Welcome to SUPRA

Your postgraduate student association

Students working for students

If you’re having trouble with your studies, the University, your landlord, or even the law, we’re here to help.

We are the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association. We represent your interests to the University and wider community. We hold a wide range of events to inform and entertain you. We help you make connections and friendships while you’re a member of the postgrad community.

SUPRA has been run for postgrad students, by postgrad students since 1970 – now it’s your turn to get involved!

How we’re run

SUPRA Council

SUPRA is run by a democratically elected council of postgraduate students.

Elections are held every year between March and May, and the council term is 1 July 30 June every year. All SUPRA members can vote in the elections, as well as become a candidate to run in council elections. You could join the SUPRA Council!


  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Education Officer

  • Director of Student Publications.

Executive positions are responsible for the day-to-day management of SUPRA.

Equity Networks

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer

  • Disabilities Officer

  • HDR Officer

  • International Officer

  • Queer Officer

  • Satellite Campus Officer

  • Women’s Officer.

Equity Networks help ensure fair representation for all postgrads.



  • Postgraduate Advocacy and Policy Officers

  • Solicitors

  • Administration and Publications Officers.

SUPRA Council employs professional staff to provide legal services, advice and advocacy services, and administrative support.

Become a SUPRA Councillor

All Usyd postgrads can nominate for council positions – the election happens between March and May every year.

Sign up to Grad Post or check our events calendar to hear about upcoming elections!

How we’re funded

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

SUPRA is funded through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), which all students pay.

SSAF is pooled and distributed among student services and student unions.

In 2021 the maximum SSAF charged by Usyd was $156.50 per student; SUPRA received 11% of the total SSAF allocation at Sydney Uni.

Total 2021 SSAF allocations

Read more about SSAF on the Univeristy of Sydney website.

SUPRA events

We organise regular, free events for all postgrads – check our Facebook, Instagram or events calendar for news.

Free Lunch

Free Lunch takes place each month. Drop by and pick up a fresh sandwich, and take the opportunity to meet SUPRA councillors and volunteers.

We have paired with SUSF to provide free indoor rock climbing, yoga and body pump for SUPRA members.

Meet new friends and take a break from study! We arrange regular hikes and bushwalks, so you can get out and explore Sydney and its surrounds.

Wine & Cheese

A SUPRA tradition! Mingle and relax with a drink (or two) at a cozy bar on campus. Live music and snacks provided.

SUPRA events are FREE for all members!

Our services

SUPRA employs professional staff to provide support services to SUPRA members.

Our services are free, confidential, and independent from the University. To access our services join SUPRA now!

Postgraduate Advocacy Service

Our Postgraduate Advocacy and Policy Officers can help with most academic or wellbeing issues you have while at uni, such as:

  • academic appeals

  • academic honesty, misconduct and plagiarism

  • contact with faculty or the University

  • harassment, discrimination and bullying

  • making a complaint

  • making progress

  • renting and housing

  • research integrity

  • research supervision

  • show cause and exclusion

  • special consideration

  • welfare matters such as disability and sexual misconduct.

Legal Service

Our Legal Service employs solicitors who can help you with a range of legal matters, such as:

  • intellectual property

  • visas and migration

  • employment law

  • motor vehicle accidents

  • consumer complaints

  • contracts

  • credit and debt

  • fines

  • domestic violence

  • family law

  • traffic offences

  • administrative law.

Get help

You have rights! 

Here are some tips to protect them – browse our Get help pages for more information on these topics and many others!


  • You need a written tenancy agreement – even if you’re living in a share house.
  • The full legal name and address of the person you are renting from must be on your written agreement.
  • Get receipts for any money you pay: your holding deposit, bond or security deposit, and rent.
  • You must inspect the property before you sign a lease.
  • You must complete and return the condition report within 7 days from when your lease begins.
  • Your bond has to be deposited with Fair Trading, not into your landlord or estate agent’s bank account! You must be offered direct online lodgement of your bond with Fair Trading. If you choose another method, and don’t get a deposit notice, contact Fair Trading to make sure it was deposited.
  • You have a right to access free, professional advice and advocacy from your local tenancy service.


Coursework students have the right to:

  • timely and constructive feedback
  • appeal a grade or mark
  • request special arrangements and/or special consideration
  • fair assessment
  • reasonable adjustments, if registered with Disability Services.

HDR students have the right to:

  • at least 2 supervisors
  • constructive feedback on submitted work within one month (equivalent to one chapter)
  • induction by your faculty
  • recreational leave, suspension and time off.

Browse our Get help pages for more information about your academic rights and responsibilites.


  • The minimum wage for all workers aged over 21-years-old in Australia, including international students, is $21.38 per hour (before tax). Casual employees are entitled to at least 25% loading on top of this. If you’re a casual paid more than the minimum wage your loading will be 15–25%.
  • You are entitled to superannuation (super), as well as pay.
  • You have the right to a safe work environment, and workers’ compensation if you are injured at work.
  • You have the right to join a union to protect your rights and conditions at work.


SUPRA membership is FREE and open to all Sydney Uni postgrads

  • Access our free casework and legal services.

  • Get Grad Post, our weekly newsletter, in your inbox.

  • Participate in the decision-making that affects your studies.

  • Vote in SUPRA elections, and nominate to hold a position on SUPRA council.

  • Connect with other postgrads when you attend SUPRA events.

Students working for students

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