The NSW State Government has introduced a pilot plan to return international students to study in Australia.

The University of Sydney is currently receiving expressions of interest (EOIs) from continuing or suspended international students.

Read more on the University website.

Below is the information SUPRA has received about the project.

“The University of Sydney is excited to be participating in the recently announced NSW International Student Arrivals Pilot Plan to return international students to NSW.

On Thursday, 7 October, the University sent an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form via email to our continuing and suspended international students identified as currently being located offshore.


The EOI Form is how current and suspended students can register their interest in the Arrivals Program – both what has recently been announced as well as interest in future opportunities to travel. Students with current offers or considering study at the University of Sydney are not eligible to participate in the Arrivals Program and have not been sent the EOI Form. There is no other way to register for the Arrivals Program as a student of The University of Sydney.

If students believe they should have the email and have not received it, they should submit an enquiry via this link.

EOI responses will be used to help guide how the University interacts with individual students about their possible travel to Australia, including the currently announced flights. Even if students are not interested in coming to Australia to continue their studies, completing the EOI Form will help the University with planning and preparation so we can ensure a supported learning experience for both our onshore and offshore students.

Further information about the Arrivals Program will continue to be provided to students via email, including details of any associated costs or requirements for participation.

We do encourage all students to please ensure their contact details are up to date in Sydney Student. This way we can be sure to keep them updated as we continue our work with the Australian Government to progress opportunities to welcome all our international students safely back to Sydney as soon as possible. In the meantime, all the latest updates and answers to frequently asked questions about the Plan can be found here or by visiting the Study NSW website.  We also encourage you to refer to our dedicated remote learning webpage for exciting updates and information on support and engagement opportunities for students studying online and from outside of Australia.

Student Life is delivering a pastoral care support program for arriving students and we are keen to partner with your organisations. We will be in contact soon with more information about this.

The attached email text can be used to respond to student enquiries that you may receive.

We’re happy to discuss any questions you may have and look forward to working with you to support arriving students.”