On Tuesday, 16 May around 1500 copies of Honi Soit’s queer edition, Fagi Soit, were stolen and disposed of in bins across campus by a group of unknown individuals. This appears to have been an act of anti-queer vandalism

This event has been very upsetting and distressing for many queer people and their allies. By throwing away the magazines many people have felt erased, attacked, discriminated against, and violated. This is an attack against queer expression. This is queerphobic violence.

SUPRA condemns all forms of erasure, discrimination or violence directed at queer people, their families, and allies. There is only room for humanity, love, peace, and inclusion and the celebration of queer people and queer cultures. Let’s work together towards that kind of space. We encourage everyone to read the queer edition of Honi Soit. You can access it online for free, and you can pick up a copy at any of the following locations:

  • Wentworth Building:
    • level 1, SRC reception
    • level 2, Wentworth foodcourt
    • level 4, outside International Lounge.
  • Jane Foss Russell Building: level 2 courtyard, SciTech Library, and outside Student Centre (level 3)
  • Carslaw: courtyard
  • Eastern Avenue Auditorium: entry foyer south
  • Law: law foyer (opp Taste Baguette), Law Library entrance
  • Fisher Library: library foyer, and Level 4 opp staircase
  • Chemistry Building: outside lecture auditorium
  • Manning Building: ground entry, and downstairs foodcourt
  • Education: entry foyer
  • Woolley: entry foyer
  • Sports Arena: Ralph’s Café
  • Wilkinson Building: near City Rd entrance
  • Susan Wakil Health: entry foyer
  • Holme: ground floor entrance
  • P N Rusell Engineering (PNR): downstairs entrance near cafe, and upstairs near footbridge
  • Charles Perkins Building: ground level near staircase
  • Social Sciences Building: at entrance
  • Sydney Business School: main entrance.

Satellite campuses:

  • Conservatorium of Music: library entrance and level 2 landing near staircase.