SUPRA Council General Election 2024

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The list of candidates for the 2024 SUPRA General Election can be found below.


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Diverse Expertise for Inclusive Campus

Our team aims to ensure SUPRA continues to be guided by experienced and enthusiastic councillors, who already hold the networks required to work efficiently with all parts of university. Having served as University Fellow of Senate, Council Education and Equity officers, we are committed to bridge the connection between domestic and international students. A vote for us is a vote for diversity and inclusion, we represent students with disability, LGBTQ+ students, HDRs, Coursework students as well as students with Children.


I share a strong passion for  student welfares and advocacy. In the past 7 years, I have served as the University Fellow of Senate, SUPRA Educational Officer, USU Board Director/ Honorary Secretary on campus, and actively represented student voices in major Education policy changes and reform to quest for a better student experience, which includes refcent Opal concession campaign, end placement povertyment, university-wise anti-racism campaign, 5day simple extensions, and working closely with the government to bring back international students due to COVID boarder closure. If I get reelected, I am committed to advocating more for the community.


I aim to leverage my council expertise, focusing on student welfare, disability inclusion, and enhancing university conditions for students with carer responsibilities. As a HDR student and an experienced council member, I’ve completed two terms as SUPRA’s Disability Officer and have notably initiated and fulfilled the role of the Carer Officer last year. Seeking re-election, I intend to use my experience to support new council members and continue building a successful, supportive environment for all students. Your vote will help maintain our momentum in making SUPRA more inclusive and beneficial for future generations of postgraduate students.

Ungrouped candidates


My name is Huan, and I am an international student pursuing a master’s degree. As an active participant in volunteer activities at the University of Sydney, I have been deeply involved in the SUPRA. My contributions have primarily focused on promoting and advocating for student public transportation benefits in NSW, as well as organizing and facilitating welcome events for new students.

I have been involved in a history of organizing on-campus events, including a Model Aircraft Competition and volunteer activity during my undergraduate studies. I played a key role in the Summer Support Teaching Program for left-behind children in China, focusing where I focused on educational planning, lesson plan development, homework assistance, and extracurricular activities in China.


Hihi everyone, this is Cissy, a CEMS student from Sydney Uni. As a passionate advocator, I’m eager to join the SUPRA Council to have more opportunities to help postgraduate students enrich their studies and lives. Since I’ve always enjoyed working in teams and solving problems, I participated in many societies and played leadership roles during my undergraduate period. I’ve organized many exciting and useful activities to help students better join the big family of the USYD community.

If I’m elected, I’ll continue to maintain my enthusiasm and original intention to voice for students, cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. Meanwhile, I’ll also introduce more innovative events, like cultural festivals and interactive seminars. These activities could create platforms for students from different backgrounds to communicate and enjoy the charm of cultural diversity. Most importantly, we can find greater belonging and integration within our campus community together!


Hello everyone, my name is Huiru Han. You can also call me Ruby. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Communication and Culture. I am cheerful, outgoing and helpful, like to communicate with people and try new things. During my undergraduate years, I was involved in publicity work in the student union and served as vice president. I have participated many times in organizing various competitions and activities of the university, and I have strong organizational and coordination skills as well as publicity skills. I hope to use my experience, responsibility and enthusiasm to help more students!


My name is Minsu Pan and I am studying Data Analytics (MOC). I am running for SUPRA Student Representative to inject passion and unity into our campus life. I served as the Vice President of International Business School Association during my undergraduate studies, where I developed strong responsibility, analytical thinking, communication skills and team spirit. Also honoured with a Chinese Government Scholarship, I’ve shown academic achievement and dedication to community service. Aside from being able to support my fellow students with academic advising in my field of study, I hope to create a supportive environment where the needs of my fellow students are heard through my efforts. If elected, I will be committed to addressing and meeting the needs of the student community, serving and representing everyone with integrity and passion on campus.


This is Zihao Wu. I am from Foshan, China. I am currently enrolled in Master of Commerce, specialized in Marketing. I have been living in Sydney since 2019, with a wealth of experiences in multi-cultural interaction, I find it effortless to interact with different people with different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, the interpersonal skills are due to my experience as a high school student in Canada. I am enthusiast to make new friends, and I love the perception of myself being helpful to other people. I have been responsible in holding SUPRA’s monthly Wine & Cheese Event since August in 2023. Looking forward to having fun with you all again and coming up with new activities for you!!


