SUPRA supports striking Usyd staff, who continue to fight for fair conditions in their enterprise agreement negotiations with the University. We urge you to support your teachers, lecturers and Usyd administrative staff by not attending classes or other events on campus (or online classes) on strike days. Upcoming strike days:

  • Friday 31 March
  • Wednesday 5 April.

Staff working conditions are your learning conditions

What does this mean?

Many tutors and lecturers cannot give you the support and feedback that you deserve, because the University doesn’t provide for it. For example, many tutors are given just 23 minutes to mark a 2000-word essay. The University is not prioritising your education, they’re just taking your fees without allowing staff to give you the time and energy your education deserves.

Staff often work for free to ensure you are getting a high standard of education. The University knows this and exploits it.

Staff who are striking do not get paid for strike days – they are making a big sacrifice to ensure that you get a high-quality education.

Staff wouldn’t be striking unless they had to. They’ve been negotiating with the University management for over twenty months. The University has serious problems, which staff are trying to fix for everyone’s benefit.

How can you support Usyd staff?

By not crossing the picket line, in person or online, you are saying ‘No’ to the exploitation of your teachers and support staff, and ‘Yes’ to high-quality education.

We encourage you to join a picket line on strike days as a peaceful way to show solidarity with University staff and to demand better learning conditions.