This Friday 26 January is recognised nationally as Australia Day. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, January 26 is Invasion Day, or Survival Day. It is also the anniversary of the 1938 Day of Mourning. It is a day that we mourn the dispossession and pillage of Country, the criminalisation of our languages, and the attempted genocide of our People. We mourn those who were stolen from their families and communities, in what became known as the Stolen Generations, and we mourn for those who have been removed from family and community since.

But we also celebrate: we celebrate our survival as the oldest continuing culture in the world. We celebrate the revival of our languages, the successes of our young people, and the strength and tenacity of our old people. We celebrate our Elders, and our ancestors, and we celebrate each other and our community.

This Friday, we encourage you to reflect on what 26 January means to you. Should we celebrate ‘Australia’ on a day that is so fraught with emotion for First Peoples? Or should we take the day to reflect, to learn, and to listen? Whichever you decide, we ask that you go gently and respectfully.

Lindsay and Amy
SUPRA Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Officers

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