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Notice of election: Disabilities Officer 2023–24

The Disabilities Officer Equity election for the term starting July 2023 and ending June 2024 will be held on Thursday 18 May at 6:30pm (Sydney time) on Zoom. Meeting link: join the Zoom meeting The Zoom meeting will be open until 6:35pm (Sydney time), so if you want to attend the election you must have joined the zoom before this time as we will start the election. Following the candidate statements and questions there will be 10 minutes to cast your vote.

To nominate for the role please fill in the nomination form with your student details as well as a written election statement that we can share on our social media in advance of the election, making the election as accessible as possible!

Nominations will close at the end of day on Wednesday 17 May, to give us a chance to post the candidate statements on our social media prior to the election. The Disabilities Officer position represents SUPRA members who identify as disabled. To nominate yourself for the role of Disabilities Officer or vote at the election you must identify as a disabled student as well as be a member of SUPRA at the time of the election.

If you have any questions about the role or want to contact us regarding any accessibility requirements or technical difficulties, please contact us on disability@supra.usyd.edu.au.

Regulations and policy

SUPRA Constitution

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Other regulations and policies

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Equity Officer duty statement

Download the SUPRA Disabilities Officer Duty Statement:

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