. Thanks for your support.

Liqian Yang

Ticket: Near Ones

My name is Yang Liqian, a third-year PhD student majoring in Literature at the Department of English. I’m the current SUPRA student representative on UE Research Committee.

As a general councillor, I’ll pay close attention to whether the needs of postgraduate students, especially HDR ones are well met. As a PhD student, I am very concerned about the quality of teaching, students’ academic and career development and whether students’ rights and interests are well protected. For example, I would suggest the department concerned to run a seminar to educate HDR students about authorship of their papers.

Please support me!

chuye (Vicky) shi

Ticket: Vision of Us

Greetings! I am Chuye Shi, a postgraduate student from business school. I have always been actively engaging in and hoping to give back to the university community. Specifically, I am always willing to help others and participate in many volunteering activities. If I am elected, I will sincerely listen to my peers, and most importantly, represent the interests of my peers and have their voices heard within the university and the wider community. It is my honor and pleasure to make every effort to contribute to a better and stronger postgraduate community at USYD.


Ticket: Vision of Us

Hello, I am JIANYU HE. I would be a pleasure to contribute more to our USYD community as one of the members of SUPRA. As a coursework student, I would dedicate myself to helping the postgraduate students, protecting their rights no matter their study or living, which hears all the postgraduate students’ voices and get to know their needs. If I am successful in the election, I will listen to the postgraduate student to provide wiki for what they need, ensuring having a great time in Australia. I believe my enthusiasm and professionalism would help create a better environment for

Wei Lyu

Ticket: Youth Vibe

I am Wei Lyu, studying in MOC (extension). It brings me tremendous joy toparticipate in this election and compete to be a council member of SUPRA. As someone who had experience as the chairman of the Multicultural-Center in my undergraduate college, I am enthusiastic about making contributions to SUPRA. I believe my experiences in helping LQBTGAI+ groups and multicultural groups will help me support students with multiple identities with patience and respect. If I am elected, I will be concerned about every student in need, help them reach their goals, and try my best to build a positive community.

Huizi Wang

Ticket: Ubridge

I am Huizi Wang from the Business School USYD. Before coming to Syndey, I organised and planned a series of volunteer services in Shanghai. I also participated in a volunteer project in Sri Lanka to help the local community. If elected as a councillor, I want to improve the SUPRA advice and advocacy services, providing more assistance to students in their academic and professional development. In addition, I hope more students can know SUPRA and provide multi-language services.

Sheryl Su

Ticket: unicorn

The reason why I want to run a seat on the SUPRA Council is that I wish to improve the quality of life for students on campus and throughout the world. Not only in the short term, but also in the long term, I will seek to enhance services for all students. If elected, I promise I will serve in this position to the best of my ability and appreciate the opportunity to learn more about what students actually want from the university and how to make it happen.

Janice Zhang

Ticket: Xpressive

My name is Janice and I am a second-year student studying Master of Commerce. It has been an extremely rewarding year working as SUPRA’s councillor, and it would be a great pleasure to continue actively advocating and representing postgraduate students in our community. If I am elected, I will endeavour to focus on providing support for international students returning to Australia by producing various programs that improve involvement and engagement in USYD community. I believe my passion and personal experience would help me create positive changes and enrich student life in USYD.

Yun Zheng

Ticket: Youth Vibe

I am Yun Zheng, a master student majoring in Professional Accounting. It is my honour to nominate myself as a Council member of SUPRA. I have been helping other students by leveraging my skills and experiences on academic and non-academic issues both in my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. If I am elected, I will work harder to listen to the voices from my peers and express their demands in an appropriate way. I believe my experience could make me a qualified Council member of SUPRA.

Yuhan(Rachel) Cheng

Ticket: Youth Vibe

Hi! Here’s Rachel, I am very happy to participate in SUPRA General Election! Thank you for your trust and support.Although it’s my first year at USYD, as a Master of Commerce student, I firmly believe that I can do a good job using my experiences as a Student Council Member during my undergraduate study to help my fellows, whether it’s related to academic study consultation or events organizing on campus. My passion not only comes from past experiences but also from my family members as role models. Hope we can meet together at SUPRA!

