The Research Integrity Unit has prepared some information and advice to help you understand important aspects of your HDR journey.

Understanding responsible authorship

Do you know that the University has set requirements for authorship? While authorship requirements may vary across disciplines and journals, the Research Code of Conduct sets out the University’s approach. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities around authorship, authorship agreement forms, and how to navigate common issues. Find out more: Understanding responsible authorship.

External interests, conflicts of interest, and your research

It is a normal part of life to participate in activities or have relationships that are external to the organisation where you study or work. These activities or relationships are known as ‘external interests’. For HDR students, any conflicts of interest must be disclosed according to the requirements of the Research Code of Conduct and the External Interests Policy 2010. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities: External interests, conflicts of interest, and your research.

The research code of conduct and you

Are you aware of your responsibilities as a research student at the University of Sydney? The responsibilities of all University staff, students and affiliates undertaking research at the University are laid out in the University of Sydney Research Code of Conduct. Learn more about the research code of conduct.

Looking for assistance with Research Integrity?

The University has a network of Research Integrity Advisers (RIA) available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Research Integrity matters. The RIAs are experienced academics with additional training in research integrity that are available for a confidential discussion about any research integrity concerns that students may have. Researcher students are also welcome to contact RIAs in other Faculties if they wish. Details of all our RIAs can be found on the Research Integrity Advisers page on the staff intranet.