Confused about what your results mean?

Check out the University’s Guide to grades. It explains all of the results as well as what to do if you have a missing or incomplete result.

Need help?

We’re here for you! Contact our casework service – professional staff employed by SUPRA to assist postgrad students with almost any issue you might have. Our casework service is free, confidential and independent from the University.

What about the end-of-year break?

The University shuts down from 23 December to 8 January 2023 (inclusive). It re-opens on 9 January 2023. This period doesn’t count towards any appeal, academic dishonesty or Show Good Cause deadlines. The University won’t expect you to respond during this period.

The Student Centre will be open for email and phone enquiries over the shutdown (except for public holidays and weekends). Find out how to contact them.

How to appeal your grade

If you are unhappy with your final mark and you want to appeal, you have 15 working days from the date you received your grades to start your appeal. This does not include any days between 23 December 2022 and 8 January 2023, when the University is shut down for the end of year break.

Deadline to appeal:

For final exam and assessment results published on 14 December, the deadline to start an appeal is Tuesday 17 January 2023.

Find out more about making an appeal:

For free, confidential and independent advice contact us. Our casework service will be happy to help you.


Appeal or complaint?

 It can be confusing to know whether you want to lodge an appeal or make a complaint.

An academic appeal allows you to challenge a specific academic decision, such as a grade, or the outcome of a special consideration application.

A complaint is a way to raise an issue with the faculty or the University over matters such as discrimination, harassment, or an issue with the quality of teaching or assessment.

Find out more about whether to make an appeal or complaint.

If you need advice about whether to make an appeal or complaint contact our caseworkers for help.

What to do if you’ve been accused of academic dishonesty

Get free advice from SUPRA as soon as you receive your allegation!

Consult with one of our professional caseworkers for advice before attending a meeting with the Educational Integrity Coordinator (EIC), or investigator, or writing your response. Contact us for help.

Read more:

Can I discontinue a unit that I failed?

If you have experienced special circumstances that were beyond your control, such as serious illness or misadventure, and special consideration is not appropriate for you, you can apply for late discontinuation under special circumstances. If your application is approved, you will receive a DC grade.

A DC grade does not count as a fail grade, it doesn’t affect your Weighted Average Mark, and you will receive a fee refund or remission for the unit.

Contact our professional caseworkers for help with your application.

Find out more about discontinuing a unit.

Show Good Cause

If you have been asked to Show Good Cause, or know you will be, one of our professional caseworkers will be able to advise and assist you. Contact us for help.

If you have been asked to Show Good Cause at the end of semester 2 2022, the University will not act on your case during the shutdown period

Read our Show Good Cause information to understand the process and begin drafting your response.