Happy Mardi Gras–World Pride 2023!

SUPRA wishes everyone a happy Mardi Gras–World Pride 2023! Its an exciting time to be queer in Sydney, and we should all remember to take the time to care for our community, ourselves, and others. 

Some people in our community use alcohol and other drugs during events like World Pride parties in ways that do not cause harm, while other people can struggle with their use. If you are concerned about yourself, or others’ alcohol and/or other drug use there are resource and services available that can help: visit Transhub, and Here for health and LGBTI health from ACON.

This time can also be one of increased stress and pressure for queer people, with increased rates of violence directed at queer people, as well as the greater use of alcohol and other drugs. This can increase the incidents of interpersonal violence in relationships, friendships and families. There are services and strategies available, that might keep you and your loved ones safer: visit Transhub and ACON for more.

World Pride is a whirlwind of events, celebrations and opportunities to be your most queer self. We hope everyone has a great World Pride, in whatever that may be. And we wish everyone a fun and safe Mardi Gras.