A sparkling night of SUPRA: 2022 Welcome Party!

SUPRA welcomed all postgraduate students back to the University of Sydney! On 11 March 2022, SUPRA organised a welcome party at St Paul’s College. In order to provide our students a platform to relax, communicate and network, we provided free drinks and food for students to enjoy. After all the storms in Sydney, it was time to be outdoors again, enjoying delicious food and socialising on a sparkling night! Although the number of participants was limited, we are looking forward to holding more events and fun activities in the future.

SUPRA Free Lunch is back again!

SUPRA launched our first free lunch for the semester on 17 March 2022. We provided hundreds of sandwiches, fruit, muffins and other food in front of ABS building from 11am to 12pm. 

Free lunch has been a tradition of ours and we have more of these free lunch events coming up!

It’s been raining heavily in Sydney, so hopefully our free lunch got students energised for a good beginning for the new semester.

Our third Online Escape Room challenge

SUPRA’s third Online Escape Room was successful, with all participants showing meticulous observation and concerted cooperation, we successfully completed the ‘Big Heist’ challenge! The previous two online escape room challenges were held during the Sydney lockdown. And because we continue to hold them online, the number of participants has been growing. In the future, SUPRA would like to hold more creative and interactive activities. We’d love to have you join us!

Wine and Cheese is back again!

The beauty of life is about slowing down once in a while, especially during the intense school week. If you are looking for a chill time, to have some snacks, wine and chitchat with friends on a leisurely afternoon, Wine and Cheese is for you! It’s a relaxing moment dedicated to all postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. SUPRA extends the invitation to you: please come to our next Wine and Cheese and enjoy university life with us!