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University of Sydney HDR policies

Research students are required to follow all relevant policies, procedures and rules of the University, as well as those of your faculty, throughout your candidature. If you have any questions about the below policies, contact SUPRA. The University policies cover many topics, including: 

Degree requirements, including Show Good Cause 

This rule sets out all of the formal requirements and legislation that apply to Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students. If you are asked to participate in a Show Good Cause process, particularly regarding time limits, or if you wish to check the requirements for the award of your degree, you may wish to check this policy: 

Progress reviews 

This policy governs how your progress is reviewed and assessed. If you have concerns about how a progress review was administered or the frequency with which your progress is being reviewed, you may wish to check the policy and procedures:  


This policy covers your rights and responsibilities when it comes to receiving supervision at the University of Sydney. If you are concerned about the supervision you are receiving, or need to clarify your obligations with supervision, you may wish to check the policy and procedures: 

Thesis and examination 

This policy defines the requirements of a thesis in full or partial fulfillment of a Higher Degree by Research award, and also sets out the requirements for the examination of a thesis. This policy and procedures are useful to check if you have questions about the nature of your project, who can examine it, and how it will be examined: 

Placements and projects 

This policy covers the requirements for HDR and coursework students engaging in placements, or problem-based learning experiences presented by a project partner external to the university (projects). If a student placement or a project will be a part of your candidature, check this policy so you know how this should be administered and what you will need to do:  


This procedure sets out requirements for any internships carried out by HDR students as a part of their project. If you have been asked to complete an internship, or wish to incorporate an internship into your project, review this policy to ensure the internship is compliant with requirements: 

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) 

This policy explains the PRSS, which supports students to attend international conferences, or complete research or fieldwork overseas. Check this policy if you are planning on applying for PRSS funds, or if you wish to understand how your PRSS application should be assessed: 

All University policies 

For a complete list of all University policies and procedures, search the University Policy Register.



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Written by SUPRA Postgraduate Advocacy Service March 2023.

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