2021 Supervisor of the Year Awards

On Wednesday 1 December, after a second year disrupted by COVID-19 and faculty restructures, SUPRA Co-President Yige Peng welcomed about a hundred guests to SUPRA’s 2021 Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) awards night at The Courtyard Restaurant.

Special guests were retiring Deputy Vice Chancellor Education Professor Pip Pattison and the outgoing Chair of the Academic Board Professor Tony Masters.

The newly appointed Director of Graduate Research Professor Louise Sharpe announced the winners for SOTY 2021. The incoming Chair of the Academic Board Professor Jane Hanrahan also attended. In her speech, Prof. Pattison commended all supervisors who were nominated and pointed out the significant and often life-long nature of outstanding supervisory relationships. Prof. Pattison expressed her pride in, and appreciation for, SUPRA on putting on the awards, now in its sixth year.

Yige Peng thanked Prof. Pattison for her many achievements and noted that although SUPRA has not agreed on all her initiatives we have to admit that Prof. Pattison was always friendly and listened to student views. SUPRA wishes Prof. Pattison many happy years with her family, after she hangs up her Usyd hat.

SUPRA congratulates the winners and finalists of SOTY 2021.

Alyson Ashe (Science)

Peter Banks (Science)

Eleanor Bruce (Science)

Donald Dansereau (Engineering)

Yaegan Doran (FASS)

Caren Han (Engineering)

Dieter Hochuli (Science)

Jinman Kim (Engineering)

Yu Heng Lau (Science)

Julie Leask (Medicine)

Andrew Leaver (Medicine)

Sophia Maalsen (Architecture, Design & Planning)

Helena Nguyen (Business)

Renae Ryan (Medicine)

Barney Tan (Business)

Jim Tognolini (FASS)

Adrian Vickers (FASS)

Jane Young (Medicine)

2021 Supervisor of the Year finalists

Madhan Balasubramanian (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Scott Byrne (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Beatriz Carrilo Garcia (FASS)

Ronald Castellino (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Peter Chen (FASS)

Fran Colyer (FASS)

Margot Day (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Feike A Dijkstra (Science)

Paul Dwyer (FASS)

Patrick Faulkner (FASS)

David Fletcher (Engineering)

Carmine Gentile (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Nick Glozier (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Jenny Gunton (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Sarah Hilmer (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Rebecca Johinke (FASS)

Petra Karlsson (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Agisilaos Kourmatzis (Engineering)

Andre Kyme (Engineering)

Timothy Langrish (Engineering)

Qing Li (Engineering)

Wendy Lipworth (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Cathy Little (FASS)

Sonia Liu (Science)

Zhongwen Liu (Engineering)

Carolyn Maccann (Science)

Lynette Mackenzie (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Assad Masri (Engineering)

Donald McNeil (Architecture, Design & Planning)

Lina Markauskaite (FASS)

Samuel Muller (Science)

Danielle Muscat (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Elizabeth New (Science)

Blythe O’Hara (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Rhonda Orr (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Simon Ringer (Engineering)

Susanna Park (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Suranga Seneviratne (Engineering)

Rita Shackel (Law)

Laura Shepherd (FASS)

Jennifer Smith-Merry (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Kanchana Thilakarathna (Engineering)

Richard Trethowan (Science)

Shahadat Uddin (Engineering)

Michael Ward (Science)

Eryn Werry (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Andrew Wilson (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Paul Witting (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Beth Yahp (FASS)

Jean Yang (Science)

Shan Zhou (Business)

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