Got questions about your exam grade? Review your paper!

Exam results can be confusing—sometimes the grade you receive doesn’t align with how you felt you performed. You have the right to review your exam grade, either directly with your subject coordinator, or through a formal exam review session.

If you have any questions about your exam grade, contact your subject coordinator to ask about an exam review. If a formal exam review session is offered, it’s vital to attend—particularly if you wish to appeal your grade.

In an exam review, you are given a short time to review your exam paper. You are not permitted to record any part of the exam or review session, and cannot take notes or bring any electronic devices.  You can look at your paper, ask questions, and check your answers against the mark you were given.

It’s important to check:

  • Is the calculation of your total mark correct?
  • Are there marks given for each question?
  • Did you receive written feedback (if appropriate)?
  • Are there questions you think you answered adequately, and deserve a higher mark for?

As soon as you finish the exam review, write down all your notes in as much detail as you can remember.

Learn more about exam reviews.

Unhappy with your marks?

If you want more feedback or to appeal your grade you can make an appeal. Our caseworkers can provide advice around appeals processes. Contact us for help.