Results of the 2021 National Student Safety Survey were published last week on the Safer Communities web page. The survey collected data on uni students’ experience of sexual assault and harassment.

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or harrasment, it is not your fault. If you ever need support you can contact us for confidential support and advice. You can also email us at We will let you know what your options are, and where you can find more support services. It is up to you if you make a complaint.

Read our articles for more information:

The following services may be useful to you:

NSW Rape Crisis Centre

Contact for advice and support at any stage.
1800 424 017
(24 hours)

University contacts and resources

Confidential helpline: 1800 SYD HLP (1800 793 457)
Safer Communities Office email:
The University’s sexual assault information, contacts and resources
Download the University’s support for student survivors document (pdf)
Counselling Service: (02) 8627 8433 or

Muslim Women Association

(02) 9750 6916

Shakti NSW (migrant and refugee women)

1800 SHAKTI (1800 742 584)