Hello Everyone!

I’m Dishpreet Singh, a second-year Masters of Nursing student at the Westmead campus, and I’m excited to run for the SUPRA Council Election 2024.

Here’s what I’m all about:

Your Voice Matters: I promise to listen to you and make sure your concerns are heard loud and clear. Whether it’s about academics, support, or anything else, I’m here to represent you.

Taking Care of Each Other: As nursing students, we know how important it is to look after our well-being. I’ll work to improve support services, making sure you have the help you need to thrive, both in and out of the classroom.

Aiming for Success: I’ll team up with faculty and staff to make sure you have the resources and guidance you need to succeed academically. Let’s make sure your journey here is smooth and rewarding.

Building a Community: Let’s create a friendly, welcoming environment where everyone feels like they belong. As a minority and international student myself, I understand the unique struggles we face. I’ll organize events and activities to bring us together and make lasting connections.

Caring for Our Planet: I’m passionate about sustainability and want to make our campus more eco-friendly. Let’s work together


I am honored to nominate myself for the position of SUPRA councillor. As a fourth-year PhD student, I possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by HDR students, including supervision, career uncertainty, and mental wellbeing. My goal is to be a strong advocate for our community, pushing for resources, support services, and research opportunities to address our specific needs. With my background in research and experience as the president of the IEEE USYD student branch, I have developed skills of leadership, coordination, communication and proactive engagement through member recruitment and event hosting, etc. With your trust and support, I am committed to enhancing our academic journey.


I am a female postgraduate student at the University of Sydney and I would like to join the Sydney University Postgraduate Association (SUPRA) council for 2024-25. SUPRA is an important union at Sydney University and offers help and services for a range of student issues. As a SUPRA councillor, I would be able to contribute to the representation of all postgraduate students. Being part of the SUPRA council would allow me to get involved in the decisions SUPRA makes which affects me and other postgraduate students at Sydney University. I would be able to advocate for their interests and important study matters. In other words, I want to become a SUPRA councillor to enhance the student experience by getting involved in university life and helping other students like me through activities such as attending council meetings and leading events.


I am Sa Zhang, a postgraduate student pursuing studies at the University of Sydney Law School, and I am excited to present myself as a candidate for the SUPRA Council. Driven by a profound commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the multifaceted challenges encountered by postgraduate students, I stand ready to advocate vigorously for our collective interests. My aspiration is to spearhead initiatives aimed at elevating the academic, professional, and personal experiences of each postgraduate scholar within our vibrant community. From fostering an inclusive and supportive environment to pioneering innovative solutions for mental health support and career progression, I am resolute in my determination to lead with unwavering integrity and foresight. With a proven track record of effective leadership and a fervent passion for effecting positive change, I am poised to collaborate seamlessly with fellow council members to craft and implement impactful policies and programs that empower and enrich the lives of our diverse student body.


Courage and responsibility pave the way for a brighter tomorrow! I am Candidate Yuanhao Ning, driven by a passion for service and leadership, ready to contribute to the Supra Council.

I promise to listen to students’ voices, advocate for students’ concerns, and actively drive our agenda forward. With fairness, integrity, and transparency, I vow to work tirelessly for our welfare, fostering a campus environment of harmony and inclusivity.

Let’s join hands and script our own story of excellence!


My name is Venkata Vishal Kotari, currently studying master’s in information technology and management. I have been volunteering with SUPRA for about 8 months now. I joined SUPRA to help international students feel as welcomed as I did when I first arrived at the University of Sydney. I am also the Lead Advisor for the PG Connect program. I believe it’s important for new students to receive the help and information they need to enjoy their time at university. I have volunteered for the transport concession campaign because I believe every student should have the same access and opportunities.


