Thank you to everyone who attended our 2024 Annual General Meeting! We greatly appreciated everyone’s participation and input.

This year, we made significant decisions, including policy-level amendments to the SUPRA Constitution. One major change was the integration of the Higher Degree by Research Officer into the SUPRA Council Executive. This change aims to align the HDR Officer role with other SUPRA roles and improve HDR advocacy.

These changes will come into force once the new constitution is approved by the University.

There was a Supplementary Election held during the AGM and we are delighted to announce the election of Sasha Bailey to the 2024–25 SUPRA Council.

For more detailed information about our activities and achievements over the past year, please read our 2023 Annual Report.

We look forward to another successful year ahead, working together to support and represent the postgrad community!

Read the proposed changes to the SUPRA Constitution and the HDR Officer Duty Statement: