2019 Teacher of the Year Awards

In 2019, for the first time ever, SUPRA joined with postgrads to celebrate the best postgraduate coursework teachers at the University of Sydney. Our Teacher of the Year Awards were nominated by postgrads, judged by postgrads, and managed by postgrads.

2019 SUPRA Teacher of the Year winners

Business School:
Barney Tan Chee Chang
Betina Szkudlarek
Christopher Wright
Craig Mellare
Lova Andriamora

Faculty of Engineering:
Rabiul Hasan
Jason Surjadinata

School of Architecture, Design and Planning:
Wendy Davis

Sydney Law School:
Duncan Chappel

Faculty of Science:
Arunima Malik
Mohammad Zia Rafat

Conservatorium of Music:
Helen Mitchell

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:
Yaegan Doran
Margaret Spencer
Lina Markauskaite
Danielle Celermajer

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