I would be delighted to represent the post-graduate student body as a SUPRA Councillor in the coming term. Having participated in student government since middle school and through university, I bring the necessary experience and skills to communicate with, advocate for, and represent my fellow students. As your Councillor, my primary goal will be to ensure that all support frameworks and events are tailored to the student experience, so that every hard-working student has the resources they need to succeed. Additionally, I will strive to continue pushing boundaries to expand student rights and benefits, particularly for international and female students. University is a time for us to thrive, to learn, and to remember fondly when we look back, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that we can and will.


Hello, I’m Zhongqiang Su, my major is computer science and I’m thrilled to nominate myself for this election. As a new student here, I aim to bring a fresh perspective to this role. I have previously served in the documentary department and the psychology club. With a strong sense of empathy and listening skills, I am good at identifying systemic issues from individual narratives. In addition to providing peer academic support and course advice, my primary focus lies in enhancing the welfare of average students. Together, let’s create a thriving community for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances.


My name is Chongman Fu, and I am a student pursuing a Master of Information Technology and Information Technology Management. Currently in my second semester, I have a passion for engaging in volunteer activities as it brings me a sense of fulfillment to assist others. I have participated in various volunteer endeavors, including hosting free events and promoting discounted public transportation cards. If elected, I aim to listen to the voices of fellow students, enhance their campus experience, provide more enjoyable education, and foster clearer career planning for all.


I’m Yiman Wu, a postgraduate currently majoring in Strategic Public Relations. My inspiration was driven by a vision to elevate SUPRA’s inclusivity and foster a vibrant student community while representing diverse voices. With diverse student-centric volunteer experiences, I understand our student community’s unique challenges. My creative skills, particularly in digital arts, social media, and event planning, are assets I plan to leverage for effective student engagement. As Chancellor, I will elevate SUPRA’s visibility, foster inclusivity, and proactively address student needs with innovative and effective solutions. I aspire to transform SUPRA into a more vibrant and representative body for student voices. Vote for me; your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I’m Anne Li, a neuroscience PhD student, and I’m honored to present myself as a candidate for the Council member position at SUPRA. My journey at USYD has been enriched by diverse experiences, including serving as a research assistant and executive for a university society, as well as leading a peer support program. These roles have honed my leadership skills and deepened my commitment to community support.

If elected, I pledge to leverage this multifaceted experience to effectively represent your interests and concerns. Listening to your voices and conducting thorough needs assessments will be my priority. Education remains central to my agenda, covering critical areas such as wellbeing, academic advocacy, and teaching quality. Drawing from my experiences as a PhD student and research assistant, I understand the challenges we face and am dedicated to implementing initiatives that alleviate these burdens.

I’m inspired by SUPRA’s impactful contributions to the HDR community and am eager to collaborate with you all to enhance our academic journey and overall wellbeing.  Thank you for considering me for this vital role. Let’s unite in creating a stronger, more supportive postgraduate experience at the University of Sydney.


I am Zehua Han, an international master’s student majoring in Economics. As an outgoing individual with a passion for fitness and community engagement, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to SUPRA in a fitness-related capacity. My experience and enthusiasm for promoting healthy lifestyles make me well-suited to assist SUPRA in increasing its visibility and appeal among students.

I believe that my outgoing personality and communication skills will allow me to publicize future events and initiatives within the student community effectively. Additionally, I am eager to actively participate in organizing and planning various activities organized by SUPRA. By taking on responsibilities related to fitness promotion and event coordination, I aim to enhance the student experience and contribute positively to the vibrant community at SUPRA.

Furthermore, I aspire to undergo personal growth through repeated engagement in activities. Concurrently, I will proactively gather feedback from students and conduct timely and effective evaluations and summaries. I am committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where all students feel encouraged to participate and thrive.


I am Zhenzhen Liu, If you want, you can also call me Leon. I am a University of Sydney postgraduate student in IT and IT management. Before joining the election, I joined many SUPRA activities as a volunteer and photographer. In 2024 university Oweek, welcomed wine and chess, concession card participants as a photographer I record many excellent photos and my photos are always Appreciated by guests who participated in the event. By participating in this SUPRA election, I also hope that through my volunteer experience accumulated in SUPRA and my observation of different activities as a SUPRA photographer, I can help SUPRA make my contribution to media promotion and event planning.


