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SUPRA Council General Election 2023

Candidate and ticket statements

The list of candidates for the 2023 SUPRA General Election can be found below.

Click on each candidate or ticket name to reveal or hide their statement.

Diverse Expertise

Our team aims to ensure SUPRA continues to be guided by experienced and enthusiastic councillors, who already hold the networks required to work efficiently with all parts of university. Having served as University Fellow of Senate, Council Education and Equity officers, we are committed to bridge the connection between domestic and international students. A vote for us is a vote for diversity, we represent students with disability, LGBTQ+ students, HDRs, Coursework students as well as students with Children.


I wish to use my expertise and experience in council, with a focus on student welfare as well as working to ensure university improves its conditions for students with children. I am a HDR student and an experienced council member, having spent two terms in Council as SUPRAs Disability Officer. I hope I can be re-elected as a member of council willing to ensure new council members get the opportunities to establish themselves within SUPRA and work to ensure SUPRA is successful for future generations of students.


Hello, I am Yuning, a Business School PhD candidate and current Co-Education and former deputy Queer Officer at SUPRA. With my experience and knowledge, I aim to organize events and advocate for initiatives that eliminate discrimination, improve academic and social engagement, and enhance scholarship policies for HDR students. As a passionate optimist, I believe these priorities will make a valuable contribution to the SUPRA council. I hope to earn your support and work together towards a more inclusive and equitable campus.


Having studied at the University for 6 years, I share a strong passion for student welfares and advocacy. Serving as the University Fellow of Senate, SUPRA Educational Officer, USU Board Director/ Honorary Secretary and many other responsibilities on campus, I have been actively representing student voices in major Education policy changes and reform to quest for a better student experience, which includes university wise anti-racism campaign, development of peer support programs, simple extensions, COVID WAM and working closely with the government to bring back international students due to COVID boarder closure. If I get reelected, I am committed to advocating

HDR's for student flourishing

As postgraduate students, we are passionate about building a vibrant and supportive community at USYD, and we need your help to make it happen. We are a group of local and international research students who are committed to promoting student wellbeing and a vibrant campus life.

Our goal is to ensure that SUPRA supports all postgrads, coursework and research, by being attentive to their needs and providing accessible services including:

-legal advice

-financial advice

-accessing financial assistance

-university admin

-research matters

-supervisor relationships

-accessing casual employment and related issues

Our goal is to ensure SUPRA supports postgrads by providing inclusive events for a vibrant campus life. As postgrads, our experience is unique and SUPRA can play an important role in bringing people together, with events like:

-Social events

-Networking events – interdisciplinary

-Academic workshops

We believe in:

-A strong SUPRA that advocates for and supports all postgrad students in their academic life

-A strong NTEU that supports university staff in achieving fair conditions for their employment

-Diversity and inclusivity, with support for making sure all voices are given fair representation

Thank you for your support, and let’s work together to make our postgraduate community at USYD an even better place!


Hi my name is Joshua Tan and I’m a post-graduate student under the Faculty of Medicine and Health. I want to join the SUPRA council because I’ve enjoyed the engagement and events SUPRA has brough to the postgrad experience. I hope to provide more opportunities for students to network and interact with each other.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


Hi, I am Joshua Maggiora a PhD student from the School of Physics and also a casual tutor employed by the University. I have nominated myself, with the HDR’s for student flourishing ticket in order to bolster the services SUPRA provides to support students. In the past I have been an engaged member of the University of Sydney community, being on a number of society executives culminating in life membership of the USU. I understand the difficulties with juggling multiple casual and part-time jobs, whilst studying and I will endeavour to support all students to the best of my abilities.


I’m an international PhD student from Boston studying computational neuroscience, and outside of work I love hiking, hammocking, and checking out breweries. I have been lucky to find an incredible community in my PhD network here, which has been vital as someone who moved here without knowing anyone. I would love to represent and advocate for other HDR students looking to find their niche here, especially those who are new to Sydney!


