I wish to express full solidarity with the Gaza Solidarity Encampment on the Front Lawn at Usyd.

24 April 2024 marks the 200th day of genocide, bombardment, and destruction in Gaza. Over 34,000 people have been killed, more than 77,000 wounded, and thousands more are missing beneath the rubble. The city of Rafah, crowded with displaced people from across Gaza, is braced for further violence and aggression from Israeli occupying forces.

In the West Bank, over 8,000 people have been arrested since 7 October 2023 and are being held without charge in Israeli jails. More than 500 homes have been illegally destroyed by the Israeli occupying army. 260 civilians have been killed by live fire from the Israeli occupation across the West Bank, and over 3,000 have been injured.

Students from universities around the world are taking action, opposing the illegal occupation and the massacre of civilians. In particular, we note that in campuses across the United States, students are being treated harshly for voicing their opinions, which is unacceptable.

SUPRA joins the call to stop the genocide in Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

Weihong Liang
SUPRA President