My name is Ruijie Zhang. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Ordinary Councillor of SUPRA. Throughout my study journey, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and opportunities that postgraduate students encounter so I aim to contribute my time and skills toward enhancing the postgraduate student experience and fostering a supportive environment within our university.

If elected, I am committed to amplifying the voices of postgraduate students from all backgrounds and organizing events and initiatives that foster networking, skill development, and social connections among postgraduates.

I believe that by working together as a cohesive and proactive council, we can create a more enriching and supportive experience for all postgraduate students at USYD.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hi, my name is Xinghuan Wang. I am an international student, currently studying in the Master of Commerce Extension (Finance and Data Analytics in Business) at the University of Sydney.

Through my active volunteering with SUPRA and various social initiatives, such as the Sydney Marathon and Mardi Gras, I have developed a deep commitment to the welfare and representation of all postgraduate students. My candidacy for SUPRA councilor is driven by a passion for fostering an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. I aim to create more opportunities for the students to connect and support each other by holding regular social events. Additionally, I intend to advocate for students’ rights and provide resources and information to empower them to understand and uphold their rights and navigate the complexities of postgraduate life.


I’m Zhang Qiuming, currently studying Interaction Design. As the former Women’s Officer at SUPRA in 2023, I focused on female students’ health and campus life, managing social media and creating community posters. This role honed my organizational skills and underscored teamwork’s significance. Academically, I maintain high standards, achieving excellent grades and serving as a peer mentor. If elected as a student representative, I’ll advocate for students, prioritize their interests, and foster unity within the campus community.


I am Xinxin Wan, a PhD student majoring in Education. It is my great pleasure to run for this campaign to be selected as a Council member of SUPRA. My four-and-a-half-year experience working in SUPRA has honed my skills to offer better services and support to the whole postgraduate community. If I were elected, I would make every effort to listen to my peers’ voices and provide services and support to my fellows. Every matter related to education (e.g., academic advocacy, teaching quality, students’ experiences during candidature, students’ career building) is my top priority, which makes it possible for me to become a qualified Council member.


I am Yuhang Li, studying Master of Computer Science at the university of Sydney. I have experienced in various activities and greatly benefied from SUPRA. I also serve as a volunteer to assist student in SUPRA, I have witnessed the challenges some of our peers encounter due to information barriers and difficulties. Student body comprises individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. SUPRA play a role of helper to supporting students and provide opportunities. I am very pleasure to run for this campaign activity and have an opportunity serve student as representative. If elected, I will dedicate myself to further serve my fellow students and actively create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all, helping them overcome obstacles on their academic journey.


I am a postgraduate student studying Master of Commerce (Extension) with majors in data analysis and business information systems, also an international student. Serving as the SUPRA International Student Officer in the 2023-2024 term, I actively advocated for international student rights, contributed to organizing the 100+ Years Global Connection, and supported the Opal concession card campaign. I engaged with students to address their issues, organized events like Free Lunch and Movie Nights, and volunteered in various activities, including Hiking events, Wine and Cheese Party events, O-week stalls, International Women’s Day event, R U OK? Day event, and Fair Fares Campaign.

In the upcoming year, my goal is to continue representing students, gathering feedback for council discussions, organizing events for reliving students and constructing network, and advocating for student rights. I am eager to continue serving students! Very Appreciated!


Hello everyone, my name is Guangzheng Zhang from china. I am a first-year student in master of computer science. I am a cheerful and outgoing person who is willing to help others, and I enjoy reading, fitness and traveling.

I am currently a member of the Fitness Volunteer Group of SUPRA and I am mainly responsible for the Indoor Rock Climbing this Semester. Drawing from my experience as the head of the college’s sports department during my undergraduate studies, I feel confident in my ability to organize various activities effectively.

I hope I could have the opportunity to organize more activities so that everyone can experience different sports events. For example, archery, kayaking, kendo, and more. Organizing events will not only enrich student’s life after school, but also promote the sports and our organization.


My name is Zhanlin LI, and I come from China. My major is Master of Commerce. I have a passion for academia and student welfare and believe that through listening and collaboration, we can build a more inclusive and vibrant university community together. If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will hold regular student leadership forums and provide career support services to fostering dialogue and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds. My vision is to create an environment full of opportunities, support, and innovation for all students. I believe that with our joint efforts, the University of Sydney can become a place where everyone is proud and where everyone can reach their full potential.


