On Thursday, 29 February 2024 we achieved our goal of obtaining 20,000 signatures for the Fair Fares campaign! This demonstrates huge community support for travel concessions for all students, including international and part-time students.

More than 20,000 people agree that all students deserve equal access to public transport.

NSW is the only state that does not offer some form of discounted travel for international students, and this needs to change!

We want to thank SUPRA volunteers for all their hard work and dedication while working on this campaign. Without all your work, we would not have reached our goal.

What comes next?

Because we have 20,000 signatures, our petition will be announced and debated by the Legislative Assembly of the NSW Parliament. This means the NSW Government will need to consider extending travel concessions to all students in NSW. SUPRA will let you know when the debate is scheduled, and invite you to come along and watch.

We hope this process will bring about dialogue between universities and the NSW Government, and that all options to extend discounted public transport to all students are explored. We also hope this campaign has reached international and part-time students, who might be inspired to keep up the fight for equal rights.

We invite staff and students to join our Transport Campaign Coalition to continue the fight. Contact us to find out more, or connect with us through Instagram.