The election for the position of one (1) SUPRA Queer Officer for the 2024–25 term will be held from 7pm, Friday 10 May 2024 (Sydney time) online.

Use this Zoom meeting link to attend the election.

The role

The Queer Officer is an equity position and has a seat on the SUPRA Council. The duties and responsibilities of the role are defined by SUPRA’s Constitution and the Duty Statement for the Queer Officer. The position is a volunteer position and includes a stipend of up to seven (7) hours per week.


Any currently enrolled LGBTQ+ student who is a member of SUPRA (or willing to become a member) is eligible to nominate themselves for the Queer Officer position, subject to the SUPRA Constitution and SUPRA Electoral Regulations.

Nomination forms must be received before 7pm, Thursday 9 May 2024 (Sydney time).

Complete the nomination form.

Voting in the election

Any currently enrolled LGBTQ+ student who is a member of SUPRA (or willing to become a member) is eligible to vote in the Queer Officer election. Voting will take place at 7pm, Friday 10 May 2024 (Sydney time) at the online election.

Use this Zoom meeting link to attend and vote in the election.

Accessibility: please advise us if you have any accessibility requirements for the election by emailing:

The election

The election will be conducted in accordance with the SUPRA Constitution and the SUPRA Electoral Regulations. The meeting procedure will be:

  1. introduction
  2. the Returning Officer is elected
  3. election procedures are explained
  4. candidates’ statements/speeches
  5. voting takes place via secret ballots
  6. scrutineers are appointed and votes are counted
  7. the Returning Officer announces the results.


The polling will be open after the candidate statements have been made. All eligible students must cast their votes during this time. The election is conducted in accordance with the SUPRA Constitution and the SUPRA Electoral Regulations.

SUPRA Constitution

The Constitution is the main governing document for SUPRA. Many aspects of elections are outlined within it.

Download Constitution [PDF, 450KB]

SUPRA Electoral Regulations

These regulations support the Constitution, and further outline many election processes.

Download Electoral Regulations [PDF 250KB]

Other regulations and policies

Other policies and regulations are relevant to elections, including the Councillor Code of Conduct and Safer Spaces policies.

Find all SUPRA policies and regulations

Equity Officer duty statement

Download the SUPRA Queer Officer Duty Statement:

Download Word document.

Download PDF