I’m Dora (Dongnan Shi), and I am currently in the second year of studying for my master of teaching in early childhood. With 7 years of experience as an educator, I have discovered my passion for working with young children, motivating me to pursue further education in this field.

Returning to university has reminded me of the energy and enthusiasm that come with learning, and this sense of vitality inspires me to positively influence and assist more individuals.

While volunteering in O-Week and facilitating concession Opal cards for all students in NSW, I realised the importance of safeguarding students’ rights and interests. Additionally, I experienced firsthand the collective power of students when they came together for a common cause. These experiences have fueled my desire to continue contributing to SUPRA and serving my fellow students. I am motivated to advocate for student rights and work towards creating a more inclusive environment for all.


I am excited to be running for General Councillor at SUPRA, an organisation that has historically represented the interests of all postgraduate students at our university. As an international PhD student in Education, I understand our unique challenges as students. I am committed to hearing your voices on matters such as academic challenges, student-teacher communications, new students settling in, and issues affecting minorities. My research focus on international postgraduate coursework students’ academic writing expectations further fuels my desire to advocate for you. If elected, I will work tirelessly to represent you, ensure that your concerns are heard, and improve your postgraduate experience at the University of Sydney.


My name is Yunhan Shi, coming from China. My major is Master of Media Practice, and my bachelor major is Journalism. I used to work in Student Union in my bachelor school as a head in Communication department. I have organized lots of activities and communicated with different merchants. Meanwhile, I also assisted my tutor to finish many subjects, including made campaign strategy for diverse corporations, ran corporations’ official accounts, and made posters, banners, logos, videos, and billboards. After graduation from bachelor degree, I worked in an MCN company. What I did there was also relevant with commercial and media industry. I worked as a sales to get ads for influencers and helped them to operate their accounts. Therefore, I’m confident with my under-pressure ability, time-management, communication ability, and practical media knowledge. If I could be voted as a councillor successfully, I would use my past working experience and my media knowledge to make suitable campaign plans for SUPRA to make more students know that SUPRA provides multiple services for postgrads. I would also try my best to use my communication ability to gain rights for postgrads.


As a PhD student and international student at the Usyd for three years, I can deeply empathize with the challenges and concerns faced by postgraduate students. I am happy to listen to each student’s voice and convey their concerns to the relevant departments, striving to achieve satisfactory solutions.

You can see me at various volunteer events: the Concession Opal Card e-petition drive, Free Lunch, or Wine and Cheese events. This year, my primary goals are to continue promoting the Concession Card,  affordable on-campus dining options, and reflect the actual needs of all postgraduates.


I, Halong Liao, a Master of Professional Accounting and Business Performance student at the University of Sydney Business School, am running for SUPRA representative. With a fervent dedication to student rights and community welfare, my extensive involvement in volunteer service activities reflects my passion for public service. This motivates my candidacy, as I aspire to represent and serve our student community effectively. I pledge to diligently gather student input, conduct thorough research, and propose practical solutions to uphold our collective interests. Together, let’s foster a more inclusive campus environment. Your trust in me as your advocate is invaluable. Thank you for considering my candidacy.


Hello, my name is Vivian, and I am currently pursuing my PhD. I have been volunteering at SUPRA since early 2021, serving as the Women’s Officer for the 2022-2023 term and the co-secretary for the 2023-2024 term. Throughout my time with SUPRA, I have successfully organised SUPRA-exclusive fitness programs and many other community-building events.

My commitment is to enhance the student experience at our university. If elected, I will actively engage with postgraduates, working collaboratively with other councillors and volunteers to ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear. Additionally, I will continue to contribute to SUPRA’s various events, leveraging my experience and dedication to make a positive impact on our community.


As a candidate for the student representative position, I am excited to share my vision for our campus community and the initiatives I am currently planning.

In preparation for my role, I am actively working on organizing events aimed at enhancing the student experience. These include initiatives to facilitate engagement with alumni, providing valuable career advice and insights. Additionally, I am in the process of planning activities to raise awareness about mental health, recognizing its importance in our academic and personal lives.

