SUPRA is funded by your Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF).

The University sets the SSAF rates and then chooses how to share the money out between student organisations, like SUPRA, SRC, SUSF and USU, as well as University student support services.

Read more about how we’re funded and learn what we do with your SSAF.

The University is currently surveying students about their priorities for this year’s SSAF funding allocation.

How to help SUPRA receive funding

To help SUPRA, you can complete the survey, and choose some of our services when you select your top 5 services to receive funding.

SUPRA services include:

  • Advice on matters under University rules and policies
  • Advocating for students’ interests
  • Student-focused legal services
  • Production and sharing of student-created media
  • Supporting the administration of student organisations, clubs, and societies
  • Student orientation and welcome activities
  • International student services
  • Support for student health or wellbeing.

Help us out by filling in the survey and sharing it with your friends!

The survey closes Monday 3 June 2024.