2022 Supervisor of the Year Awards

On Wednesday 2 November, SUPRA welcomed over a hundred guests to our 2022 Supervisor of the Year awards night at the Courtyard Restaurant. The Director of Graduate Research Professor Louise Sharpe announced the winners for SOTY 2022.

2022 Supervisor of the Year winners

Medicine and Health

  • Natasha Rogers
  • Joshua Burns
  • Claire O’Reilly
  • James Mac Shine
  • Damian Holsinger
  • Jacob George


  • Carolyn Mccann
  • Thomas Roberts
  • John Bartholomew
  • Rosanne Quinnell
  • Michael Ward
  • Manjula Sharma


  • Aaron Opdyke
  • Mahyar Shirvanimoghadam
  • Jeremy Qiu


  • Marian Baird

Architecture, Design and Planning

  • Nasim Ahmadpour

Arts and Social Sciences

  • Isabelle Hesse
  • Louise Katz
  • Huizhong Shen

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

  • David Larkin.

SUPRA congratulates the winners and finalists of SOTY 2022, and we say a huge thanks to everyone who gave their time to make this event happen.

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