Check the State Emergency Service (SES) website for up-to-date information, alerts and evacuation orders. Obey the directions of emergency services and do not drive through flood water. Check for major road closures. If you are affected by flooding, you might be eligible for financial assistance.

Leaking or flooding in your house? Repairs when renting

If your roof is leaking with all the recent rain, you should contact your agent or landlord to notify them of the damage, and ask for repairs if needed. Always ask for repairs in writing. Check the Tenant’s Union’s fact sheet on repairs and maintenance for more info.

If your rental property is damaged by floods and the premises is unsafe or not secure, you can ask for urgent repairs to be done. The landlord or agent should attend to urgent repairs as soon as possible. In a disaster, you might also want to negotiate a rent reduction or to terminate your tenancy. Find out more about disaster damage and your rights and options as a tenant.

Remember to keep out of unsafe premises and obey directions of emergency services. Contact us if you need more tenancy advice.