As a PhD student in the School of Physics and a tutor since 2020, I am proud to be a part of the “HDRs for Student Flourishing” group ticket for the SUPRA Council at the University of Sydney. I am passionate about continuing the great work of SUPRA in providing support for our diverse group of postgraduate students with financial and legal services, as well as creating social events to enhance campus life. I am committed to ensuring that the needs of postgraduate students are met, and that they have access to the resources and support they require to thrive 


Jules is a PhD student in the School of History and Philosophy of Science and a member of the HDR’s for Student Flourishing ticket. Jules completed his Bachelor of Science Honours in Physics at USYD in 2018.  Jules has various other roles in the university such as the Postgraduate representative for the School of HPS along with the postgraduate representative for the Australasian Association for the History and Social Studies of Science. He has been a casual tutor at USYD for over 4 years and was recently appointed as a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow.


As a PhD student and course tutor, I have experienced firsthand the struggles that postgraduate students face. I am running for a seat on the SUPRA council to make a difference and advocate for your needs.

I bring a strong experience in managing democratic organizations, having served as president and director of Stucco, a 40-resident student housing co-operative. I am committed to transparency, consensus-building, and ensuring that all voices were heard.

If elected, I will work tirelessly on behalf of postgraduate students, whether that means expanding the range of support services available or advocating for policy changes at our university.

Note: Ticket name 


Hi, I’m a 2nd yr PhD student in physics. I’m a domestic student, and also did my undergraduate/honours degrees at USYD. I currently tutor undergraduate physics, which I have been doing since the beginning of 2022. As both a student and a tutor, I value SUPRA’s ability to bring a diverse range of postgraduate students together and to provide them with support (eg. Through financial services, legal services, social events). I’d like to be on the SUPRA council, both because I value the services SUPRA currently has on offer, and because I’d like to help improve SUPRA however I can. 


Ungrouped candidates


As a fellow student, I want to run for SUPRA general election because I am extremely concerned about our school community. I want every student to feel welcomed, appreciated, and heard.

Throughout my time here, I’ve seen many of us battle with issues ranging from academic stress to social isolation. I understand that these challenges can be daunting, and I want to try to create a supportive atmosphere in which everyone can succeed.

I am deeply committed to encouraging diversity and tolerance in our school. I think that everyone deserves equal opportunity to prosper and to have their opinions heard and I would like to help them in this.

I would like to work as an active team member of the student council to make the university experience better for every post graduate school mate.


Hi! Here’s Rachel, I am very happy to participate in SUPRA General Election! Thank you for your trust and support.

It’s my second year at USYD, as a Master of Commerce student, I firmly believe that I can do a good job using my experiences as a Student Council Member during my undergraduate study to help my fellows, whether it’s related to academic study consultation or events organizing on campus. My passion not only comes from past experiences but also from my family members as role models. Hope we can meet together at SUPRA!


Arash Araghi is a Doctoral candidate with a research focus on exploration of pragmatic solutions toward controlled release of therapeutics. Arash has also been serving as the elected HDR Equity Officer representing Research Students across all disciplines. His focus will be on outreach activities and to ensure that SUPRA maintains good relations across campus and liaise with other Faculties to facilitate best teaching quality for our postgraduates. As we all value the importance of having a diverse and multicultural environment at SUPRA, there is a necessity to spend some time to bridge the cultural differences and foster collegiality as unity in diversity ensuring that everybody has the right tools to succeed in the organization. As we approach the end of his candidature coinciding with many changes coming to effect in the light of the way we undertake our education, Arash feels obliged to share his experience to contribute to the ongoing transition with the duty to work with our team and mentorship to uphold our standards of academic excellence and integrity so as to stay the course of the esteem that University of Sydney has achieved and established globally through the hard work and dedication of our predecessors. 


Hello students! I’m Hailey Sin, the current director of student publications and a member of the 2022–2023 general council at SUPRA. As a two-year volunteer, I’ve organised events such as O-Week stalls, online seminars, graduation parties, and served as an emcee. My goal is to be a strong voice for students, promote welfare, create a safe and healthy learning environment, and provide opportunities for growth.

As a Master of International Business student and assistant tutor, I bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. My experiences have taught me the significance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I pledge to make SUPRA an even stronger voice for students, ensuring that your needs and voices are heard.

I can’t do this by myself, so I need your help and vote to build a strong and helpful community that gives every student the tools they need to succeed.Let us work hand in hand to create a better tomorrow for all of us. Remember, students work for students, and I promise to be your tireless advocate.

