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SUPRA Council General Election 2024

Election results for SUPRA Council General Election 2024 

The following candidates have been elected for the SUPRA Council term 2024–25.

1,107 votes were received for the election of 27 Councillor seats.

Candidate names appear in order of election:  

  1. Vivian Bai 
  2. Xingyan Zhou 
  3. Guangzheng Zhang 
  4. Yinfeng (Benny) Shen (Diverse Expertise for Inclusive Campus) 
  5. Yuanhao Ning 
  6. Jinyi Liu 
  7. Minsu Pan 
  8. Eva Midtgaard (Diverse Expertise for Inclusive Campus)
  9. Xinxin Wan 
  10. Anne Li 
  11. Qiuming Zhang 
  12. Huiru Han 
  13. Haolong Liao 
  14. Ge Jin 
  15. Dihao Zhu 
  16. Zheqi Ding 
  17. Zhenzhen Liu 
  18. Venkata Vishal Kotari 
  19. Xuting Wang 
  20. Xinghuan Wang 
  21. Abha Sharma 
  22. Zehua Han 
  23. Rebecca Radebold 
  24. Dishpreet Singh 
  25. Xuan Zhang 
  26. [Vacant – satellite campus reserved*] 
  27. [Vacant – non-cis gendered reserved*].

*The 2 vacant positions are reserved for 1 (one) student located at a satellite campus (a campus other than Camperdown/Darlington) and 1 (one) non-cis gendered student, under clause 6.3.2 of the SUPRA Constitution.

Supplementary Election

As stipulated by clause 7.5 of the SUPRA Constitution, a Supplementary Election to fill these vacancies will be held during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be held at 6:30pm, Monday 13 May 2024 (Sydney time), both online and in person at the Lecture Theatre 208, Veterinary Science Conference Centre.  

Nominations are open for these 2 councillor positions. Please note that to be eligible to nominate you must be either (or both): a student located at a campus other than Camperdown/Darlington; a non-cis gendered student. 

Prospective candidates must submit a Candidate nomination form before the Supplementary Election item is declared open at the AGM. Prospective candidates must receive the support of 2 seconders, who must complete the Candidate nominator (seconder) form before the Supplementary Election item is declared open at the AGM.  

Voting for the Supplementary Election will be conducted in-person at the AGM. All SUPRA members who are current postgraduate students at the University of Sydney are entitled to vote.  

Regulations and policy

SUPRA Constitution

The Constitution is the main governing document for SUPRA. Many aspects of elections are outlined within it.

Download Constitution [PDF, 453KB]

SUPRA Electoral Regulations

These regulations support the Constitution, and further outline many election processes.

Download Electoral Regulations [PDF, 236KB]

Other regulations and policies

Other policies and regulations are relevant to elections, including the Councillor Code of Conduct and Safer Spaces policies.

Find all SUPRA policies and regulations

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