2017 Supervisor of the Year Awards

SUPRA Supervisor of the Year 2017 winners

Agriculture (SOLE):
Andrew Merchant
Catherine Herbert  

Architecture Design and Planning:
Lian Loke

Engineering & IT:
Gareth Vio
Philip de Chazal
Fabio Ramos  

Arts & Social Sciences:
Ariadne Vromen
Brigid Rooney
Kristie Miller
Rebecca Scott Bray  

Health Sciences:
Patrick Brennan
Mark McEntee
Joshua Burns  

Jesse Jansen
Julie Redfern
Richard Hillman  

Ines Krass
Lorraine Smith  

Education & Social Work:
Helen Proctor
Minkang Kim

Stephen Bartlett  

Vet Science:
Paul McGreevy
Siobhan Mor

Kate White

Business School:
Ulku Yuksel
Henry Leung
Shumi Akhtar 

Special award for outstanding support for student wellbeing:
Mark McEntee
Lian Loke
Richard Hillman
Paul McGreevy

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