Wednesday 8 March
Outside Fisher Library

SUPRA Women’s Network invites you to celebrate International Women’s Day with us, to honour the countless extraordinary women in our lives.

We will be outside Fisher Library from 10am, Wednesday 8 March, offering complimentary SUPRA Women’s Network gift bags that have been specially curated for all postgrad women.

We want to express our deep admiration and appreciation for the unwavering strength, resilience, and invaluable contributions of women in all walks of life.

Celebrating trans and non-binary women

On International Women’s Day, it is important to celebrate trans and non-binary women. Trans and non-binary women are women – no ifs or buts.

In celebrating trans and non-binary women, we recognise the diverse histories and experiences of all women, and appreciate these differences.

We also recognise that trans and non-binary women, and especially First Nations trans women and trans women of colour, face greater rates of violence and discrimination in Australia and around the world.

We celebrate the full and complex lives of trans and non-binary women. Trans women are creating communities, speaking out, and pushing back against the words and actions of those who wish them harm. 

SUPRA joyfully celebrates, and staunchly supports trans and non-binary women, every day, including on International Women’s Day.