If entrusted with the responsibility of student representative, I am committed to seeing these initiatives through to fruition. Together, we can cultivate an environment characterized by inclusivity, support, and innovation.


As an international female student, I stand before you with a deep-rooted passion for learning and a fervent commitment to amplifying the voices of those around me. Throughout my academic journey, I have embraced the opportunity to not only expand my own knowledge but also to empower others to express themselves confidently. My unwavering dedication and sense of responsibility have been the driving forces behind my achievements.

With a keen ability to manage my time effectively, I have navigated the demands of academia while actively engaging in initiatives aimed at fostering communication and organisation within the community, including legal support volunteering as a law student. Whether it’s speaking up in class discussions, sharing valuable information, or spearheading collaborative projects, I have consistently demonstrated my capacity to participate with purpose and integrity.

I carry with me the invaluable experiences that have shaped my life thus far. With a steadfast determination to make a positive impact in the society and world, I am eager to embark on a journey to support others, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and passion to effect meaningful change. Thank you for your consideration.


I am Abha, currently pursuing a Master’s in IT and IT Management. I have been an active volunteer with SUPRA since September 2023, participating in numerous events. Last semester, I co-hosted several events with other SUPRA volunteers. My prior work experience in tech has equipped me with the skills to work effectively in teams and lead them. I have a strong belief in giving back to society, having previously volunteered with NGOs teaching children in orphanages in India, and currently volunteering with Red Cross Australia.

Additionally, I serve as a PG Peer Mentor for over 50 new students in the engineering department. My diverse experiences allow me to bring fresh ideas to event planning and make me a valuable team member for SUPRA. As an international student, I understand the challenges students face with studies, finances, and relocating to a new country. If elected, I aim to become more involved in student activities and contribute to the decision-making process. With a helpful nature, I strive to assist students in any way I can.


Hi,I am Dihao Zhu(Amper). My major is Master Computer Science. Since last semester, I have participated in many SUPRA volunteer events such as hiking, wine cheese, concession card campaign, free lunch, etc. At the same time, I also became a member of the council. Serving our uni students is what my heart desires. The time I spent volunteering at SUPRA was the happiest moment of my campus life. All volunteers are passionate about their volunteer tasks, which deeply motivated me. Especially in the concession card campaign, I learned that the power of the collective is greater than the power of the individual. If I succeed in winning this election, I will devote myself to SUPRA’s community work. Provide more colourful activities and services for all postgraduate and doctoral students. It also creates a more inclusive and pleasant environment for all postgraduate and doctoral students.


I’m confident to be a competent SUPRA councillor with my skills and experiences. Firstly, I care about the issues around postgraduate students. I was committed to the off-line publicity activities for the travel concessions petition. My article about the petition published on Honi Soit has helped to raise awareness of the issue and was later published on the SUPRA’s official WeChat account. My articles about students’ most concerned issues such as accommodation and scams have received positive feedback. I’m also currently the SUPRA student representative on AQC and GSC meetings. I have always been, and will always be an advocate for student rights and the rising of student voices. Secondly, I’m passionate about working for students. I have volunteered for various community engagement activities with SUPRA, such as hiking and movie night. As a publication committee, I’m also assisting SUPRA with social media posts. I’ve been a FASS student mentor for two semesters, welcoming and helping new students. Finally, I have an outgoing and approachable personality, and as a student I have a good academic performance with a current WAM of 80.


My name is Jinyi Liu, and it has been an enriching year since I joined the SUPRA team. Now, as we approach our yearly elections, I am eager to tap into my reservoir of energy to continue my dedication to our masters and PhD students. This year with SUPRA has been a journey of substantial personal growth and learning for me. In collaboration with my peers and the SUPRA staff, we achieved the milestone of the USYD 100 Years of Global Connection initiative. Additionally, this year, we embarked on a fervent campaign, amassing 20,000 signatures to advocate for Fair fares on NSW public transport concession card, These accomplishments are sources of immense pride and honor for me. With this spirit, I am committed to maximizing my efforts to serve our postgraduate student body in the remaining time, striving to present SUPRA with a performance that exceeds expectations. Thank you!

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