Ke Liu

I’m Ke. I’m a postgraduate student originally from China, currently pursuing my Master’s in IT and IT Management. Landing in Sydney was a whirlwind of emotions – excitement mixed with apprehension. Questions raced through my mind: Will I find my way around? Will I make friends? Can I keep up with my studies? Everything felt overwhelming.

Thankfully, the welcoming atmosphere of Australia and the embrace of the University of Sydney eased my concerns. While I met many students from diverse backgrounds, striking up conversations and forging friendships wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped.

I soon found that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Many students were looking for connections and a sense of belonging. That’s when I discovered SUPRA and its vibrant international student community. Through SUPRA, I found like-minded friends and gained valuable insights from our interactions.

Seeing the concerns and uncertainties of new international students, I felt compelled to make a difference. In July 2022, I was elected as an International Student Officer in SUPRA. It’s been an incredible journey—addressing my peers’ worries, organizing social events, and enriching university life for all.

When the “100 Year Global Connection” initiative was launched, I was all in, assisting students in finding their voice and articulating their perspectives. Furthermore, the University of Sydney acknowledges our challenges and offers support through programs like the Career Hub and the Opal Concession Card Campaigns. This collective effort—students supporting students—is all about ensuring that the voices of international students are amplified and their rights championed. I believe that this movement, this advocacy, is only going to expand, with more students taking the lead.

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