So please vote for me, Hailey Sin, and together we can make SUPRA the best it can be!


Hi, everyone! My name is Guangwen Fu, and I am a second-year student of Master of Pharmacy.

During my undergraduate studies, I worked as a volunteer in a hospital, primary school, and nursing home. Since arriving in Australia last year, I have participated in a few events as an event photographer.  I also learned basic media publicity through media work exposure and meeting students majoring in media. This semester, I joined in AusLEAP program to learn how to be a real volunteer and got practice through Clean up Australia and Easy Care Gardening.

If I can be a councillor in the future, I will try my best to listen to and understand the needs of students in our uni, and speak up for their interests. I will also help others on campus or in their life.

Finally, I hope to have a healthy and happy uni life with all of you, and hope you can support me!


I am Duan Ruipeng, studying in the MOC major. I have participated in various activities organized by the supra, including but not limited to hiking, free lunches, wine and cheese, and various lectures. I have provided services to hundreds of graduate students, and if elected as a councillor in the future, I will actively participate in community activities. I will cooperate with other members in a multi-level, multi-form, and multi-channel manner to carry out volunteer work and firmly believe in the service. I will timely propose insights in my own field of expertise, fully play my personal role, and maintain my own initiative and enthusiasm. Please vote for me.”


My name is Roman, a second-year master of commerce student. I joint SUPRA last year and have served over 50 students by working as SUPRA’s Wechat assistant. Also, I am one of the members of USYD’s academic quality committee as the SUPRA representative, who is responsible for proposing actions on the association’s behaviour and reviewing the relevant coursework.

In addition, I participated in SUPRA’s fitness events, and wine and cheese events as a sign-in volunteer. I wish to continue my service this year as the general councillor not only because I have enjoyed working for the students but also because I would like to work better this year. I hope to utilise my experience at USYD for assisting students to adapt to uni life, especially I would like to devote myself to improving the teaching quality of the master of commerce degree so that it becomes a popular degree with a better reputation in the future.


If I were lucky enough to be a councillor, I would firstly continue to provide student services to a wide range of postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. Secondly, I would be a good student representative, helping to bring the student voice to the university, letting the university hear the student voice, providing assistance when students are experiencing difficulties, and giving students a taste of Australia while ensuring that their studies are not affected.  As a councillor, I will actively cooperate with the organisation of related activities and try to help students to solve their problems.


My name is Chaoyang Li, and I am currently a second-year postgraduate student majoring in IT and ITM at the USYD. It is an honor to have the opportunity to stand for this election. Since I knew that there is such an official organization that provides services to students and enriches campus life, I have always been very interested in SUPRA’s activities. I have participated many activities organized by SUPRA such as Hiking, Free Lunch, Wine and Cheese, Fitness program as a volunteer. These activities have given me the joy of helping students. If I successfully run for the councilor, I will listen carefully to every student’s demands, no matter it is about study or life, and use SUPRA’s resources to benefit students.


I am Ke Wang, a master’s student in Project Management. Over the past 8 months, I have been dedicated to enriching the extracurricular life of the postgraduate community, such as organizing hiking and parties. I have served hundreds of students and have received broad recognition. If I am elected, I will continue to enrich the extracurricular life of graduate students on the existing basis. Specifically, I will first address the expensive problem of various ball game venues and strive to provide more opportunities for free sessions.

To vote me is to vote more complete rights and a more enriched extracurricular life.


My name is Ailifeire Ainiwaer, and I am currently pursuing a master degree in project management. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the school councillor position. As a dedicated member of our school community, I have participated in many organizational activities, including helping to organize the monthly reception for about 150 people. In addition, I have also been involved in running a media account with 6k followers. Through this platform, I have written positive articles to help students better integrate into campus life. I believe that by creating a sense of community, we can help foster a positive environment that encourages everyone to succeed.

If I am elected, I will enhance the school community by creating more extracurricular opportunities for students, improving communication between faculty and students, and ensuring everyone feel heard and represented.

Ultimately, my goal is to make our school a better place for everyone. I hope you will vote for me, and I appreciate your time and consideration.


