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SUPRA 2019 General Election

SUPRA Executive

The following councillors were elected to the executive of SUPRA for the 2019–20 term at a meeting of the incoming council-elect on Friday 31 May 2019.

President: Weihong Liang
Vice-President: Yanning Bai
Education Officer: Xiner Yuan & Shiyu Bao
Secretary: Domi Johnson & Mucong Li
Treasurer: Chenghan Li & Yunhe Wang
Director of Student Publications: Luhua Li & Huan Zheng

The SUPRA 2019–20 Term General Election has now ended. The new council and executive will take up their seats on 1 July 2019.

Rafael Mazzoldi
Returning Officer SUPRA General Election.

SUPRA Council

The following candidates have been elected to fill the twenty-seven (27) ordinary council positions for the 2019-20 term.

1. Yuhang Xia

2. Cui Li

3. Xuning Feng

4. Ruolei Wang

5. Chang Wang

6. Zirui Liu

7. Xiner Yuan

8. Yi Ling

9. Shiyu Bao

10. Chenghan Li

11. Xue Peng

12. Yunhe Wang

13. Luhua Li

14. Zhuoyuan Xie

15. Jinwei Xie

16. Mucong Li

17. Bing Wei

18. Huan Zheng

19. David Yinan Wang

20. Zikui Gao

21. Xinheng Wu

22. Weihong Liang

23. Di Wang

24. Bec Johnson

25. Sayan Mitra



NOTE: Positions 26 and 27 have been declared vacant in accordance with the SUPRA constitution section 06.03: 2.

There will be a supplementary election to fill the vacancies at the AGM.

Rafael Mazzoldi
Returning Officer
SUPRA General election 2019.

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