Dinglin (Roman) Bu

Ticket: Vision of Us

Greetings, my name is Roman Bu. I am the current SUPRA representative on the academic quality board committee. I attend the general election because I know how valuable preparing beforehand is. I worked as a subject representative when I was studying for my undergraduate degree. After 2 years of service, I noticed that giving students valid advice in terms of academic career planning was so important, that their future could be deeply benefited if timely suggestions were made. Hence, I wish to carry forward SUPRA’s core value: an association that works for students, by aiming to provide high-quality academic advisories.

Yuning Zhang

Ticket: Sleep On It

I am Yuning, a PhD candidate in the Business School. As a current Queer Officer at SUPRA as well as an academic board representative for the Business school, I hold both the experience and knowledge needed to successfully organise events and advocate across the university. If elected, my priorities will be focused on initiatives aimed at eliminating discrimination on campus, improving academic and social engagement through SUPRA as well as bettering the scholarship policies for HDR students! I am a passionate optimist, and I hope that you, like me, think this makes me a valuable contribution to the SUPRA council.

Qimin Ma

Ticket: Ubridge

Hello! I am Qimin Ma, and you can call me Minna. A first-year master’s student in Media Practice at USYD. I have a strong interest in the design and media industry. As a volunteer, I am now working for SUPRA to design online posters of social events, such as Wine and Cheese and Free Lunch. I want to help students when they have difficulties in the future and introduce our university to more people.

Zhou Iris ZHAN

Ticket: Unicorn

With great pleasure, passion, and privilege, I submit my application to serve on the SUPRA Council. I want to work as a member of the SUPRA association in order to provide advocacy and advice to postgraduate students. Also, I have been seeking a position allowing me to ensure international students have access to human rights and freedom from discrimination protections. I look forward to representing all of the students to the best of my abilities if I were to be elected as the SUPRA councillor.

yuyang wang

Ticket: Near Ones

I am Yuyang Wang (Aric Wang). I am a first-year master major in digital communication and culture with a tremendous interest in journalism. I am keen on outdoor sports such as surfing, hiking, camping and so on, which contribute me a positive and outgoing personality and help me a lot while I serve our mates. If I am successfully elected as a general councillor, I may first focus on the application and distribution of student subsidies during the pandemic because many students can hardly get the complete information of the subsidy and always wait for a long time for feedback.

Hailey Sin

Ticket: Xpressive 

As soon as I joined SUPRA, I knew that I would take additional steps to assist students; joining the council was the perfect match for me.

I’ve devoted my time and energy to helping individuals and communities. I am not just part of the SUPRA and Jacaranda Stock Market Society committees; I am also a peer mentor, student leader, and volunteer.

If I were chosen to represent us on this powerful platform, I would fight for students’ needs and aspirations and leverage social media platforms to increase our reach.

YOUR voice is MY voice. Vote for Hailey Sin!

Thank you!

Xinxin Wan

Ticket: Youth Vibe

I am Xinxin Wan, a PhD student majoring in Education. It is my great pleasure to run for this campaign for being selected as a Council member of SUPRA. The two-year experience working in SUPRA has provided me insights into how to hone my skills to offer better experiences to the whole postgraduate community. If I were elected, I would try every effort to listen to my peers’ voices and do needs analysis. Every matter related to education (e.g., academic advocacy, teaching quality) is my top priority, which makes it possible for me to become a qualified Council member.

Akriti Dubey

Ticket: Sleep On It

I’ve been the part of SUPRA community as a volunteer and co-hosted the online game event and promoted SUPRA in the Westmead campus along with fellow SUPRA volunteer. Doing all this, it gave me a closer look at how SUPRA operates and made me apply for the general council. I feel I can bring a distinct expertise in the role if I’m nominated and would bring an aura of me being an international student from India which would help SUPRA to succeed more from a different perspective or point of view.

Alson Cai

Ticket: Xpressive

Hi, my lovely SUPRA fellows! My name is Alson, and I am studying Master of Social Justice. I’m glad that I get the opportunity to run for the SUPRA Councilor and present my visions to improve USYD postgraduate students’ wellbeing. As a postgraduate student, I fully understand how challenging it is to cope with a degree full of academic pressure. In this case, I would like to provide our students with more mental consulting services and relevant activities, and help everyone access adequate resources for stress management, thus ensure our wellbeing is carefully considered and effectively improved. Thanks!