Ailifeire Ainiwaer


Hi, I’m Icy Chi. I’m in my last year of MOC, majoring in data analytics for business. In my first year at USYD, I participated in different program such as Peer Mentoring Program and Speak & Connect. They can make me more aware of the worries and needs of freshmen, especially international students. That’s the main reason I’m eager to be one of SUPRA members and wanna make some contribution to improving the uni experience of them. I once served as an executive committee member in other society. Communication skills and always willing to explore unknown areas have always been my proud characteristics and I have used them effectively in events organization and team leadership in the past. I believe that I can serve well in various positions on the SUPRA Council. I really appreciate your vote for me and look forward to seeing you guys at SUPRA or other events.


My name is Yue Tan and I am a master of commerce student. I am running for Student Councillor.

As a student, I have always been passionate about contributing to student communities through volunteering. For example, I am the international student ambassador from City of Sydney. My focus lies in collaborating with different institutions to conceptualize and execute events and projects that cater to the diverse needs of students. Through these experiences, I have developed my leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

If elected, I will ensure that every student is heard, and their concerns are addressed. I am especially interested in helping students integrate more into campus life through enhancing extracurricular activities. I promise to work tirelessly and creatively to address these challenges. Thank you for considering me for the role and I hope to have your vote.


Hi everyone, I’m Yijie Zhu, a current Master’s degree student in Economics with extensive volunteer service experience. I’ve organized events such as the Campus Creative Fair and the New Year’s Day party, which helped develop my creativity, execution, and communication skills. Additionally, I participated in a month-long teaching program in the mountains when I was 19, where I taught children daily in a challenging environment.

I’m dedicated to creating a vibrant community for international students and bridging the information gap. My aim is to provide a platform for postgraduate students to generate more creative ideas. Moreover, I am committed to listening to students’ feedback to make our campus a better place. Thank you for considering me, and I hope you will vote for me.


Hello, fellow postgraduate students. I am Xiaoqiao Zhao, a Master of Strategic Public Relations student at the University of Sydney. As a former class monitor and an intern in a public relations company, I have experience in leadership and communication. If elected as a representative for the University of Sydney Graduate Student Association, I will work hard to create a more fair, free, and harmonious campus by actively seeking feedback from graduate students and addressing their concerns. I am passionate about serving my fellow students and believe that we can build a stronger and more supportive community together. Thank you for your consideration.


I’m Yitong currently studying my second semester of Master of Professional Electrical Engineering. I’m currently being a volunteer for SUPRA and I am also a peer mentor of my faculty, besides also one of the student’s life ambassadors of our uni. If I am elected, I will take the initiative to collect the voices from the students and then let the school know.


My name is Vivian, a current PhD candidate. I had been volunteering in SUPRA since early 2021. I am the Women’s Officer since July 2022 and have a proven track record of leadership and collaboration. I successfully held SUPRA-exclusive fitness programs in last semester and am continuously working on them. I brought a female-oriented Self-Defence course to our community. My commitment is to work towards improving our life experience in Usyd.

If elected, I will actively engage with SUPRA members and work collaboratively with other councillors to ensure that the voices of our diverse student body are heard. I will continue to contribute to SUPRA’s social events, especially its fitness programs.


I am Wei Lyu, studying in MOC (extension). It brings me tremendous joy to participate in this election and compete to be a council member of SUPRA. As someone who joined orientation welcome week for s2,2022, Chinese New Year activity, and Free-lunch activities, I am enthusiastic about making contributions to SUPRA again. I believe my experiences in helping multicultural groups before will help me support students with multiple identities with patience and respect. If I am elected, I will be concerned about every student in need, help them reach their goals, and try my best to build a positive community.


Hi, everyone, my name is Shangru Li, I’m now doing my master degree in USYD, major in commerce. I have been joined the SUPRA for half a year and have lead more than ten times hiking events. What’s more, I have been providing services for more than 400 students. I believe I can do better and provide service for more students after I become the councillor. Please vote me!


Hi, my name is Siran(Shirley) Li, and I am currently studying Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts. I joined SUPRA in August 2022, and this is my second semester at Uni and SUPRA as well.

