2016 Supervisor of the Year Awards

2016 Supervisor of the Year winners

In 2016 SUPRA re-launched the Supervisor of the Year as a student judged award, and received close to 100 nominations from all faculties except Dentistry. The award was run in the past but was discontinued at some time and we had to start over with a new process, criteria, and so on. We formed a Working Group (WG) of 3 PhDs and Francine Seeto from the advocacy service as coordinator. Our first decision was to base our award on the UNSW Supervisor of the Year which has been running for several years. We are grateful to UNSW’s postgraduate student association for permission for us to base our nomination process and nomination form on theirs.

Nominations closed on October 31. The WG also took on responsibility for the judging. On November 15 at the Courtyard Restaurant the Director of Graduate Research Associate Professor Ross Coleman presented the awards to finalists and winners.

It’s been so rewarding for so many people – SUPRA, the Working Group, our HDR students who got behind the awards, and for our wonderful research supervisors at the University of Sydney who have been nominated or won in our come back SUPRA Supervisor of the Year awards in 2016.

Agriculture and Environment

  • Feike Dijkstra (nominated by Shiva Bakhshandeh, Shamim Mia, Alberto Canarini, and Kahzi Mehnaz)

Architecture Design and Planning

  • Richard de Dear (nominated by Thomas Parkinson, Ashak Nathwani)

Arts and Social Sciences

  • David Kelly (nominated by Kim Wilkins, Wyatt Moss-Wellington)
  • Bruce Isaacs (nominated by Olivia Hopkins, Stuart Cottle)
  • Anna Lawrenson (nominated by Natali Pearson, Vu Tuan Nguyen)
  • Allan McDonnell (nominated by George Carayannopoulos, Diana Peche)


  • Rico Merkert (nominated by David Alexander, Mohammed Mahbubul Hakim, Mary Chiang, Hassan Swida)
  • Ulku Yuksel (nominated by Nguyen (Beo) Thai, Hosei Hemat)

Education and Social Work

  • Alyson Simpson (nominated by Diana Laycock, Gerald McRae) 


  • John Kavanagh (nominated by Audrey Luiz, Dale McClure)

Health Sciences

  • Patrick Brennan (nominated by Tong Li, Salman Albeshan)


  • Arlie Loughman (nominated by Senthorun Raj, Tanya Mitchell)


  • Harunor Rashid (nominated by Mohamed Tashan, Mohammad Alfelali, Amani Alqahtani, Mohamed Tashani)
  • Alison Tong (nominated by Camilla Hanson, David Tunnicliffe, Angelique Ralph, Skye Dong)
  • Maree Hackett (nominated by Ying Xu, Anne Marie Eades, Sara Farnbach, Jega Janani Muhunthan)

Nursing and Midwifery

  • Jennifer Fraser (nominated by Jason Mills, June Colegrave)


  • Wojciech Chrzanowski (nominated by Sally Yunsun, Dipesh Khanal)


  • Gregory Warr (nominated by Haihui Joy Jiang, Saffron Bryant

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

  • James Wierzbicki (nominated by Craig Morgan, Anthony Jones)

Sydney College of the Arts

  • Mikala Dwyer (nominated by Sean O’Connell, Kate Williams)
  • Brad Buckley (nominated by Catherine Payne, Bronwyn Bancroft, Yiorgos Zafiriou, Tom Isaacs)

Veterinary Science

  • Jacqui Norris (nominated by Amanda Shapiro, Mark Westman)

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