Rosaline Chen

Ticket: Xpressive

My name is Rosaline, I have a wide range of hobbies and am passionate about arts, such as music and painting. Currently, as a member of SUPRA, I have participated in many events such as Wine & Cheese and Welcome party. I’ve also attended charity music festivals and worked as a music console manager. I hope I can represent disadvantaged groups in the future, help them find their self-confidence, and motivate students to have stronger cohesion. If I can be elected, I will conduct offline activities to communicate with disadvantaged groups in various ways and try to explore their potential.

Tianyu Luo

Ticket: Youth Vibe

My name is Tianyu Luo,and I am currently studying in the Master of Commerce. Before becoming a SUPRA member, I worked in the Student Union as the head of the Public Relations Department. I successfully held many activities and made students get familiar with each other and become friends and help each other through various activities. If I am elected, I will use my skills and experiences to help students have a better uni life experience.

Matthew Compton

Hello SUPRA members! I am a proud Wiradjuri man raised on Bundjalung Country and a full-time MBA candidate. I’m passionate about representation and diversity in all forms, technology, social and environmental impact, the quality of Australian education and importantly, the role wine, pets and plants play in keeping us sane!

A vote for me is a vote for an independent candidate, for empathy, advocacy and hard work. I’m not interested in serving symbolic terms; my goal if elected is to act as a conduit and advocate for your needs alone. I will be accessible, a listener, and fighter for all.

Weihong Liang

Ticket: Ubridge

As an HDR student in the Department of GIR, I have served as SUPRA councillor since July 2021, focusing on enhancing our student experience in Sydney Uni. The abnormal life has been going on for two years with Cov19. As a result, students, whether in Sydney or abroad, face unprecedented pressure and difficulties such as social isolation, study process, financial support. I have conducted one-on-one communication with more than 100 students through social media to help them solve problems during distance learning. SUPRA needs to encourage an active and colourful campus culture and bring more confidence to our students, whatever

Vivian Bai

Ticket: Ubridge

My name is Vivian, currently studying a master’s degree at Camperdown. I joined SUPRA with the vision to represent the cohort of postgraduate students. I have skills on teamwork as well as on leadership, because I have work experiences in various social clubs when I was an undergraduate student.If I am elected, I will seek voices from peer students and speak up for our rights, making USYD an even better place than it already is. I will also contribute to SUPRA’s upcoming events. With the pandemic under control, I believe we can promote more social activities throughout the year.

Xuetong Tao

Ticket: Unicorn

I am Xuetong, a second year PhD student from Sydney University. With passion and enthusiasm, I would love to become the member of SUPRA council, having more opportunity to help postgraduate students with their study and life. As a PhD student, I could deeply understand the constant stress and concerns caused by research, and with this empathy, I extremely hope that something could be done to easy ourselves. SUPRA has been contributing extremely to the HDR community, and I would love to join this association and together, help more HDR peers and myself.

Keeya/Kejia Feng

Ticket: Xpressive

Hello, everyone!My name is Keeya. My major is media practice.International students encounter many problems and challenges in academic and social life. Currently, SUPRA has done a lot of things to benefit students both in daily life and campus life. If I become a part of SUPRA Council, I hope I can encourage social engagement among students to overcome cultural shock and language barriers. Especially for students who have a social phobia to get over social anxiety disorder, build connections and integrate themselves into campus life.For example, organising activities in small groups and providing psychological guidance.

Shuangshuang zhang

Ticket: xpressive

Currently I am studying my second semester for Master Degree in Economics. I grow up in chengdu, studied in Macau, Switzerland, and London. Those multinational study and working experiences do give me cross-cultural communication skills about how to get on well with people from different backgrounds. Besides, those experiences also made me a passionate and curious individual in all aspects of life with a positive energy to build successful outcomes and to embrace colourful cultural differences. I wish I could organise different activities to cheer student up, make them study hard but play harder to enjoy the beautiful life.


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