I volunteer at publication committee, and designed SUPRA’ s pull-up banner, A-frame, postcards and some online and offline posters. I also manage SUPRA’s ins and Facebook accounts, where I create contents to engage our followers and potential followers. Besides that, I also volunteered in orientation week, international festival, consent week and other events to help many students in getting familiar with SUPRA’s service and activities.

I want to be elected as a councillor, because I want to help more students in addressing their needs, and being a councillor provides me the chance to get involved in the strategy-planning stage where I could make contributions, and be informed on how to better perform the duty of SUPRA.

Your vote is significant to me! Please vote for me!


I am currently a student majoring in the Master of IT & ITM program. I have organized 10+ hiking trips, 10+ free lunches, and 5+ wine and cheese events. I have actively participated in various international festivals, preparing Mid-Autumn Festival activities for international students and Spring Festival activities for international students. Please cast a vote for me!


As a first-year Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts student and a volunteer for SUPRA’s Publication Committee, I have honed my communication, coordination, and organizational skills while developing insights into the needs of different students. As a designer, I possess a keen eye for aesthetics and can create visually appealing posters and publications. I am excited to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to the association’s mission of enhancing campus life for students through effective and visually appealing communication.


Hi everyone, its Sabrina here, someone who always have passion to return to the community. I was born and raised in China but moved to Australia at the aged of 12, and I did both of my undergraduate and postgraduate here in USYD. Since I’ve always been so grateful for the support that I received, so I have done many volunteers throughout my Uni life to return the generosity and kindness. In which, I have participated in many societies and also worked as a FASS mentor leader in my last year of my bachelor’s degree. During my first semester of my master’s degree, I volunteered with SUPRA to assist students with their various questions. For me, being able to transition from a newcomer to Australia to someone who can now teach and support others as they embark on their journeys is so incredibly fulfilling! I’m eager to take on the role of councillor so I can work more closely with students and meet their needs.


Hello everyone, I have two years of experience as a postgraduate representative and am committed to improving campus inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of belonging. As postgraduate students, we all have unique needs and challenges, and it’s essential that we feel supported and included in our university community. My main focus this year is on improving the dining options at our university. Through negotiations, I will work to make the campus offer more affordable, diverse, and healthy dining choices, including affordable breakfast and lunch options, as well as reducing long lines during peak times. In addition, by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, I hope to foster a sense of belonging and community that will enhance our overall university experience.


For higher quality campus life


I am Zheqi Ding (Jackie), an international PhD student in FASS at USyd. Sounds brilliant? But I feel the same as you:

Suffering soaring prices

Feeling Lonely or being deprived.


Vote me for:

7 dollar meals on campus

Social events for postgraduates


Hi everyone! I’m Jinyi Liu, a recent graduate of James Madison University in the United States, and I’m running for the SUPRA campaign because I’ve experienced the warmth and support of this community firsthand, and I want to give back. I’ve lived in a diverse environment for the past five years, which has taught me to consider problems from multiple perspectives. I understand that many students have had their college experience disrupted by the pandemic and may feel uncertain about postgraduate life. I want to help more students integrate into campus life, find their voices, step out of their comfort zones, and make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds. Studying abroad at the University of Sydney is about more than just academics; it’s about exploring new opportunities, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable memories. Together, let’s create a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive community that helps every student thrive. Join me in this journey!


As an international student, there exists various challenges during our studying abroad: the issues of house renting, the confusions in study, obstacles while working and so on. However, we always feel helpless to do with these issues.

I think that is the significance of SUPRA, a association which is aiming at helping postgraduate students to solve those issues above. As one of those who has been helped, I was full of longing for this association.

When students get help from us, it brought me amount of satisfaction and pride. And I reckon that we can do more. Now I have an opportunity to be a SUPRA Councillor, I hope I can get this chance in order to devote myself to SUPRA and to help those target students. I will do my best to make a contribution to achieve the purpose and principle of SUPRA, and provide great services for all postgraduates, making our university a better place. 


This is Zihao Wu. I am from Foshan, China. I am currently enrolled in Master of Commerce, specialized in Marketing. I have been living in Sydney since 2019, with a wealth of experiences in multi-cultural interaction, I find it effortless to interact different people with different cultural background. Moreover, the interpersonal skills are due to my experience as a high school student in Canada. I am enthusiast to make new friends, and I love the perception of myself being helpful to other people. I enjoy outdoor activities; therefore, I would be willing to volunteer to instruct and secure other students in SUPRA events like hiking and rock-climbing.


