Here are some of our tips for renters:

  • You must inspect the property before you sign a lease.
  • You need a written tenancy agreement, even for living in a share house.
  • The full legal name and address of the person you are renting from must be on your written agreement.
  • Get receipts for any payments: holding deposit, bond or security deposit, and rent.
  • You must complete a condition report within 7 days from when your lease begins.
  • Your bond must be deposited with Fair Trading and you must be offered direct online lodgement of your bond. If you choose another method and don’t get a deposit notice, contact Fair Trading to make sure it was deposited.

Find more helpful tenancy info.

If you’re having any problems with renting, contact our caseworkers for help.


This information is current as at January 2022 and is intended as a guide to the law as it applies to people who live in or are affected by the law as it applies in NSW. It does not constitute legal advice.