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Starting your PhD

Applications for postgraduate research are accepted all year round. Once you’re accepted and commence your candidature at the University of Sydney there are mandatory requirements and expected milestones. The University of Sydney expects PhD candidates to submit their thesis within 3.5 years EFTSL. If you experience unexpected delays during your candidature, you may request an extension.

Apart from the research and writing there is a lot to tick off, particularly in the probation period or first year.

1. Use this checklist for your first year of candidature

  • Attend your faculty or school induction for commencing HDR students.
  • Establish frequency of supervision and mode of communication with your supervisory team.
  • If you plan on publishing papers from your research, discuss authorship attribution with your supervisory team (revisit regularly and 6 months prior to submission).
  • Work with your lead supervisor on an agreed framework of milestones and timelines and create your individual progress plan.
  • Be prepared for your first year progress evaluation meeting (PEM), held 12 months from your start date (subsequent progress reviews are held annually until submission).

2. Get your progress plan completed as soon as possible

This will include all University as well as faculty milestones, from the first to final year of candidature.

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3. Start work on your ethics application as soon as possible

If required, start working with the supervisor nominated as lead investigator on your ethics application and aim to submit the application as soon as possible. This supervisor is responsible for submitting the application. Checking off this task early is important because ethics approval can take several months or longer.

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Written by SUPRA Postgraduate Advocacy Service March 2023

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