My name is Yuwen Si and I come from Sichuan province in China. I am studying for a Master’s degree in human resource management and industrial relations at the University of Sydney. In my spare time, I like to take part in some sports and activities, such as playing badminton, volleyball, table tennis, hiking and so on. I think I’m always energetic so that I can provide support to my peers. In addition, I will often participate in some internship related to my major. For instance, I have worked as an HR intern at ByteDance, Accenture, and PwC. I enjoyed every internship experience because they made me feel excited, fulfilled and rewarding. I plan to return to China after graduation and engage in management consulting related work. I believe my study journey in the University of Sydney will give me great support.


My name is Ze Wang, a driven PhD candidate in ITLS at the University of Sydney Business School, dedicated to developing logistics solutions for circular construction. My academic journey began in 2019 when I joined the Master of Commerce program, focusing on logistics and supply chain management. In 2020, I was honored with the Mrs. MA Ching Prize for achieving the highest academic standing in my specialization.

Outside of academia, I enjoy traveling, exploring Australia’s natural beauty, and sharing diverse cuisines with friends. I appreciate meeting new people, forming connections, and broadening my horizons through shared experiences.

As an international student away from home for over 15 years, I understand the challenges faced by those in similar situations. I am passionate about using my experiences to help others, fostering connections between international students and local communities, and providing support networks for those navigating the unique challenges of studying abroad.


I was a counsellor assistant for 3 years during my undergraduate years and I got a great grade. I not only hold regular activities for students but also actively helped them solve their problems in life and study. At the same time, I used to be a volunteer in a children’s rehabilitation centre. Some of them needed to walk half-kneeling because of their congenital brain disease, so I helped them to prevent them from falling. I assisted teachers in classes and guided kids through the lessons. This has been recognized by many parents of them. Starting from April 2022, I joined SUPRA community committee and helped organised events like Online Escape Room. In addition, I was a Q&A platform assistant for one year. If I were elected, I will support postgrads with sincerity. Welcome to Beijing.


I am excited to be running for General Councillor at SUPRA, an organisation that has historically represented the interests of all postgraduate students at our university. As an international PhD student in education, I understand the unique challenges that we face as students, and I am committed to hearing your voices on matters such as academic challenges, student-teacher communications, new students settling in, and issues affecting minorities. My research focus on international postgraduate coursework students’ academic writing expectations further fuels my desire to advocate for you. If elected, I will work tirelessly to represent you, ensure that your concerns are heard, and improve your postgraduate experience at the University of Sydney.


Hi, my name is Yao Yao, I am from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. I have successfully obtained a Master of Education from the University of Sydney and I am currently studying for a Master of Strategic Public Relations. I am an enthusiastic person who is willing to show kindness to others, and my affinity is my characteristic. In addition, taking everything seriously is my self-standard.

After I succeed in the election, I will organize more creative and novel activities, carefully implement every project given by the organization, and not miss every detail.


I am Xinxin Wan, a PhD student majoring in Education. It is my great pleasure to run for this campaign to be selected as a Council member of SUPRA. My three-year experience working in SUPRA has honed my skills to offer better services and support to the whole postgraduate community. If I were elected, I would try every effort to listen to my peers’ voices and provide services and support to my fellows. Every matter related to education (e.g., academic advocacy, teaching quality, students’ experiences during candidature, students’ career building) is my top priority, which makes it possible for me to become a qualified Council member.


I have passion to work for students as a student, and I am committed to gaining a sense of self-worth by helping others. 

Regulations and policy

SUPRA Constitution

The Constitution is the main governing document for SUPRA. Many aspects of elections are outlined within it.

Download Constitution [PDF, 450KB]

SUPRA Electoral Regulations

These regulations support the Constitution, and further outline many election processes.

Download Electoral Regulations [PDF 250KB]

Other regulations and policies

Other policies and regulations are relevant to elections, including the Councillor Code of Conduct and Safer Spaces policies.

Find all SUPRA policies and regulations

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